Next year, Music, Music, the hummer ev, will be only available in a four door configuration and five foot bed an inevitable outcome, given the way its built. The bed itself does, however, integrate a mid gate model similar to a honda ridgeline, which is made up of the same materials as the bed itself, all while integrating gmcs multi pro tailgate design Music. Another key feature to the hummer evs design are the removable, transparent, roof panels which were engineered to be as lightweight as possible, with a storage compartment in mind in the trucks front, trunk frunk, however, unlike a ford, bronco or even a jeep wrangler, the hummers doors are Fixed Music Music, a large 13.4 inch display, serves as the infotainment screen and theres a 12.3 inch digital instrument panel as well. Gmc has contracted epic games maker of the wildly popular fortnite video game to create the graphics for the hummer evs infotainment interface. A host of connectivity features will be standard, including apple carplay, android, auto capability, a wi, fi hotspot and gms onstar telematics system well know more about the hummer evs available tech features closer to the trucks on sale date. The hummer design team was heavily inspired by science fiction themes and stories to conceptualize its lunar mission field. He explained how the designers were given freedom to explore new and existing ideas, heavily taking inspiration from sid meier, futuristic design or even halos m12 warthog, all while respecting the ground rules for industrial design.

The hummer ev had to feel out of this world, but also had to be a hummer which meant staying true to its military and utilitarian nature. Music in tamer driving off road widgets in the infotainment display and instrument cluster inform the driver of the vehicles, torque output, locking differential status, tire pressure pitch and roll angles. Torque split and more. The hoon within all of us will also like the drift gauge that keeps a running tally of the hummers maximum drift angle were definitely thrilled to see general motors hop onto the electric truck bandwagon with a product that feels this fresh and exciting.