Gsev is part before we check out these gorgeous beads lets catch a glimpse around the showroom and before that, thanks for watching welcome to movida make sure to press that subscribe button hit it its free anyway. Thank you. This is the cafeteria here you can have cup of tea or coffee, maybe some water or some chocolate, its a free guys. They are for me tea, but its never game, never mind. This is the monitor where you can see all the available options for your upgrades and modifications we come here later. This is the mg hector plus six seated two liter turbocharged diesel engine. This is the shiny steering wheel and the wide dashboard and 2 cup holders. This cup holder comes with led lights. According to your mode, you can change color. You want this big touch screen on the dashboard. I will explain about it later and the beautiful tall leather seats look at here smooth. You can operate front and rear windows with the help of button on this side of drivers door. You can also lock and unlock the doors too find a power button looks like a sports car and the indicators buttons all around dashboard lots of control buttons. Here too, and beautiful mg logo lets check this out. This is 10.4 inch touchscreen. You will get three years of free internet and ghana app unlimited songs as much as you can play no need to pay penny and it comes with ismat app.

It reminds you your future traveling plans on time. Even you forgot about it. Just like mobile. All you need to do is just save it. Music lets go to backseat here you can see. This is how it looks from behind look at the steering wheels beside me. Rush look at this wide sunroof, its covers wall top. This is very spacious car. You can see a lot of space here. I dont think its have enough leg: space for tall people Music. I dont like this gap between seats. It makes me feel like taxi. These are beautiful seats, but not have that luxurious touch Music. You can fold rear seats just the way youre watching here for more luggage space when youre traveling with more luggage. It is good car, Music, Music lets go to that ev. Now this is four seated vehicle runs more than 400 kilometers, just with one charge: Music Music. Here we got a small cabin. You can use it for keep your papers, maybe some closets Music. Here we got a beautiful key mg logo on it, lock button unlock button and we got another key here. You can purchase all of these accessories mobile holder mg cap and many more Applause Music. These are for car side mirror and its reflect your taste Music Music. These are leather, seat covers and footnet, Music, Music, and these are mg pillows. This is fully touch screen here. You can see all available upgrade and modification options for your car and how it looks on it and here its so show how much it costs you for your optional upgrades.

Let me touch this mirror here. You can see 360 degrees of car. Let me change the color of car, and here you can select all available vehicles. I will select mg hector. This is 6c10 Music. Here you can see 360 degree view of your cars interior leather seat. I dont, like this gap, hit Music Applause. Music hector plus comes with both manual and automatic options. This is manual car. Before we go for test drive, we have to fill up these forms and im done Music here our car ready to go. I always love big car. It have 5 star safety rating by euro ncaa standards. This is not bad car for this price. If you want one go and get one. Thank you guys for watching.