I i im off today and its something that ive been meaning to do and it just for me accounts for the end of the year of uh. The running costs of of the car and um i havent done the full breakdown. I i, as you know i im with electric ireland. I had a bit of a kerfuffle with them, but we we got that sorted, but im um. I i have that sorted now. Anyway, but um just doing the figure so so far as you can see, ive done two hundred and ninety seven kilometers and since i got the car and as you can see here, i am averaging quite about around 15 kilowatts, uh per hundred kilometers. So the the rate im on with uh electric ireland is the home electric plus night boost so during the day from 8 a.m, to 11 p.m. Its 22.26 per kilowatt then from uh 11 p.m, to 8 a.m, its 11.5 per kilowatt and then between 2 a.m and 4am its 6.19 per per kilowatt um. So i ive done update the kilowatts that ive been using and i have been. I ive been charging at night and since i got the the rate ive always gone through made sure i went through 2 a.m to 4 p.m, to to 2 a.m, to 4 a.m, to to to get the cheaper rates. But i just done these figures at the uh 11.4 cents uh per kilowatt, so it would actually be a little bit cheaper uh that than what i i i still cant believe im actually looking at this, but at 11.

4 kilowatts i ive used um 1177.9 kilowatts um Charging here at home so far in the three months, uh just a little over three months. So far, 7 300 kilometers. It has cost me 145 euro 135 euros so that thats incredible but um im still, i im still getting taxi drivers ive, actually getting taxi drivers. Now stopping me in traffic asking me about the car um, they did its a good package i have to, in fairness, uh the dmg for for the price of what it is and um. You know the the the range of the battery range and everything else and the size of the car and everything else you know its it its a great package for for taxiing and uh. I am a joiner of ive. No complaints, you know, does, if not not nothing major with it, but i just done some figures there with the esb e cars uh charging, because um theres a couple of guys. I i on the rank – and you know they live in apartments and that and they want to go eevee, but you know because theyre in an apartment they cant charge at home. So we with the e car rates there. I just went online and got the the car rates with the ready to go, so it will be even cheaper again than this if you were to to sign up so um if youre just the standard charger at 20 – or you know up to 22 kilowatts, so It would take a while to charge the car so uh and with that amount of kilowatts or for 7300 kilometers, it will be 350 euro if youre on a fast charger, which is the 50 kilowatt which would charge the car in, i mean you wouldnt, be doing A full charge, ive used it once, and that was in the first week that i got the car and it was just an experiment to see what it would be like you know, and using the app and what have you uh, but i charged in 20 minutes.

I think was 43 percent um cant remember what kilowatts was, but it was 43 percent of the battery which you you know you get a shift out of that and i have been you know. On average i id be using 40 percent of the the battery charge. Uh doing a shift um, so at the 50 kilowatt charging ready to go with e cars would have been 359 euros and now, with the hyper fast uh 50 high powered 150 kilowatt would have been 435 euro, but for over 7000 kilometers thats unbelievably cheap evs are Unbelievably cheap to run at the moment at the moment you know obviously um thats going to change the the more and more evs does come on the road and the more we start plugging in. Of course, the electric companies are going to screw us. You know but yeah at the moment, uh theyre the figures its. I still cant believe it. I i, as i said it would have been less than 125 euro. For me, i i still have to break down of uh when, when i charge between two and four a.m, i i im getting the cheaper race, but um i mean definitely home charging is, is the way to go. If you can do it, you know it is the way to go and its its just effortless. You just drive home plug the car in you set the timer on the charger or the car. Now you cant do theres no timer in the mg5 and you you just basically plug it in and like other cars, you can set it to just stop charging at 80 percent.

Of that you dont have that facility with the mg5 um, but it it doesnt matter. I i im fortunate enough to be able to charge at home, and i can do that with the charger. If i want you know i i can, and i i have been um. What i have been doing is i i i do try and just walk five days a week monday to friday. I just do the days got fed up with the nights. Just i cant handle the anymore, you know, but uh i i would fully charge the car on a sunday night. So one day i go out with a full charge and depending how busy i am we, you know uh. If i used a 40 on the monday night, i would plug the car in and i would only charge it for the two hours between 2 a.m and 4 a.m and in that time, ill get 14 kilowatt, seven kilowatts per hour charging, and so i get 14 Kilowatts and as you can see with the car, i would get you know – probably 85 90 kilometer range for that and in those two hours, its um 86.66, its costed me, for we say 90 90 kilometers of range, its um. I mean thats. What close to a little more than half a liter of diesel Laughter for for 90 kilowatts of range – i i was um just over here for my 135 euro. I would have getting at todays rate of uh 145 a litre of diesel.

I would have getting 93 liters. Do you think i would have getting seven over seven thousand kilometers of range for 93, liters, Laughter, okay, so yeah so still loving the car? And my god am i why why wouldnt you wait when it cost that that much that little to run, you know um stay safe people, safe, driving and ill talk to you soon ill.