This particular leaf is the sl plus model, meaning it is the absolute top of the line leaf got some new styling over the first generation leaf. I think that theyve nailed it with this exterior styling. It doesnt look eevee ish anymore. It doesnt have that sort of like prius. Look that all of these og evs had back in the day. I think that this just looks like a normal, very tasteful hatchback and its cool to have something thats, not an suv in this market. Nowadays, yes, its an ev. Yes, it fits with the times that way, but its not lifted up on stilts it doesnt have a super high roof line, its just a hatchback, and that is important, because i think that this nissan leaf is one of the more fun evs that ive driven um. Its certainly more fun to drive than some of its suv counterparts and it doesnt feel like every other ev either because it is front wheel, drive. So just some cool things with this lets go ahead and step in here we have chrome door handles check that out with the sl plus you get this really nice leather interior, that is trimmed with alcantara and weve got blue stitching all throughout as well, which is Very nice and we have these sort of like pleated floor mats, pretty nice quality there, oh as for room in the back seat. You know its normal hatchback in this segment sort of room.

I mean this would be comparable to any sort of ford focus. Nissan sentra um. Anything in that class, pretty cool weve got a little tray down here. Weve got usb ports for charging your phone and two cup holders, which means we dont have one that pulls down right here, but i found that this one actually works a little bit better because these holes are deeper, so it holds your drink, prevents it from tipping Over in the back here, we of course have our charging cable thats nicely wrapped up in this little pouch that attaches to the car here, so it doesnt flop around while youre driving. We have our bose subwoofer amplifier, whatever is in there, and then this nice leaf branded trunk carpet a pretty good amount of room back there, especially when you fold the seats down quite a lot of cargo room in the leaf check that out. Obviously, that seat would have to be moved further forward, but anyways leaves for some good room to put things in the leaf. So that is awesome also have a cargo cover here, which is nice, but up front is where it gets even better lots of the same sort of materials used in the back seat. Of course, i love this alcantara that they trim the seats with. It goes very nicely with the blue stitching weve also got these same sort of style floor mats up here with blue leaf lettering on them as well.

The blue stitching is also carried onto this flat bottom steering wheel. It goes all the way around here. As you can see, looks absolutely awesome. The steering wheel feels great in your hands as well. Lets go ahead and power. This thing, Music up normal nissan bings and bongs here nothing special for the leaf, but thats okay, other materials weve got this sort of like printed plastic material over here interesting as far as infotainment goes. We of course, just have nissans standard infotainment here with your music. In the middle navigation, menus on the bottom, ive been running apple carplay, which is only wired. We dont yet have wireless apple carplay in the leaf. Well, thats. Okay, weve got two ports here, its actually cool, because you have a choice between normal, usb and usbc. So, no matter what cord you have, you are able to plug it in in here little armrest storage compartment here, not the largest that ive seen but thats; okay, its still a nice armrest, its still in a spot where you can rest your arm, no matter where You are in the car, we do have a bit of piano black, but its a little bit metallic its like a tuxedo black, which is cool its uh. You know sets it aside a little from just the normal piano black e pedal right here. Switch essentially e pedal just means your one pedal drive, so if youre used to a tesla or a maki or whatever its the same thing, when you take your foot off, the gas itll apply the brake gradually.

Of course, you still have use of the brake, but its very easy to just drive with one pedal when youre in that mode heated seats as well with two settings and joy of joys. We have a climate control panel right here, its not all in the infotainment. We also have a volume knob thats great. I love it when not everything is integrated into the infotainment and thats extra awesome to see in an ev theyre, not getting ahead of themselves with this car theyre sticking with the times with what is relevant right now. Climate control panel volume, knob thats great, i dont like when everything is in the screen, and i have to go through six different menus just to turn my climate down im actually going to shut this off real quick, because i want to show you one more thing Before we set off, ive got a little button over here that looks like a gas pump, but it has a little plug on it, press that and it launches your little charge. Flap thing here: Music, pops, that open and you can see that your little charge port is right there, so thats where you plug the car in uh. This is nice. I like how you can simply just pull up and charge you dont have to worry about. You know backing in oh what side do i need to park on? No, you just pull in straight on and there it is, and it shuts pretty easily as well so thats, pretty cool all right well with all of that.

Out of the way lets go ahead and take this leaf, sl plus for a drive and see what its like on the road very interesting shifter down here. Its like a sort of spherical type thing down here, its its its weird to look at, and you would think that it would be extremely inconvenient, but its really not you know you just drive, just flick it down for drive, reverse is over and up, and we Do have a 360 camera here, as well as just a normal, reversing camera, but its super easy to use, and then you know park is of course just that button right there. I love the noises that evs make when youre just going at a slow speed. They sound like spaceships all right were going to go ahead and turn on the e pedal mode, because i, like the one pedal, drive road with restricted access. Yes, im already on that road. Thank you, though. It is a thing with every new nissan and infiniti that ive driven theres this voice. That comes through to tell you, if youre on a road with restricted access or if theres, a dirt road nearby, it makes sure that youre informed so thats always good, so that one pedal drive there took me to a complete stop: yeah god. I love the instant torque of electric vehicles, its so satisfying when you hit the gas and just all of the power uh is right there, all at once.

So speaking of power, this leaf is powered by, of course, an electric motor with 214 horsepower. Now that doesnt sound like a lot but, like i said with the instant torque and everything this car is really quick, Music and being that its front wheel, drive you get tons of torque steer, which is kind of fun and like entertaining, because it reminds me of Like a turbocharged hot hatch, the way that, when you get into boost it like, tries to rip the steering wheel out of your hands kind of get a little bit of that in this car and theres a fun factor to that. I know that thats probably not fun, to normal people that buy this car, but to someone whos an enthusiast and someone who likes driving, i mean its all its all part of the fun, the overall just feel of this car, the driving dynamics theyre great it really Just drives like a normal car, you know minus having instant torque theres 60.. It really its its not that fast, but just like the instant um, you know as as any eevee is. It is a little bit addicting. I find myself like driving down the road and just flooring it because i, like it all right coming up now to the first corner im curious to see how this car will do. Of course, with these eco rolling resistant tires its probably going to make a lot of noise and be very dramatic, but just know that im really not going that fast around here, the car is just making it out like.

I am power out. You know, as far as like cornering it corners flat, theres, really no body roll im gon na be a little more careful for guardrail. I dont want to crash yeah its fun to drive this car spiritedly. I was very anxious to drive this car because i was a little bit worried that it was going to be kind of bland and slow and just unenthusiastic, but that is not the case really theyve. Given this car some character – and i love that yeah flashing traction light there, this car would be awesome in autocross. If you lowered it just a little bit put it on some sticky tires, it would dominate in autocross its so nimble. With that instant torque. No one will be able to touch you. Of course you have to have a little bit of a driver mod as well to compete, but overall this thing would be awesome overall, comfort, also great the seat is great. The ride is comfortable. Theres been nothing in this car thats really irritated me while ive been driving it this week and thats great, i mean its its its one of those things where maybe electric cars are starting to become worth it into understeer, not too much understeer yep a lot of A lot of torque steer there. I love it its such a happy little car. You can tell that it wants to be serious because, obviously it wants to give you the full range it wants to give you that full what 218 miles uh the epa claims for this for this car and make sure to watch charlies range test.

If you want to find out what it actually gets, you can tell that it wants to be serious im going to give this gmc a little room. So we can push this around the entrance ramp. It wants to be just a humble ev, but then it also allows you to have some fun. Music. Oh, were flogging the leaf exited there at 64.. That is excellent, oh its very bright right now. This car is genuinely fun to drive and evs are always usually fun, but this car isnt fun in like a home, its not breathtakingly fast but its fun in the way of like a hot hatch – and i think itd be really cool if they did some sort Of like a nismo version of this car, with a little bit lowered suspension, bigger wheels stickier tires a little bit sportier seats. That would be excellent. I would love. I would love that car. I love this car all right. I was having a little bit too much fun on that entrance ramp and i forgot to mention some of the driving aids on this car. So we have full full on forward lane, keep assist forward as in radar, guided cruise control lane keep assist and blind spot monitoring. So this things got everything everything that you need as far as modern assists so thats great to see as well, and you can turn it all on and off with the push of this little blue button over here, and you can also toggle what you want to Be on so, if you press the button and you dont want the lane keep assist, you can individually turn that off individually turn off your blind spot monitors which why would you do that? But you can, if youd like lots of configurable things, so i guess now we should get to the point where we discuss pricing so the base nissan leaf.

Not this one. The base base base model car starts just under 30 grand at about 28. 29. 000.. Once you get up to the sl plus, this is the top of the line you know, youve got the base, then youve got the sv and then theres the sv plus and then theres the sl plus, which is what this one is. This car is about. 38. 000 slightly under its like 37 000 and some change, so you have to have to also think well, okay, 37. 000. What about your normal electric car sort of tax credit things? Well, if you make the right amount of money per year, i want to say its like 68 000 or something if you make over, that, you are able to get the 7 500 tax credits. So if youre in that group, you are able to get the leaf sl plus for under 30 grand, if you count for that 7 500 tax credit, so thats pretty cool. I think that this car is worth 30 grand all day. I mean its so much fun to drive and youve got amenities. Youve got heated seats, youve got apple, carplay youve got in house navigation. If you dont, prefer the apple car play. Youve got a flat bottom steering wheel with blue stitching yeah im um ive been charmed by the nissan leaf. If i were to say anything bad about it, i would say sometimes the blind spots are a little bit annoying.

These a pillars are super thick up front. Here and the c pillars are also very large, so sometimes the blind spots can be a little bit in the way, but you do have blind spot monitors. So, as far as the rear blind spots go thats, okay and if you try and change lanes while theres someone at the the car will beep and ping at you and make sure that you dont do it. These are only irritating if youre trying to line up to pull into a spot. Sometimes they can get in the way, but its really not that big of a deal, because you have little windows here on either side that help you see a little bit better. I love pushing it hard out of corners because itll itll spin the wheels and give it a little flashing traction light. I love a car that has a little bit of character and this leaf has character and its cool to see that in a little front, wheel drive electric hatchback, because it gives me hope for the future that even if we do lose the internal combustion engine someday. Well still be able to have fun in cars, and this leaf is a perfect example of that all right, everyone, and that is going to road with restricted access. Yep. Thank you that is going to wrap up the review of the nissan leaf. I will say its very refreshing to drive a modest car like this, that from the outside, you wouldnt, think anything of it but its nice to drive a car like this.

That has some character and some soul and some funness to drive. I dont know. Funness is a word, but it has that i have really enjoyed driving this leaf and i recommend you go and drive one as well and if you are one of those people that really just dislikes electric cars, this may be one to start with. To get yourself familiar with an electric car because it still sort of acts like a normal car as far as the infotainment climate, all that stuff goes um, not everythings integrated into a screen. So this may be a good place to start. If youre interested in hearing the bose, seven speaker audio system or if youre interested in range make sure to check out charlies videos on those things they will be linked down below. If i were in the market for an ev, this would probably be one of my top choices. So then thank you all so much for watching.