Looking thats, actually not my personal opinion, im a middle aged dad. I have no opinion on that. Its the view of one of my members of the team is much younger new balls please, anyway, in this video im going to tell you all about this car talk you, through the exterior design, the interior design im going to test out some of its technology. Take it for a drive and, of course, im going to launch it see how quick it is from north to 60 miles an hour im, matt watson and youre watching car wow and if you havent done so already make sure you subscribe to this channel because ive Got another video coming up with this car in the future, which is a little bit different and you wont want to miss it. Buying a new car then head to car wow, and my team will help you find your next car at a fair price car wow. Your one stop car buying comparison site. Lets start this video by talking about the design of the ioniq five and im going to use some classic car designer cliche, so the rear, its fascinating love, this light bar and the light graphics. The side is emotive, especially the wheels they look like theyve been drawn using that spirograph toy you had as a kid. This is what spike graph is in case. You dont know the front is its inspiring. Actually, i should stop mocking. I love the look of this car.

This is how i hoped cars would look in the future when i thought about them. When i was a kid sort of like got a stormtrooper thing going on as well at the front, i love the lights, the light design and you get this light bar here. You cant really see it so well in the daylight, but you can see these little strips at night. They look great. Do you know what i think tesla could learn a thing or two about car design from hyundai here on the inside. The ioniq 5 is a nice place to be question is, is it worth the asking price so here on carmite says that it starts from 37 000 pounds, so you can save an average of just over 400 pounds on one through car wow. In fact, if youre thinking about buying a new car make sure you click on the pop out band up there or follow the link in the description to go to car wow, so you can make sure youre paying a fair price for the car youre. Looking at. Alternatively, if you want to do that at a later date, simply google help me car wow. We can even help you sell your current car and get a great price for that too anyhow, does it feel worth the money? Well, quality is pretty good in here. The design is cool as well its fairly minimal. It feels just as futuristic as the outside.

I like it. I like it a lot. I also like the fact that you actually have some buttons here which are quick to get to your climate controls. However, annoyingly theyre touch sensitive buttons, so they may as well be on the screen like in some other cars. At least you have some shortcut buttons here for the infotainment system, speaking of which you get these two nice big screens. The system is fairly easy to use and to swipe through its nice and bright as well, and, of course, youve got apple, carplay and android auto. If youd rather run that now moving on to the ioniq five digital drivers display its very nice easy to use its clear and theres lots of different menus and itll also change the color and the look of it depending on which driving mode youre in its got. All the information you need, i like that. I also like the driving position and the steering wheel design its good its a bit odd that they dont have a hinder badge here. Instead, there are four dots. Is that their new logo, i dont think so, but there is a lot of adjustment in the seating position. So if youre, big or small, you should be able to get comfy when youre driving. What about if youve got lots of stuff dont worry theres. So much storage in here this is a built from the ground up electric car, so theres, not all the stuff like prop shafts, to send power to the rear, wheels or exhaust or stuff theres loads of space.

I can slide my feet through there and, like pick my front passenger, i dont know why i do that, but you do get all this extra storage here. Look at that, so you can fit your bag under here. If you want to got more storage under there, big cup holders perfect for cups of coffee theres, some more storage down there also door bins, they are big rock, they can take a big bottle and you should check out the glove box or, should i say, glove Draw its a huge draw massive thats good connectivity is pretty good as well, so youve got usb down. There got 12 volt charger there if youre old fashioned. Actually i dont know why theyve got that. Then youve got two usbs there as well, and, of course, a wireless charging mat on this particular car. Hmm impressive, two last things to show you: i love the fact. This car has a huge vanity mirror, which is perfect if youre very vain, like me, also either way they put the plus and the minus on the accelerator and brake pedal plus to accelerate a minus two decelerate offs here in the back of the ionic five, there Is loads of space loads of headroom loads of knee room? However, there are two slight problems. One is the fact that, because youve got the batteries underneath the floor, the distance between the floor at the top of the seat isnt, actually all that much so you do feel like youre squatting a little bit another issue, the isofix anchor points so its dead, easy To get a baby seat in through the wide door opening, but then youre stabbing away trying to find the anchor points of the isofix system.

Obviously, once youve done that youre – probably not going to have to do it again for a long time – and there is loads of room back here to even accommodate one of those big bulky rear facing child seats. So thats good. Another thing thats good, is that youve got some storage nets. There got some more storage there. Two usbs theres a flat floor once again because of the fact its an ev, so the middle seat is usable. Youve also got big door, bins, large rear windows. You get a good view out. Quality back here is the same as in the front, which is nice and look. You do have an armrest, though it is a shame that youve got the cup holders there, so you end up putting arms in there. Oh look at this as well. Look, you can recline the seats and you can slide them forward if you want to create more boot space, speaking of which the boot capacity on the ionic 5 is 527 liters. But if you need an ev with a bigger booty, you should check out my in depth review of the skoda eniac. You can do that by clicking on the pop out banner of the top right hand, corner of the screen or following the link in the description. So this boot is a nice square shape and theres not much of a load lip, so you can easily slide things in and out. Do you, like my little high end shopping bag? Other features bit of under oh and uh? Oh, i cant get it up thats.

What she said under floor storage there, we can hide your cables away. That is handy and look. We have the load cover there to hide things away at a supplement site, but its ill. Tell you what its a little bit annoying. You know, whats going to happen. Now its getting thrown – and that brings up to five annoying things about the ioniq five, the front boot on this car. The fruit is normally 57 liters in capacity. If you have, the rear drive only version, but if you have the four wheel drive version, it shrinks to 24 liters. It really is a tiny little fruit. Well, the interior design of this car is cool. There is one bit i dont like and its the drive selector i mean the the location is all wrong. It feels cheap and looking at it. It sort of reminds me of the kind of thing that a married couple thats trying to revive their love life, might purchase from a specialist adult store. I wonder if it vibrates well, these door handles look cool. The way you actually open the door is a bit odd because pull on this bit its not as good as just grabbing a handle, normally sort of reminds me of when you have one of those slightly embarrassing handshake when the other person doesnt grab your hand properly. Instead, just ends up shaking your fingers. Weird considering this is such a high tech, modern car. What have we got old fashioned usbs and no new usbcs? Can you explain that to me? Please somebody the location of the rear view.

Camera is quite low down, so its covered in road, grime and annoyingly. There is no special washer, like you got on some other cars to clean it off. So you end up with a view like that, but that brings on to five good things about this car. Honest the surround view, camera system on this car is absolutely glorious, very high definition. I like the way you can zoom in and out on the birds eye view, and you have this 3d effect as well. Look how lovely jubbly look around the car. You know what that reminds me of the system you get on an audi and a bmw. You can put the front seats into a nap mode for when youre charging the car, so you can have a little bit of a sleep press. A button and theyll stop moving into position so that you can recline and catch 40 winks, while your car is charging. Actually, this reminds me going to the dentist so im going to start drilling my teeth now. Its quite cool, though also like this look. You can slide this center console forward, so it makes it easier for you to pile across if you parked in a really tight space and cant get out of the drivers door look see, i can come across a little rubbish. You can get the car with a really nice heads up display and it actually uses augmented reality to show the actual directions that you need to take on the road in front of you.

We should be showing you clips of that on b roll now, if you dont have that were probably showing you some random clips from our tik tok channel, which you can follow by clicking on the link in the description for some weird stuff that we do weirder Than these videos, you can actually drive this car remotely using the key fob you can make it in and out of tight parking space, its really handy or you can just drive it along randomly just to freak people out. There is no one in it. Absolutely! No one in it weird will he run me over nah, i say wouldnt, you can run household appliances off this cars battery ive got a three pin socket down there and i want coffee because todays been tough well in. There went down there and i should be able to make a lovely espresso in my half pine glass come on yeah. Look at that! Oh yeah! Bear with me now. Can you do this in your car? No, you cant! Even if your car has a three pin socket, you cant do it unless youve got an ionic, five or maybe a key or ev6 thatll do thatll do right here. Oh, are you ready for a stats overload because im going to run you through all the different motor battery and charging options on the ionic five, so you can get three different flavors of it? You can get a single motor rear, drive version with a 58 kilowatt hour battery that has 170 horsepower or you can get that single motor version, but with a bigger 73 kilowatt hour battery and that has 217 horsepower or you can get a version with the motor At the back and at the front, a dual motor version with four wheel drive, and that has 305 horsepower, and that also gets the larger 73 kilowatt hour battery as standard as for the range well, it varies between about 240 and 300 miles, depending on which version You go for, but regardless of which ioniq 5 you go for, they all come with 220 kilowatt fast charging capability, which means you can charge them from about 10 to 80, full in just 20 minutes, but which version of the ioniq 5 should it go for, and What trim level well im going to configure my ideal ionic 5 using the carbide configurator, so you dont have to, and if you want to see what that car is and the offer ive got back on it.

Click on the pop out banner up there ill throw the link in the description below to see my pick of the range okay lets. Take the ionic 5 for a drive and lets see what its like. First of all, in town, you have a slightly elevated driving position which does help for visibility. In fact, visibility is good in this car big windscreen, the dash isnt too high theres a good view out the back big door mirrors well thats. The safety systems thought i was going to crash into that car, although i was fully aware of it, but its better to be worn than to have an accident. Surely, as for the suspension well, im just going to go for some potholes and manhole covers theres a little bit of suspension noise and a little bit of a third every now and again, but actually its pretty blooming comfy. You know its good over the bumps. Its a relaxing car then theres a turning circle, so im gon na do yui here a little. U turn because i i dont wan na go this way anymore, im bored of it! Oh yeah! Look at that good turning circle and im getting a long look from the man in the van and i dont think hes looking at me because im just beautiful, he was staring at this car because it is quite striking steerings, nice and light, then thats good. Ah yeah: this is a good car for in town, really really good.

Oh got ta. Tell you regen mode for the braking look. I can control the amount of braking effect that you get when you lift off the accelerator using these pedals here they are not gear. Selectors, i have a car behind me now and im going to slow down and annoy it, pretend that im stopping to receive a phone call, but im not going to answer it because im in a car im causing chaos, look chaos. That was me illustrating shut up phone okay, now to self. Whenever im filming, i should put my phone on silent, shut up shut up. I cant touch you because its illegal shut up another note itself make sure that you connect your phone to a car before you go driving so that you can actually cancel a call if someones ringing you and interrupting your piece to camera anyway, one pedal braking really Works slows the car nicely and i like the fact youve got quite a lot of choice in between just it cruising and it breaking its great looking at it again, though, so here i come to a junction, i want to turn ive lift off the accelerator im. Not touching the brake im slowing down more than i plan to sorry, mate testing, cars. Okay, i have a luna driver ahead, theyre doing 34 miles an hour in a 50., so im going to overtake them and youll see the performance this car gives you for overtaking.

Yes, plenty thats. All good now were getting a bit quicker. Lets see what this car actually handles, like so im going to put it into sports mode. Yes, sport! Now i noticed a throt response is a lot quicker. Steering has a bit more weight. Doesnt do anything to the suspension but thats interesting. When you throw this thing into a car, it does bob a little bit. It doesnt have the same level of composure around the corners as its sister car, the kia ev6. And if you want to see my fort and dip video review of that car click on the pop up banner up there or follow the link in the video, the kia is slightly more sporty to drive. So if thats your bag get the kia, though this thing its, not terrible its fine, it grips the road well enough, it doesnt lean too much in the bends. It just doesnt feel quite as sharp or as dirty and lets try out the ionic on the motorway. So im going to put the car into eco mode, try and save energy, though actually im, not sure i like driving in eco mode, because the thrall pedal is just so unresponsive now. So if i need to overtake someone, i absolutely have to completely floor it and it doesnt seem to be quite as quick lets. Go back to normal thats, better loads, better im going to engage my automated cruise control with lane keeping assist.

Dont know why im doing that voice, i just damn i let the car do all the hard work. I just got to keep my hands on the steering wheel, to keep it nice and legal. So when youre cruising along in this car, you know its a bit a wind noise bit of tire noise, but its not bad at all. Its reasonably quiet and the cruise control system is very good at keeping you hooked to the center of the lane. I like that well im, not too sure about, though the seats im not sure whether its just my body but theyre, not quite as comfy as i like. You know, if you do a long distance in these can be a bit tiring. I think, if youre going to buy this car, you should definitely test drive it and see if the seats suit you theyre good for lying flat and having a nap on, but not so good sitting in this position for long periods of time now i dont think This dual motor version of the ioniq 5 should do 960 in 5.2 seconds, but what is the reality were going to find out now with the specialist humming gear im going to launch it lets go pick up strong, instant, easy, smooth and quicker than they say 4.79 Seconds now, im going to break test from 60 miles an hour here we go full emergency. Stop now felt pretty strong. What was the distance? Oh 33 meters, however, i managed to break from 60 to zero in 31 meters in another ev click on the pop up banner up there for the link in the description to see what that ev is and to watch my review of that car.

So then whats my final verdict on the hyundai ioniq 5.. Should you avoid it? Should you consider it, should you shortlist it or should you just go right ahead and buy it? Well, i reckon you should just go right ahead and buy the hyundai ioniq 5.. It really is a fabulous and great looking electric car. I hope you all enjoyed the video. If you did, please give it a like. If you click on those windows there you can watch some more videos and if you click on that box there you can go to car wow to see how much money you can save on your next car.