, and what i mean by that is not only is this the first Vehicle built by hyundai to be exclusively electric, its also the first in hyundais new series of all electric vehicles, and you can tell the designers and engineers put some of the most creative and innovative ideas into every square inch of ionic 5. lets start with how it Looks the retro futuristic look with hyundais parametric design. Accents truly sets ionic 5 apart theres, nothing else like it on the road. Besides this cyber gray paint, you can also get your ionic 5 in atlas white phantom, black, lucid blue digital teal or shooting star, which has a matte finish: a sleek clamshell hood for fewer panel gaps, pixel inspired lighting signature with led headlights, active grille, shutters that open For better airflow and to help cool the batteries 20 inch alloy wheels. The biggest of any hyundai electric vehicle power. Folding side mirrors with led turn signal indicators, strong character lines on the side automatic door handles that lay flush for better aerodynamics, speaking of which a twin array aero roof, spoiler to help smooth airflow, pixel design, led tail lights and very little overhang on both the front And back ends thanks to hyundais new egmp platform. What does egmp stand for? It stands for electric global modular platform and every future model in hyundais. New electric vehicle series will be built on it, thanks to its remarkable flexibility and thats, a big reason why the ioniq 5 will get a range of up to 300 miles when you choose the rear wheel, drive option, thats right, rear wheel, drive another first for hyundai.

All wheel drive adds a motor for a combined 320 horsepower and 446 pound feet of instant torque, but thats not the only thing fast. On ionic 5., it has the quickest dc ultra fast charging speed of any mainstream brand charging from 10 to 80 percent. In just 18 minutes two way: charging port allows you to charge appliances such as your tv or mini fridge, and you can even charge another electric vehicle in an emergency, remote charge, port door and while were back here, a hands free, smart, lift gate, lots of storage Space in the back with rear seats that fold down into a 60 40 split and ionic 5 has two hyundai innovations that add an extra level of convenience to your life. Remote smart parking assist, let ionic 5 park itself without you even being in the vehicle. You push this button on the key fob. It can pull directly in and reverse out of a parking spot perfect for tight places, hyundai digital key, allowing you to transform your smartphone into a key fob or you can use this digital key card place it next to the door to unlock use it to start Up the vehicle – and you can even share your digital key with a friend or a family member to their android smartphone device. Now i spoke about that egmp platform earlier. Another great benefit is what it does for the interior. Now it takes advantage of having that electric platform and no gas powertrain, so you get a flatter floor and even more space inside.

So, even though the ioniq 5 is about the same size as our tucson model, it actually has a longer wheelbase than our three row. Palisade, its so spacious, in fact, the rear seats can actually slide forward and recline. You have 120 volt charging down below where you can charge up your laptop, essentially turning ionic 5 into a mobile office. Now, if you think the rear seats are luxurious, the drivers seat reclines all the way back and has a leg rest. So you can really relax a vision. Sunroof, a single panel glass with no beam in the middle and a retractable power shade a mobile middle console a completely flat floor. Thanks to its new platform, wireless device, charging apple, carplay and android, auto a premium heads up display with augmented reality functions, hoodless 12.3 inch. Digital instrument, cluster 12.3 inch, touchscreen navigation system, dynamic voice, recognition, use your voice to control the windows, trunk climate and so much more and bose premium. Audio ionic 5 is future ford. When it comes to safety too. So, like every new hyundai model, you get hyundai smartsense an intelligent network of cameras and sensors that really act like an extra set of eyes to keep you and your passengers safe. The latest advancement highway driving assist two its like having a co pilot, keep an eye on the road in all directions. Itll keep you centered in your lane at a safe distance behind the vehicle in front of you and can even change lanes when you use your turn signal.

Other safety features include forward. Collision avoidance assist with pedestrian detection and junction turning blind spot collision avoidance, assist with rear cross traffic collision avoidance, assist blind spot view, monitor, surround view, monitor safe exit, assist rear occupant alert and lane following assist and because its an electric vehicle, you get amazing benefits up To 7 500 in federal tax incentive state and local incentives, carpooling access and zero oil changes and like every hyundai, its backed by americas, best warranty a 10 year or 100 000 mile powertrain limited warranty 5 year or 60 000 mile new vehicle limited warranty. Five years. Unlimited miles of 24 hour roadside assistance and like every hybrid and electric model in hyundais lineup, you also get 10 years or 100 000 miles of your electric limited battery warranty. Now hyundai cares about quality too thats.