My name is derek reilly today were looking at the mercedes benz veto, but this is the electric version, so its the evito so lets get started Music starting at the front, and there is absolutely no difference on the front of this van versus the regular veto. Um. Obviously, theres a lot of brandon on this one telling you that it is an evita, but otherwise you wont know any difference. The grill is the same. All the rest of it is the same. So on the front it is standard. You wont know that youre driving an electric or those watching you or seeing you or looking at you wont know that youre driving an electric um fan lets move along the side down along the side. Youre going to start to see the e blue e electric badging that youre going to let you know that it is an electric vehicle. Then, when you open the door, you have your charging port here and on the evita, its only ac about the charging times when were out for the drive. Nice big wide sliding section sliding door, and this veto is dual sliding door, which is always great for any kind of a van. My last electric van review was actually for the mercedes sprinter uh. I put up the specifications on the screen, but somebody put in the comments said that they dont just watch. They also listen so um on the screen. You have the dimensions, the weights, the powertrain and the battery and range im going to cover them in other parts of the video, so youre not going to miss out.

But what i wanted to do was just talk about the dimensions, so the maximum load length is 2.831 meters, the maximum load height is 1.’1 meters, and the load width is 1.685 millimeters or meters and width between the wheel. Arches is 1.27. It will take euro pallets. The rear, sill loading height is 558 millimeters and its a six meter cubic load volume, and all of these lengths has been taken with regards to that space underneath the front seats. So with that to the top of the bulkhead, it is 2.29 meters for the l2 version, which is the only one we get here in ireland. There is an l3 version available in some markets with a longer wheelbase. It is your typical veto. Fare without the electrifying graphics. Lets have a look around the back down along the back. Then youve got your hlbl your high level brake light. You have your e, signifying you cant, even see it on the with the brand and the e veto, and then you have your doors, so theyll hold at 90 degrees, but then you can also spin them around to 180 same as the sprinter. I recently had good decent side loading bay tie off points in this version, with the flooring thats in it, and they have paneled out the sections within it and they have a racking system in here as well. You have your lights, typical van fare, but um. You have a bit of extra space in underneath the seats which is great for longer items if you are looking to store them, what they like inside the cabin of the mercedes benz e veto.

So on the door, you have your center lock in you. Have your heated seat and you have your electrically adjusted wing mirrors and your electric windows left and right good to handle grab handle. You have a semi small pocket here and then you have a large door bin, but it could take a two liter bottle. If you need it, then in front of my knee youve got that handbrake release, so the handbrake system is you pull to release it drops down the handle and then you can press it back in with a pedal. On the left hand, side big, brake pedal accelerator pedal, then above that then youve got your lights, uh parks, front, rear fog lights, and then you have your headlight adjustment depending on the weight in the back steering wheels a really nice um, solid, steering wheel. Three spoke: youve got your regenerative, brake and paddles behind it. On the left hand, side youve got your wipers and your lights set up and indicators. On the right hand, side youve got your reverse, neutral, drive and park a button at the end. So nice, clean and simple in front of that, then, on the right hand, side youve got the dial to say whether youre taking energy from the battery or using the regenerator braking to put it back in and on the left hand, side youve got your speedo and The key is an actual key, proper key that you will see on original mercedes and on that you have lock unlock and you have whether you want to open up just the rear section of your cargo bay push it in and then you spin around and you Hold it lets, you know that its ready center section that will, let you know the percentage of battery thats, left the range that it hopes to get so with this battery it is hoping to get today at 148.

Kilometers. Well, talk about the battery etcetera talks about the miles per hour and then what gear youre in and whether what gear, what mode youre in drive, neutral, reverse or whether youre in eco um, whether doors are open, et cetera. So thats telling me now. Two front doors are open and the slide and one of the sliding doors are open, so its good visual on it front, then youve got a small coffee cup called up here. Youve got a document holder three along the top and then youve got another coffee cup. In the front um moving to the center infotainment screen, you have the mercedes, benz, um system, radio, media navigation, telephone and then you have your phone bluetooth and youve got your. You can theres a number dial on it as well. Then youve got your hazard lights. Youve got what mode youre in um, so youve got comfort, eco and eco, plus it defaults to eco all the time and then youve got your heating on the left and on the right. Youve got your volume or the speed of the fan. Youve got your d. Mister and then youve got where your air is going and whether youve got airplane or not got a kind of a weird pocket on the right hand, side and on the left hand, side. Youve got your usb type, a and your auxiliary in, and so thats pretty much it on down the bottom. Here, youve got like a random like a 12 volt right in the middle, where the passenger would be with this bulkhead protruding youre.

Probably the passenger is going to be a bit tightly squeezed into it. Nice seats, comfortable well supported. Then youve got your glove box over here. Up on top youve got that uh comfort console as well. With your sos button, youve got your sunglass holder. Youve got all your lights, etc, and then you have your visors without mirrors, who will be looking at themselves: good quality, good durability, drivers or passenger doors, just a carbon copy of the driver door. The only difference is it. Doesnt have heated seats for the passengers um, but otherwise its a lovely seating position, youre up nice and straight when we looked in the back. You could see that in underneath the seats you have a bit of an extra length for storing longer stuff. So there is no storage underneath the front seats. You can lift them up, but i dont think theres really much in underneath. No, not really you wouldnt be going in underneath there all right lets check it out for a spin whats it like driving the mercedes evito. Really good, so, as you can imagine, we pulled the handle to release the brake handbrake down to drive and away. We go um its built on the a2 platform, the exact same platform as the e sprinter, and so the fact that its a lighter van youre getting more uh. So the wltp – and this is 150 kilometers, whereas the e sprinter is 120. and so mercedes arent.

Acting the maggot when they come when it comes to range estimation. They are talking about it and ive heard drivers getting these ranges, so it is uh its realistic. You can feel the weight, and i was speaking to a motoring journalist about how i can improve stuff on the channel, and he was talking about. It would be great when you do reviews derek if you could actually run with a with a load on the back of it, so the gross capacity or sorry the weight allowance in this or what theyre recommending that you can carry is 1016 kgs. So that would be um just over the metric ton. I just have to figure out who to get a pallet of stuff off for a a couple of hours, im sure theres builders providers out there in south county that would love to have their logo blast plastered. All over it its front wheel, drive it has an 85 kilowatt motor and in newton meters, its up to 300 newton meters torque. So it is fairly torquey and you can definitely feel it on the rope. But you can, you can feel the weight of the batteries in it and with that batteries its in underneath so its not compromising on the internal uh element of the carrying. So the veto is exact same um, its raised up slightly again similar to the sprinter, so that it has that um capacity of taking the uh the battery pack.

Underneath that battery pack has four skins. So the outer plastic, then the ski steel box, et cetera, et cetera, all the way to just to prevent anything ever happening to it, underneath but overall, its a lovely drive a bit of road noise in it, but its an empty van at the moment. So, as i mentioned before its just like a big drum in the back, which there is a bit of paneling in the inserts, but its not completely paneled off, but there isnt too much road noise um the range. As i said, the wltp is 150 and its showing that, on the on the dash now, depending on your weight, depending on what the temperature is outside, depending on what speed youre going at, it is uh. These are all factors that so taking it. For a couple of days and im sure any mercedes dealership will let you know and therell be depending on what you do. Theyll give you a real world so youre, probably if its saying 150 youre, probably getting 120 130 on average. But i know some people that do more than that, because they they uh, they understand driving the electric van and how to do it. Its a 41 kilowatt hour battery and 35 kilowatts of that are usable, so its a small battery. But with these commercial vehicles we talk about it all the time there is a balancing point between the maximum size of battery and the weight of that versus the actual load uh capacity of the actual bank, because people are only licensed up to a certain amount within That license so there is that fine balance – and this is perfect for last mile delivery – urban runarounds, depending on where your business is located.

If 150 kilometers gon na do you for the day youre laughing with this, there is only one thing: you need to be wary of the fact that there is no fast charge capability. It is ac only, and so it is a 7.4 kilowatt capacity, and so that is going to take you six hours to fill up. So if you run short during the day, its going to take you a while to get back up again, youll top up dont get me wrong over over a bit. But just be conscious of the fact that you are going to be um not being able to pull up to a fast charger and top up and get that, unlike the the sprinter which has that dc capability thats, my review of the mercedes benz e veto wont Have its own way in the marketplace like always, but that three pointed star will make a big difference to a lot of people. Uh you have the likes of the stalantis groups. Youve got the opal, the vauxhall citroen. Then youve got the renaults. Then youve got the fiat, so all the manufacturers have a van of this size, so whats going to make it better, its all down to preference battery size, weight capacity, theyre all floating around the same kind of size, um and dimensions, etc and range. So whether its a three pointed stair that will track you towards it really enjoyed my time with this man. They have a passenger version of it in electric, but they also have then the eqv which were going to get on the channel as well.

So hopefully, youve enjoyed todays review, make sure you, like the video, make sure youve commented below, and let me know what you think of this electric van and, if you think an eevee is for you leave it to me and ill review thanks.