Video were going to be taking a closer look at a pretty prestigious all electric suv, the bmw, ix3 and im super excited about. This were going to be going over the styling. The range charging and just checking out how good this car actually is, if youre looking forward to it, then please make sure you keep watching, but before that, please make sure you subscribe to the electro heads youtube channel and after youve done that head over to our Instagram and follow us there as well Music. The ix 3 must receive some kind of award for having the fastest facelift ever before. This was even landed in showrooms. There was already a facelift in the works. The car that i have here is the pre facelift and it came in the option of two different specifications. You had a premiere and a premiere pro edition. Now not a lot has changed with the facelift theyve kind of gotten rid of some of the blue ascents and the headlights have changed slightly, but overall, its pretty much the same car, but it comes in a more familiar specification. Its now the m sport and the m sport pro, and i think this matches in with bmws ethos around this car, its familiar for drivers, its a familiar kind of term that they already know about. So i definitely welcome the change and all of those changes are aesthetic. The headlights are slightly slimmer, while the kidney grilles and the air intakes have grown in size and some of the blue details, youll notice on our car have been removed.

The important bit theres an 80 kilowatt hour battery pack that should give a range of 285 miles thats. According to the latest wltp testing procedure, thats a bit more than key alternatives such as the audi e tron and the mercedes benz eqc, but a bit less than the jaguar. I pace. However, other good news is that it comes in cheaper than all, but the audi. However, expect the audi to match the bmw and it cant be beaten in price Applause Music, unlike some other manufacturers like volkswagen and aldi, and skoda the bmw, ix3 wasnt actually originally designed to be an electric car, its essentially the same skeleton that they use for the Petrol diesel and plug in hybrid but its now a fully electric car, and that comes with its pros and cons. The pros are that it looks really conventionally like a standard, bmw and that helps out people that are struggling of thinking to go electric. Its kind of got a much more familiar feel about it. However, it does come with some negatives because it uses the standard x3 skeleton that means that the batteries have had to be put under the floor. Meaning theres no option to have this car as an off roader or to have it as a four wheel drive now. Thats going to put off some people, but bmw, said that people dont want an all electric off roader and i guess id care to agree with them.

I dont know. Let me know what you think: who wants to see my impression of the bmw ix3, damn no, but seriously are we all over the grills by now i know it was a huge thing when the bmws first come out, but now weve, all kind of gotten used To them – and i dont really think theyre that bad. I like it a lot like the volvo xc40 recharge. I hope you dont want your ix 3 in any fancy colors, because bmw offer a whopping four, and that consists of black gray, white and blue. But at least the blue is quite a fancy, bright, blue, but come on bmw. We know the colors that you can put on your m sport cars and we want to see some of those on our electric cars and, along the same lines, the alloy wheels only come in the option of one design, but at least theyre quite aesthetically. Pleasing, especially when youve got them matched in with the black paintwork, i really quite like them, of course, because this is an electric car theyre quite flat, and this is to reduce, drag and to also increase your range, which differ from these gloss black wheels on the Premiere edition to an equally stylish two tone: color, the m sport gets 19 inches, whereas the m sport pro increases this to 20s, the ix 3 boot isnt, one of the biggest that youll find on the market. But, to be honest, i think theres going to be more than enough space for most families, plus you get an electric tailgate as standard on the m sport and the m sport pro inside here, theres 510 liters, which is actually 60 more than youll, find in the Plug in hybrid loading, space is also really practical.

Youve got this nice square wide. Opening and youve got a flush boot floor. So really its going to be easy to lift things in and out, you do lose a little bit of underfloor storage over the petrol and diesel models, but theres still enough space under there to fit your charging cables. Despite the fact that the big battery has, in effect, been shoehorned under the floor of the bmw, ix3 rear space is just as good as in the regular x3, and that means that two tall people can sit quite comfortably in the back of the car. With leg room and head room to spare, even if you add a middle rear passenger into the equation, things are still agreeable for all concerned. Although you will still have more room to lounge in the jaguar eye pace, the outer seats can be reclined to give a more laid back seating position, a feature that isnt available in the ix 3s direct rivals, whether you go for the m sport or the m Sport pro model, you get loads of standard equipment, something that really griped me with the skoda enyak. In fact, if you specked up the scola enyak to be the same as the bmw ix3, i bet theyre not that far away in price. In the standard m sport model, you get things like: bluetooth, apple, carplay and android, auto tri zone, air conditioning you get a panoramic opening, sunroof led headlights, automatic lights and wipers adaptive cruise control.

If you go for the sport plus model, you get things like your gesture control which to me, i feel, is a little bit gimmicky. You get an upgraded harman, kardon, sound system, keyless entry and start and something i think, is well worth upgrading. You also get your assisted parking pack, which means that the car will practically park itself. If you drive into a tight space, you can tell it to drive back out the same way. Things like this, i think, are super helpful. In fact, you dont really need to add on any specification, apart from something like a tow bar, everything else is included, which i think is a huge plus. One thing i will say is it doesnt feel particularly special inside here? Everything is exactly the same as youll find in the other x3s, which is great if you want familiarity but theres, nothing special about it that makes it scream. This is an ev youve got little flashes of blue, which i really love on. Of course, the start stop button and youve got the ix3 along here and also when you open the door. I absolutely love this youve got a little x here to tell you. This is the ix 3. However, it does just feel like the standard model. Things like the steering wheel, arent particularly fancy. It would be nice to have something in here that felt just a little bit futuristic, but at least everythings really easy to use.

You still get all the really nice buttons that youll find in the standard bmws and you do have the dial down here, which you can, of course, control your infotainment system, whilst youre on the go, meaning that you dont have to prod around with the screen. You cant really complain about quality either. Everything feels really well put together. This is super nice soft leather. On top of here, you do have kind of a scratchy bit of plastic, but its right back there and its not going to bother you at all. There is some piano black used, which is not my favorite and ive. Had this car a couple of days and theres already fingerprints and dust all over it, but to be honest, its hard to avoid piano black in the car industry nowadays. But everything else is really well screwed together. Even the screen up here in previous models has been a little bit flimsy, but this is really well screwed together and i dont have any issues with the Music quality described by bmw. As the fifth generation e drive system, the bmw ix 3 gets 285 brake horsepower. Paired, together with 295 pound feet of torque driving the rear wheels through a single speed, gearbox its clear that the ix 3 hasnt been built predominantly with speed in mind its more about being an all round comfortable family car. That being said, the naught to 37 time is quite impressive at 3.7 seconds enough to throw you back in your seat.

However, the naught to 62 time is not quite as impressive. It rises to 6.8 seconds once you kind of get a bit more speed and, of course, a little bit more drag as well. In fact, bmws x3 plug in hybrid will actually do it in 0.7 seconds quicker. There are three driving modes available, all of which will be very familiar for bmw drivers. Youve got an eco pro, a comfort mode and a sport mode popping it into your eco. Pro will reduce your consumables and give you the best possible range out of your battery. If you pop it into comfort, it will soften the suspension and it will give you a much more settled ride for day to day driving. If you pop it into sport, it stiffens the suspension and gives you more feel through the steering wheel, giving you a much more sporty feel now as much as this steering becomes precise and enjoyable. The ride is just a little bit too harsh for my personal preference and for day to day driving id definitely be having it in comfort, Music. The ix 3 should be compatible with most uk charging stations, and it will take up to 150 kilowatts. So if you find a charging station like here at grid, serve, you can get from naught to 80 in just 34 minutes or you can add as much as 60 miles of range in just 10 minutes charging from less powerful outlets, such as the at home wall Box charger or a 3 pin plug will take longer.

Bmw reckons a full charge from your at home war box from empty will take around 12 hours. This will cost you around 13 pound per charge, which is a fair bit less than the equivalent diesel or petrol cost. The bmw is fitted with a very clever predictive regenerative braking system. Now, essentially, what it does is, it predicts your journey and it decides whether it wants to turn up the braking or turn down the braking depending on whats coming up. So if im coming up to a junction or a roundabout, it will turn the breaking up, meaning that when i come off my accelerator itll almost bring me to a complete hole. However, when the car knows that im out on the motorway or a dual carriageway, it will know that i dont want such a harsh braking system. So it will turn that level down, which i think really helps for those people. That dont, particularly like regenerative, braking as its a lot easier to live with the ix3, comes fitted with adaptive suspension as standard, and that means that its really comfortable out on the road, not quite as pillowy comfortable as something like the mercedes eqc. But its definitely going to trump the volkswagen id 3 and 4. that familiar feeling that the ix 3 gives you from the exterior and the interior is actually carried across to the drive dont get me wrong. Ice cars dont perform the same as electric. They have a lot of differences, but by bmw, choosing to make this a rear, wheel, drive car and mounting the batteries in the back, opposed to a dual motor car.

Four wheel drive with the batteries placed all the way across the vehicle. It means that it actually performs a lot like some of bmws rear, wheel, drive performance, cars and thats. Definitely a good thing. The bmw ix3 has actually really surprised me on paper. It looked like a little bit of a half hearted effort by bmw, but after spending time with it, i realized that this is a great option for somebody thats looking for a prestige, electric car, but doesnt want to move too far away from the conventional. Let me know what you think of the bmw ix3 in the comments below if youve enjoyed this video, please go ahead and give it a massive thumbs up. And if you want to see more videos like this from me and the rest of the electro heads team, then please make sure youre subscribed until next time.