All the cars are lined up, but theyre all the same color. So i just walked towards one of them randomly all of a sudden one of the guys from auto car stops. As i was at auto express at the time he goes, you cant go into that and im like why cant i go into that and its like, because thats awesome before we get going there, just isnt an easier or more cost effective way of getting into a New car than leasing with vanarama click, the link at the top of the screen or google vanarama to find your new lease of life, maybe watch the video first though, and please hit subscribe to make sure you never miss the best car content on the internet. We dont agree. It clears all then, when the first one appeared in 2008 it was different, a tall two box hatchback that in red at least looked a lot like this guys: company, car postman, pat postman, pat postman, pat and his black and white cat. But it was arguably ahead of its time, because what it was it was a compact crossover technically a good two years before this one came out which history now regards as the first of those things, the first one was okay, spacious, but not brilliant to drive and The plasticky cabin was a bit soulless. The second one was a lot better, obviously, but it still never really elevated itself. Above all, the other tiny suv shaped hatchbacks that were around by that point, and so for this, one kia has tried to give the car a bit more caliber.

If you like, by making the european version at least eevee only boring just like the rest of them. Its all caliber, and so is this one well boring just like the rest of them nope not at all. The very first thing to know about this is that it is actually very, very good to drive didnt expect that. Did you its quick, its got a great turn of pace it steers nicely its quite sharp it doesnt roll around too much. It obviously does roll a bit. It grips. Well, it has an epic battery and it is therefore the best ev the kia makes and one of the best small ish evs on the market. It is highly appealing and thats that you can go now. Dont, though, please the appealing stuff continues so its not cheap, but its sub 35 000 list price means it qualifies for todays two and a half grand government picg, which helps lower the lease costs and its great value anyways, because theres only one drivetrain and one spec. This one, which, as you can see includes barrel loads of stuff, highlights include keyless entry. A digital instrument display a fantastic, upgraded stereo by hormone codon and more safety nets than the walkway on im. A celebrity Applause. Theres, no euro end cap score yet, but even when they do smack it into a wall, you can bet itll come out. Okay, you also just get the one battery and motor choice and the battery is a big one and its mounted low in the chassis and its attached to a motor that is fast and its driving the front wheels.

The battery placement means a relatively low center of gravity, which obviously helps negate some of the souls obvious tallness and um, and also helps this feel surprisingly. Agile. Also, it means a long driving range not only that its pretty efficient, because you know just obsessing about a cars battery range is like obsessing about the size of a petrol cars. Fuel tank right nokia claims 4.4 miles per kilowatt hour. Now i havent been getting that ive been getting 3.3, but thats still good, because if you think about it on a basic level, if youre, paying average electricity prices say 15 p per kilowatt hour, that means its less than five pence, a mile in fuel to run This thing, so you add the tax breaks that you get with an ev, exactly zero annual vad annually and the fact that it comes with 100 kilowatt charging capability as standard very fast. In other words – and you can see that the appeal of this thing is actually ill give this one to star sailor, but it cant just be about the numbers right. A good car is about and sorry in advance for this, but its about the soul of the thing yeah now i dont want to overstate this, because this is clearly far from the most riveting car in the world. In fact, its not exciting at all. You know it drives better than you think, but its still tall, and it rolls a bit when your corner and it hasnt got lots of the feels it is no mini electric on the driving stuff thats for sure its just that it does everything really really well And it looks a bit different while doing those things the looks are divisive.

I know this. Some people just wont get on with the basic shape that lets be honest. Hasnt really evolved from its porcelain pad roots its blockier than minecraft, but the detailing is really cool, especially the thin headlamps and the rear leds that are all pointy in that and theyre, really short rear overhands. The only option you can have with a sole is two tone paint which improves things even further inside again. Nothing thatll tingle your feels, but it seems very high quality theres far more soft touch plastic in here than you probably expect, and the infotainment works well. So the screens wide its split three ways, so you can see a few things at the same time which helps so you can easily access the radio, and you can also see at all times exactly how much battery youve got left and it will even tell you In real time, what the closest charging point is to you, plus in classic kia fashion, there are shortcut buttons, a plenty that does nothing for the styling of the thing, but it makes the car easy to use and non frustrating and both the driving position and the General 360 visibility are great, take note of all the glass and these abnormally thin air pillars and because of the height that this situ at and its simple shape and its short rear overhangs. It is very, very easy to park its pretty spacious too. So, despite looking kind of dinky because of the proportions and the shape of it, its actually about the same size as a hyundai corner electric and its a little bigger in every direction than a vauxhall mocha, its the tall roof.

Really, though, and the fact that the back end is bulky that gives it a sense of having lots of space, the boot is a little on the smaller side by volume, as these numbers attest, but its still substantial and has all the accoutrement. You want, from a space in the suv style, theres a twin floor, which is not often the case in evs because of the way theyre packaged a split folding, rear bench, a split folding luggage cover and its worth noting a particularly light tailgate, sometimes lifting the tailgate Of an suv is like thats: why you have the power belly danny leans back! You will notice that the kia nero thats its other electric suv, has a much bigger boot, a car that also has a significantly longer wheelbase than this, which means more legroom as well, and that is presumably why kia can justify having two small ish crossovers on its Books, but you do get loads of headroom front and back in this and adequate rear leg room. This is almost family car sized basically, and yet it feels small around the doors, figuratively, not around the doors around the doors is a place that this feels very comfortable. In general, its the keen responsiveness of the electric drivetrain, the instant pickup you get, especially from low speed and the general sharpness of the chassis again relative to the look and the bulk of this thing. It just feels innate to town. Now, of course, it isnt perfect one thing ive noticed is: you do hear quite a lot of tire noise quite consistently in this car at all speeds and as per usual with these small tall cars youre dealing with quite a lot of wind bluster when you get Up to speed up to motorway speed have to say, though, if youre getting out of an older soul into one of these, you will find it a night and day improvement, its two levels up in terms of refinement and turn of pace and quality.

Just everything it doesnt actually run out of steam at like mid speed either. So, if youre doing like 40 – and you want to overtake somebody dead easy in this. So what exactly are its major problems? I mean its got to have some right. Some people will find the boot a bit too small if they are going to use this as a main family car and although the ride quality and the body control are good around town at motorway speeds, this does get a bit jolty bit up and down. Also, if you plant your foot down with any sort of steering lock on, it will start to spin the front wheels not much but enough and then theres um yeah thats. It im really struggling to find any big flaws with this. I havent even mentioned yet that the cabin design includes some really useful stuff big box in the center console wireless phone charger, thats big enough for any size of phone bottle sized cup holders decent glove box. Non related to it even has a brake energy recapture system that kicks in when the traffic in front of you slows down its sort of automatic and if you prefer to be in control of stuff theres, a way of adjusting the brake energy recapture using paddles. Behind the steering wheel, which is why i did that so ive been trying to work out why this car has left me a bit cold. All ive come up with.

Is that its just? Not me, but you know, im, not you so the end, thanks for watching really appreciate your time. Please watch our other stuff hit subscribe, hit.