Both models appear to be similar in size and performance. So what would be the strategy behind releasing two products that may cannibalize each other? We have already featured both products separately in our channel, but in this episode we will compare two seemingly similar models with the latest information available. As of this moment, to help you decide which of the hottest upcoming luxury ev is the right one. So before we go on, we would highly appreciate your support by subscribing and turning on the notification bell. If you havent already and please dont, forget to like comment and vote on the question thats presented at the end of the video first lets get to the background. Behind the development of the two models, the gv60 is whats known as a dedicated electric vehicle. The gv60 was built from the ground up to be an ev based on the state of the art egmp platform developed by hyundai, to pave the way towards the companys mission. To attain full carbon neutrality by the year 2035., this means selling only the battery electric and the hydrogen fuel cell electric car by 2025, and the first step to accomplish this is to convert the existing internal combustion engine vehicles to electric vehicles. Retrofitting the gasoline powered car with the running gears of the battery electric system results in a derivative electric vehicle as opposed to a dedicated ev like the gv60. Such a vehicle is the upcoming electrified gv70 not officially named as of yet, but we can only speculate on the nomenclature by taking the example from the already unveiled eevee version of the g80 sedan genesis calls it the electrified g80, but we expect that this would change When it arrives in north america and europe to a more intuitive name, such as the g80e or eg80 and the gv70e or egv70, likewise based on the existing gv70, the electrified version should look nearly identical to the ice counterpart save for the closed eevee front grille with A hidden charging port, as seen in the electrified g80 and some minor detail changes, including the wheel design.

The gv70 already was one of the most beautiful cars on the road and its coop like smooth lines and sculpted body will definitely help to attract luxury electric suv. Buyers that would have only considered german products that tend to be boxy and somewhat boring in design. The gv60 design, on the other hand, is definitely more of on guard based on the genesis made concept, which was designed to be a definitive luxury urban vehicle. The gv60 has that stereotypical crossover appearance, albeit with genesis, unique design, features such as the split headlamp and rear lamps, clamshell hood and the sleek tapered rear, shape, thats sporty fun and luxurious. At the same time, the electrified gv70 will share most of the running gears with a g80 ev that includes pair of electric motors front and back rated at 184 horsepower each to offer the full system power of 368 horsepower and whopping 516 pound feet of torque. In the case of the electrified g80 sedan, the battery power electric system is capable of propelling the 5000 pound vehicle zero to 100 kilometers or 62 miles per hour in around just 4.5 seconds by driving all four wheels. The ice v70 weighs in about 400 pounds lighter than the g80 counterpart, and we anticipate that the crossover to be faster than the sedan by a few tenths of seconds in the case of the gv60. Unlike gv70, that only comes with one power electric option: it will be available with a variety of options similar to the other egmp based crossovers from the hyundai stable.

The gv60 can be configured in several different ways. The most basic is the single motor rear wheel, drive setup good for 225 horsepower. The all wheel, drive model will receive another motor up front for the total system. Power of 320 horsepower the rear wheel. Drive model can achieve zero to 60 miles per hour. In about seven seconds and the more powerful all wheel, drive model will achieve the same in 5.2 seconds. The most powerful version will wear the genesis, high performance sport moniker and will receive two 215 horsepower motors front and back for the total system, power of 430 horsepower. This figure seems less impressive than the other high performance egmp models such as kia, ev6 gt and the upcoming ionic 5n, with 577 combined horsepower from the dual motors achieving 0 to 100 kilometers or 62 miles per hour in just 3.5 seconds. However, 430 horsepower makes the gv 60 the most powerful genesis vehicle to date, nudging out the previous king of the pack, the genesis g90 v8 sedan with 420 horsepower, the 4900 pounds, g90 v8 sedan dashed to 100 kilometers per hour or 62 miles per hour in 5.7 Seconds but the gv60, weighing in at around 4400 pounds with significantly more torque, is expected to do the same run just under four seconds, which is sufficiently fast for a luxury crossover and makes it one of the fastest electric vehicles in its class, along with the ev6 Gt and tesla model y performance whats more.

The gv60 comes with a boost feature that offers up to 10 percent more instant power, which a driver can easily activate by pressing a button located in the steering wheel for an exhilarating spurt of power. This feature, which is similar to the g, grin turbocharger over boost feature that offers 10 additional horsepower for 20 seconds found in the dct versions of the hyundai and high performance. Models such as veloster and an i30n is exclusive to genesis gv60 and is not available in the kia ev6 gt counterpart or the electrified gv70 suv in terms of the battery and the range, unlike the ionic and kia versions, the gv60 can only be had with a Long range battery rated at 77.4 kilowatt hours, while the mass market brand siblings, also offer a smaller standard range battery with a capacity of 58 kilowatt hours. However, with the bulk of the sails resulting in the long range version, even in ionic and kia models, and given the high end positioning of the genesis product, its likely that most of the buyers of the gv60 wont miss the lesser standard range version similar to the Egmp based kia, ev6 long range model sibling. The maximum range of the gv60 is 300 miles or 483 kilometers for the rear wheel, drive model, while the all wheel, drive model renders 254 miles or 409 kilometers. This is a bit shorter than the all wheel, driving gv70s expected range of 265 miles or 427 kilometers, but thats expected as the gv70s battery is to be quite a bit bigger 87.

2 kilowatt hours. Also, although both cars have the 800 volts charging architecture, the egmp base gv60 outshines derivative evg v70 in charge time as well as it can charge from 10 to 80 in blazing 18 minutes, which is one of the fastest charging speeds in the industry, whereas the egv70 Does the same in 22 minutes, however, 22 minutes is still faster than the german flagship ev, such as porsche taken and mercedes benz eqs. Both genesis models also offer the innovative, v2l or vehicle to load function that extracts electricity from the battery to supply power to anything from household appliances or another eevee dimension wise. The latest third generation platform based gv70 is a considerably bigger car. The third generation hyundai platform underpins everything from the gv80 in the upcoming g90 large sedan and the gv70 takes advantage of the versatile platform well and offers a generous amount of space. The electrified gv70 shares the same body as the ice donor gv70 and has the dimension of 185.6 inches in length 75.2 inches in width and 64.2 inches in height. This is quite a bit bigger than the reported dimensions of the gv60 that measures 177.8 inches long 74.4. Inches wide and 62.2 inches high, however, where the dedicated egmp based gv60 excels is in the wheelbase by measuring in at 114.2 inches or 2900 millimeters, which is identical to that of hyundai palisade three row full size, suvs, offering a tremendous amount of passenger space not readily Found in a vehicle with tight dimensions like the gv60, the cargo volume of the gv60, however, should be much smaller as the similarly sized kia.

Ev6 only offers 27.7 cubic feet of cargo space behind the second row and 53.5 cubic feet with the second row. Folded down. Bigger gv70 will offer 28.9 cubic feet of cargo space with the second row up and 58.9 cubic feet with the seats down inside. You will find the interior of the electrified gv70 to be near identical to that of the ice gv70, which definitely is a very good thing. Genesis gv70 offers one of the most beautifully executed, interiors found anywhere at any price bracket, and the buyers will no doubt find the interior of the electrified gv70 to be a great place to be surrounded by exquisitely designed and crafted dash seats and door trims covered in The most pleasing eco friendly, yet luxurious, feeling materials. In contrast, the interior of the gv60 exudes a youthful ambience, coupled with a classic and retro vibe, still utilizing the same high quality, eco friendly materials. The focus of the gv60s interior is on the high tech. Once you enter the cabin, you are met with a huge dual lcd drivers, cluster and an infotainment screen that measures 14.5 inches each the biggest yet from the korean luxury maker and belittles 12.3 inches used in the ionic and kia siblings, as well as the electrified gv7. Another highlight of the interior is the innovative crystal sphere that was first introduced in the genesis x concept earlier this year. The crystal sphere is a spherical electronic transmission control that intuitively informs the driver, whether the vehicle is on or off.

A useful feature is its often difficult to tell whether an ev is turned on. Unlike an ice vehicle, it also functions as mood lights that illuminate when the vehicle is switched off and make the driving experience even more aesthetically pleasing the center console in which the crystal sphere is located is a trendy and practical floating type similar to that of kia. Ev6, but is not movable, as in the ionic 5., its a stark contrast to the luxurious center console with the gv70 that surrounds the driver, offering the feeling of profoundness that you can only feel from riding in a high end vehicle in terms of tech features. Both vehicles will offer the hyundai groups latest highway, drive, assist 2 or hda2 level, 2 plus self driving autonomy, which is claimed to exceed teslas autopilot and functionality, as well as a full array of safety and drivers assist features available in the hyundais arsenal, such as remote Self parking feature, speaking of the price, the gv60 is expected to start from sixty five thousand dollars for the most basic and efficient single motor rear wheel, drive model the top of the range 430 horsepower. Sport model is expected to start at around 80 000. The electrified gv70, which comes fully packaged with only one powertrain configuration, is to start from 75 000.. The gv60 will be released in q4, 2021 in korea and in 2022 for the rest of the world. It will be followed by the electrified gv70 with the anticipated release.

Starting in early 2022., as for the verdict, despite the similar size and price, both cars are prepared and positioned, quite differently. Choose the electrified gv70. If you are looking for a traditional suv with the latest ev technology, such as an 800 volts charging system with a blazingly fast charge time, combined with the sheer luxury and style that you would expect from a premium brand, such as genesis. However, if you were looking for something fashionable and practical at the same time from a luxury brand, with the added benefit of being a built from the ground up high tech, pure electric vehicle, that offers nimble yet efficient performance, with the option of having over 500 horsepower At your disposal choose the all new gv60, whichever the choice you cant go wrong. So what would be your choice? The beautiful and traditional electrified, gv70 suv or funky and innovative gv60. Please vote and share your views by clicking on the link in the comment section below. Thanks for watching auto vision, your best source for the fastest korean car news and rumors dont forget to comment like subscribe and click on the notification bell. See you next time with the latest korean car news, Music. Just keep holding me dont. Let me go everythings so magical. All i need is you tonight.