We review the 2021 chevrolet bolt ev, and i have to tell you i love the bolt electric bolt. I discovered that living in the desert, the electric vehicle is the perfect vehicle for desert living. It really is a smart, simple way to drive and the money you are going to save is great living in these times. Let me share with you why i love the electric vehicle and why my next purchase very soon will be an electric vehicle. Your first ride will be unbelievably quiet and the surrounding music is awesome. No gas, simple, quiet and relaxed driving and the chevrolet bolt ev or ifs, have come with a home charging unit. Electricity is so much cheaper than gas and to fill your bolt ev for 250 miles, the cost is seven dollars. You can learn more about the advantage of owning an electric car in the description and the upcoming review, video, which you will have the opportunity to submit your amateur video to be submitted and, if approved, will be posted to bullhead cityguide for a month at no charge. You simply need to register a free account, make a 15 second to five minute: video selling your product or service. Yes, its that simple make a 15 second to five minute. Video to sell your approved product or service use your smartphone to make your video register a free account at bullhead city guide to use our free marketing tools to upload your video or you may also send your video via email as an attachment or use airdrop.

If you have questions about submitting your amateur video, please give us a call at 928. 224. 2885. We know during covid19 many families and small business owners with 10 or fewer employees need to increase their monthly income streams. During this time, we would like to use our marketing platform to assist those who need a source to make extra income to use our free marketing tools. You simply need to register a free account. Hey here is an example of what we are looking for, simple and easy. Remember. You are making a video to sell your product or service online to make extra income alex. It is so quiet, it is isnt it. It really is. If i turn off the air, because you wont even hear the fan on anymore like right now, the ac is on because the car was a little warm. Yes, oh its so quiet an electric car, it is simply beautiful. Thank you. Music walk around the front of it. Thank you. Thank video. You, the dashboard again – and this is the reverse. Camera mode were in reverse and were backing out and thats our camera excellent see how peppy it is here we are riding in our electric car, oh its. So quiet and its so smooth its its one speed one speed transmission one speed transmission: it is simply beautiful. The ride quiet now ill go down the road like this. Here we go were going down. The road now watch the speedometer.

I take my foot off the gas. You can feel it slowing down a little bit, not too much, but look okay and youre only using the gas im, not using the gas, its just coasting its coasting on its own. This is simply amazing. Now, im gon na do it in one pedal mode in a moment, were turning around and our electric car, okay ill, put it in drive, and then this button right here my fingers is one pedal button. Got it see the foot one cuddle button. When i take my foot off the brake pedal, yes, the car doesnt move, look right and still okay, it doesnt go forward or backward if you didnt feed it on a hill, and this is the one pedal one pedal mode outstanding, so quiet. But now, if i lift off quickly off the pedal, you can feel it breaking look yes and youve, driven to vegas amazing. I love it and its nice and quiet, and then i never touched the brake pedal. Just then watch ill. Do it again: okay. 20. 21. 22., you never touched the brake never touched a brake that one pedal a lot of people like one pedal mode. I only use it sometimes, but some people use it all the time. Oh, i love used to it. If you get used to it, one pedal mode is very nice. Oh i love it. This is the the while were moving it doesnt matter now it doesnt stop real fast see.

Look i take my foot off the gas. It slows down. Slowly, like this see amazing not like before, where its really aggressive, yes and theres, one more thing and whats that thats normal acceleration theres also the sport mode, which is this button right here, sport mode! Yes, when you put in sport mode like this, it says sport mode off over here on the screen. Yes, and if i push this again, it says sport mode on right here with the checker flag. Yes, now its gon na have more acceleration power. So if you, if you have it on sport mode like on the highways and stuff you can blast by people safely without worrying about, can i make it? Can i pass somebody? Yes, so sport motors, like this, its a little bit quicker when i push down the gas pedal. Yes, it is thats amazing, it unleashes all the horsepower and that sport, yes, amazing, did you feel the difference on the acceleration? Yes compared to when its on regular mode. Its not the same its more like an ordinary car. I did ill ill go back and were going to go uphill, okay off of sport mode and it wont accelerate quite this and still pretty peppy, but different. Okay, so ill. Take the sport mode off. Okay, the little green flag goes away from over here, okay on the screen, and then here we are sports mode. No off sport mode, oh its its! Not as quick did you notice, it still goes pretty fast.

Oh, it goes. It goes fast, whether its in sports mode or sport mode sports mode is faster. Oh, like i know i ive experienced it, the sports mode will actually interrupt the tires when i went and it went its consistent, its front wheel, drive by the way the weight of the motor is on top of the tires and itll actually lay down two rubber Strips in the road, if i pushed it too hard on sport mode, it will actually lay rubber. It is just this is this is an amazing peak, but you can handle it very well, even without sport mode. Look, it drives nice right. Yeah! You take your foot off the gas and it goes down. You can feel it holding back a little bit no its off. But if i put on sport mode now, i can use the gas pedal to slow down like this. Look yes on one pedal mode, see that im slowing down using my foot on the gas right heres the traffic light up here right. I still got my foot in the gas. Yes, i want to stop right here. I take my foot off the gas right and the car stops without putting your foot on the brakes. Yep amazing, amazing. Normally it doesnt move too much, but it is moving because were on a slope right now see how its moving yes, normally it doesnt do that on a level road. So again, if that happened, you can use the brakes.

The brakes are always available. Even on one drive mode, you can still use the brake yes, so if the car is moving a little bit just push your foot in the brake pedal and now its not moving, see right now, its okay look, oh the technologys uh. It was actually it did. A little slip up back there because normally on one drive mode, it doesnt move at all notice how it was moving before, but now its not im, not touching anything, oh its beautiful, i got ta. Take it off even deeper. Now, looking at this dashboard, we can see the battery power of the electric car right now were looking at about 40 percent and lets take, and here were looking at 90 miles, weve driven 90 miles from bullhead city and were in the mountains. Now, oh this electric car is so quiet, it is so cool. I have to tell you im going to have to buy one. I am an also once you experience an electric vehicle and you are retired living in bullhead city. The electric car is perfect for driving down the mountain and across the bridge to laughlin and casino drive. It is so quiet and smooth, and there is no need to worry about charging. You simply purchase a home charger, read more about electric vehicles on our website and the description on youtube. Do you see how easy it is to make a video to sell your product or service its as simple as one two and three register as a user to use all the tools on our site create a 15 second to five minute video and submit your video For approval to be posted on our website, we will post as many approved videos as possible during the month of october, good luck, making your amateur video to make extra money.

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