Thank you, Music. Now the first thing that i like about the e trans neo from pure av, is that you know it doesnt. Look like an electric like, for example, when you check out some of the electric scooters that have come in the market, especially the ones on a budget range. You see that they got weird designs, weird shapes and they dont look like a normal scooter and i honestly dont want a scooter that stands out and screams, and i am electric and looks weird and in that in that way i think the e trance neo looks Properly, like a normal scooter, you know from any other manufacturer, so lets get the key numbers out of the way. So it comes with a 2.5 kilowatt hour bot battery uh its got a 2.2 kilowatt hour, rated motor with a constant power delivery of about 1.5 kilowatt hour ill. Tell you what do those numbers mean a little bit later and of course, you got disc brakes at the front drum brake at the at the rear, its a hub motor as well, and the hub motor is a ip67 rated, which means you dont need to worry About you know, uh those odd times, you know you entering a submerged pothole, you know with on a rainy day, so thats thats, not a problem and other small uh features include. You know you got the security system uh, you know. Basically, the alarms youve got the led headlights also at front one key thing that i have to say: uh, which i like about this.

This uh electric scooter is that the battery is actually portable, so you can actually remove it from the scooter. Take it to your home and charge it at peace, especially uh helpful, if you know, if youre staying in an apartment setup which does not have a plug in point at your parking level. So, of course, the battery pack is a bit heavy, its about 13 kgs, but still its you know, decently, manageable, and also, of course, if you are in a setup where you know you have easy access to a charging point uh where you park your scooter, theres A charging point up front as well lets talk a bit a little bit about the manufacturer itself. So pure ev is an iit hyderabad, incubated, startup and uh. You know over the last year they have been well funded as well, so its not just another uh electric scooter, startup and what they have focused is more on the ride, experience and and the most important factor of the uh electric scooter, which is the range and The initial talk, and while they kept the other things as simple as possible, that particular reason is why this scooter has been priced competitively, its its just uh about 79 000 rupees ex showroom, and you know with all the subsidies that are there right now for the Electric scooter, this is actually one of the most affordable electric scooters uh, which looks decent and has got a decent range as well.

Let me first talk to you about the three modes that are available, so its got three riding modes. Basically, in the first mode, speed is limited to about 35 kilometers per hour in the second mode. Speed is limited to about 45 and in third mode speed gets extended to about 50 56 kilometers per hour, but the good thing is that the torque available is is same in all the modes, its only the top speed that is being restricted in these modes, and You can change it on the go as well now moving to the power of the motor itself, so its got a 2.2 kilowatt up peak power, which means this is where all the uh, the initial torque and everything comes in from and once you are on, the Move the continuous available amount of power is about 15 1500 kilowatt hour so which means that once youre reached at a particular level, this is the amount of power that youre going to get so coming to the battery uh the heart of this machine. You can call it so it is a 2.5 kilowatt kilowatt hour battery and its a lithium ion battery and it what uh the guys at pure ev have done it, of course, its a detachable battery as well. So they have introduced a high uh high density battery, which basically uh helps in the amount of power it can store, which is why you have a larger capacity of 2.

5 kilowatt hour so coupled with this battery uh. What the guys at puri we have done is that they have their own battery management system uh, which is packed with within the battery cell itself, the case itself. So what this uh and this this is entirely done by them and its a proprietary software and a propriety system by them. So what this enables them is is that maintain a cooler temperature and maintain the efficiency of the battery, such that you know you have a right amount of power available right amount of voltage available when youre, giving the throttle and a constant power available when youre, giving The throttle and the most important thing of batteries like this is temperature management, so this battery temperature management system also enables them to keep this lithium ion cool, and you know in all our various conditions: Applause, Music, Music, Applause, Applause, Music, Applause, Music. So moving to the range aspect, so the guys at puri, we say that you know if youre riding in modern one, which is the eco mode youll, get a range which is actually more than 120 plus kilometers, so uh. Obviously, the speed is limited to about 35 kilometers per hour, so youre gon na have to toggle and depending on your usage style, youll get a decent range for us. Weve been mostly riding in mode two and three, which is you know: 45 and 55 kilometers per hour, uh thats, the speed that you get and in in that mode were getting close to 100 kilometers range, which is actually quite good for a scooter because uh, if You see some of the premium scooters as well, while they promise uh 1890.

What you realistically get is only about 75 or 70., but even uh. You know even a much more affordable scooter like this, its giving much more range, even with a decent power and torque available, so thats quite impressive. So the one thing i like about how the performance is delivered is the instant talk. Okay, i do wish the throttle response was a bit more uh predictable in terms of theres this little bit of a lag before the power comes in so thats, something you need to get used to, and i see that as more of a safety feature, because you Know even the first uh, the whack of throttle, you dont, get the entire power and it just takes a second before the power comes in uh, because you know randomly if youre holding the throttle since theres no sound the scooter might just zoom away. You know when youre just standing there and you know people have the habit of just playing with the throttles, so maybe maybe thats a safety feature but thats something you can get used to very easily, and so once once the power comes in regardless of what mode You are the 0 to 35, 0 to 40 is actually quite fast. It does it in about just about six seconds, so that is actually quite fast, and it does that even with a pillion so and even on a gradient, so that that feel is really good. Okay, now moving on from performance lets lets talk about uh handling.

Probably one thing that could have been better is how the suspensions are set up its a bit on the stiffer side and a bit bouncy and on normal flat roads on plane, roads uh without any potholes its fine. But the moment the road gets a bit. What you see there are small potholes. You really start to feel those, so probably the suspensions could have been a bit more better then, coming on to the braking. Braking is another really good feature on this bike. Of course, this brake at the front drum brake at the rear and the brakes are really good and they stop you quite fast, and i was not expecting this these good brakes on this scooter. So when i told the pure ev guys that you know the suspensions are a bit stiff stiff well, they told me that they have a model focused more on comfort, which is the e pluto 7g, and that has got suspensions which are tuned for and uh tuned. For more comfort, but this has been in a more uh price, competitively thats. Why uh the difference in in comfort, im 5 11 and when i sit, of course, if i sit with a pillion, i have my knees touching, but for solo riding, no problem at all. You can just sit a little bit back and its quite comfortable and this enough space, and the one thing probably that i miss is the underseat storage and the security it provides.

Because usually the scooter life is that you just throw some stuff under the seat. And you know: uh, you just walk away so its not possible because thats, where the battery sits and they told me theyre figuring out a different way to place the battery so probably in a future model, a future update that would be different. But apart from that, you have a couple of spaces up front and couple of hooks up front for your storage needs, so the display is actually pretty basic uh. Of course it shows the different modes that youre in and, of course, the charge remaining the speed. So the one interesting thing is that the moment you turn on the ignition, it shows the total auto rating uh, that you know what how many kilometers youre clocked on the hole, but that thing automatically changes after 10 seconds and then you have the trip meter that Default comes on the screen and it is always reset uh when you uh switch on and off, so that you know exactly how many kilometers you are clocked uh, with the charge available right now right so now coming to the tires. These are the tires from see it and they do the job pretty well, and i think they also really affect like how i said the braking is really good. So its a really good job in terms of the tires and the braking setup and now moving on to the overall build quality.

Typically, these set of affordable electric scooters are not really well built uh. In that sense, when i look at the e trance neo from purev, it is actually put together quite decently and not as premium as you know, something we see from uh ether or bajaj, or even tvs, but overall its in for the price that is, it is On offer, it is built together, quite well fit and finish. You know. I do hope, wish that certain things were well hidden. For example, you can see some exposed wire bits from here, but uh not a concern and for the type of daily use that its meant for this sort of scooter. You know youre looking at uh, you know for either going to your. If you know that youre going to clock 50 60 kilometers a day in office and back or you just want something in your house that is easily you can go to the store and come back in. I think this sort of scooter is perfect for that. Of course, ideally its meant only for the cities because limited range and when i say limited range uh, you know the im talking about 100 plus kilometers, which is really good for a scooter in this price bracket. So coming to the warranty and service service is different. When you speak about analytics quota, its mostly of checkups and basic lubrication, so the guys at puri, we are offering uh four free services and, of course, after that, uh those are paid ones.

And, of course, these are at the dealership, like any uh like any other vehicle and uh regarding warranty, so the base price, which is the uh 78 999 in that you get a warranty of one year for the motor one year for the controller, basically, the basically The ecu you can say of the electric scooter and you get uh three years for the battery – that you can actually pay around two thousand rupees extra and you think you can increase the battery warranty up to five years. Uh, two years for the controller and three years for the motor, so uh right now coming to uh availability and uh waiting periods, etc. Right now, theyre available all across southern india i mean, and even in delhi and gujarat. I think the next dealership that is coming up is in goa in kerala. They have two dealerships ready with multiple other dealerships coming up as well in bangalore. I believe there are more than six dealerships so and right now, theres no waiting period associated with these quarters. So all in all looks good for the brand. So what is my verdict on the e trance neo from purev? Well, if youre in the market for an electric scooter and in fact, if you are in the market for any scooter, i think the e trans neo makes a really good uh option because its a more functional scooter and they have not tried to uh. Add in a lot of extra unnecessary features, uh and you know, bloat up the price, and so i think that is something which i really like.

For example, a basic scooter now cost the petrol scooter costs close to one lakh rupees and – and you know, i honestly am not a fan of features like gps. Locating geo fencing. I i really dont think it is necessary uh on an ultra scooter so and when it comes to the e trans neo, they have ensured that you know they have kept all the gimmicks away. They kept a proper, serious electric scooter and constant on the strong point that is having range and good talk to pull you through all situations.