com, and today we are looking at our inno tire, hold 2 bike rack here on our 2019 chevrolet volt ev. This is a great bike rack because, while its super easy to mount and dismount your bikes, it also has an awesome weight capacity of 60 pounds per bite now, one of its features is that it can tilt away and to do so. You pull this lever here and bring it down like that. This way, you can open up your rear door. You can see how theres plenty of space between the door and your bike allowing you to get into your trunk, maybe put away groceries or grab like a bike helmet or your bags all without taking off the bike, which is awesome to lift it back up. All you need to do is lift it back up and it snaps into place now this has a weight capacity of 60 pounds per bike. So if you have your heavy electric bike, that will work with that. Also, if you have like a step through bike or what we have here, which is a carbon frame bike, these wheel mounts are awesome, since they can accommodate that now, if you want to take your bike off, what you need to do is just press this button Here and from here you can push out the wheel. Mount now hold on to your bike as you do so there you go and from here you can just lift it up.

What i like about it is that you can. It just needs to get a little bit up there and not over like a huge center mass, like other bike. Racks might have with the bike. Out of the way lets take a look at the trays themselves, so these wheel mounts come in and ratchet against your bike to secure it by the wheel. These can be moved up and down to accommodate by tires of different shapes and different sizes. You also have this tray design here, so you can slide your bike back and forward to get the best fit with your different bikes on there now this can fit tire widths of up to three inches. So keep that in mind, if you have a fat tire bike, this might not be the best fit. Now, when you do have a bike rack behind your vehicle, there is some length added to the back of your vehicle. So we have here from our back bumper on our ev to the end of the bike rack which is by this handle. We have it at 30 and a half inches fair amount of length, just something to keep in mind when youre driving around town and in a park in a tight spot or if you need to back into your garage as for ground clearance thats down here, we Do have this notch at the bottom, so lets measure from there to the ground, its 17 and three quarter inches as for ground clearance by the shank.

We have it here at nine inches. Ground clearance is something you think about when youre going up a steep incline like a driveway or a hill, this also folds up and to do so, you pull this lever again and you can bring it up all the way right. There lets take a measurement from our back bumper to the back, which is by this knob. It is 11 inches big difference. You definitely want it in this position when youre driving around town as for closest point between our bike, rack and our vehicle, is by the mast. So this comes the clearance between our mast and our bumper is two inches its just something. To keep in mind is that it does have an anti round mechanism, so, even if you shake it, that is the closest its going to get to your vehicle. Now this fits into an inch and a quarter and two inch hitch receivers. We have a two inch hitch receiver on our bolt ev, so it has an adapter sleeve that allows it to fit into it. It is a tool free install, so all you need to do is pop it into your hitch, receiver and tighten it down with this. Knob pro tip is to shake your bike rack as you tighten it down. Just make sure you get all that tension out. This is also where your cable that comes with your bike rack goes into, and then you can lock them into place to secure your bikes or your bike.

Rack now my final thoughts about this bike rack is, i really like its design. I like that tray wheel, mount design because it calls for an easy breezy mounting and dismounting of your bike. Also, it works really well with our bolt ev here, because then we can just tilt it away and access our hatch. So that was a look at the inno tire hold 2 bike rack here on our 2019 chevrolet bolt ev here on our test course well start by going through the slalom. This is going to show us the side to side action. This simulates turning corners or evasively maneuvering once we get to the alternating speed bumps, well see the twisting action. This will simulate, hitting a curb or pothole or driving over uneven pavement. Once we get to the full speed bumps, well see the up and down action.