I told you im, bringing you all the videos man yall. Just let me know in the comment section which videos yall want me to watch, but this car right here aint going out to you when i seen this young it like a truck version of a maximum or something you feel me. It looked good man, the back of it man that back end of it. Oh that back end of it lets see that back in one more time, man like i watched a little bit of the video already, of course, look at that backhand. Look at that look at that light bar look at the back game. Look how wide that man come on man, its a nice looking truck man, im gon na keep the video going im trying to get to the features and stuff Music. This is pretty nice. Its like the inside is digital. The outside is high tech, its just flat bottom steering its a nice truck. Oh it it got screens in the back and then look at this headrest its different and its stick out for your big ass noggins got that much room and then whats this. You can charge your phone right on the seat, wow its insane. Look at that dont. Look like the maximum yall, just just the trump version, look at even the rims yeah, if yall seen the maximum the rims didnt. Even look like that. Look how that trunk fall off like that, but then, in the back it come up.

Thats a nice looking truck! Oh, it aint no screen back here. I wish it was all the way down. Is the easiest not alive. You got ta always drive. You dont get much room in the front, but thats okay, we dont being really trying to put stuff in the front out of a truck come on. What you got ta do is just put the back of the seat back something in your head and sit right. Thats all obviously this thing right here take that out, so you can see that was crazy. You need to really cook some food thats, pretty handy theres, augmented reality right in front of your screen. I like it, though, look because the front seat thats some nice seats. Look at that texture, good! Bolstering! Oh look at this! Oh thats, a pretty nice one! I look like you in a massage parlor super youre right, thats, really, Music, a look around the hard okay were skipping through yall, because its so many cars, bro and theyre coming out with so many. So we got to keep. We got to keep going all right. E6 is light to dry now underneath the skin. It shows many of its parts. I just watched that one yall check that out on the channel. I just watched that one its the company. However, the fourth visibility is pretty good. Look how big that screen is and yeah. You can see everything. The only thing so far.

I see that i dont like is the um that that that back little corner visible light right there, but i mean really. You shouldnt be looking back like that. Anyway, when you got these mirrors right here – and i would put like right here since you cant see through here through the back, i would put um that camera ill put a camera um right there. You know if youre gon na buy ev you might as well get the camera right there. I dont know why they dont do that anyway. Put the camera in the back, where right here, just like the um, the corvette to where you can see everything its the camera, and you can just see everything clear and you aint got to worry about nothing. You know what i mean. I you know what i mean this nice truck, though its not gon na hurt you its a nice truck good job effects and stuff um. You cant, compare it to the tesla model. 3.. You should compare it to the tesla y or the x, like the truck. How you dont compare a car to a truck who does that anyways, even if its a crossover dont do that defeats? The purpose is well the other car, the the kia im, not the kid um. The hyundai was 305 horsepower and he did a 4.8 4.79. So this one right here, im thinking at least a four point: six, it got 20 more horsepower unless its heavier, but lets see.

I love how that how that back in just yeah a little bit slower than the other one, it got more horsepower hows it slower. Maybe its a little bit heavier yall, i think so. Oh thats good, though in 4.8 seconds, thats, impressive yeah. I like this one too, i aint gon na lie yall because of that that silver, that gray, look and the way the body is shaped and because its a little bit more sportier, you already know i would go with the kid the hyundai i had to get That for my moms or my grandma, or something like that, you know what im saying, maybe some kids or something like that. If i had some you know because i know its safety and i know if anything happened to it. It was 36 46 000 anywhere in between there. I know it aint too much yeah, not too much this one right here, 40 to 50, something theres a little bit more higher range. So what mid range, but you know yeah, i like it yall. Let me know how yall feel about the kia ev6. Let me know if you got one somebody already got one. You know ooh, look at that. Even look at the lights like its pretty nice, like i said, the only thing i noticed was that you cant see out the back, so you would, you would need one of those uh mirrors or you got to take them head rest out.

The back. Take all the headrests out the back, so you can see through the mirror, see through the window id rather just get the little mirror call it a day easy somebody could set that up run the wire straight through the top line and have the camera come out. The back have it put some uh, whatever uh type of glue, that they use to put the emblems on the side and the front of the car use that to put the camera sticking on the back right in the middle. You gucci easy wont be more than 100 process. You know what im saying, which is not that bad for your safety at least you aint getting hit from the sides or you.