Well, these were just a few of too many highlights of the tigor ev. Well, how good is the vehicle? Not only for those looking for local urban commute, but also for long distance highway journeys well, keep watching this video to find the answer out: Music Applause, Music Applause, Music. Well, on the design front, if we actually compare the tigor to the standard vehicle well, we do get a number of changes where differentiates it and tells you that this is a new, completely new version of the vehicle, with an electric motor. To start with, you have these electric blue accents right at the front. You also have similar accents inside the vehicle, so i also have a completely new grille, as well as a lower grille design right on the bumper. Apart from that, there will be only two shades of the tigor ev. One is the steel. Blue second happens to be a gray version of the vehicle. The headlamps again, i have projector ramps for the low beam proper halogens reflector lamps, for the high beam and in all, i think this remains one of the best and one of the most handsome looking compact sedans in the market. Right now were coming to the sides. First thing that will definitely attract your attention has to be the wheels now the wheel size happens to be 175, 16, r14s, very, very attractive design. I must say, but let me tell you these are not alloy vs, but steel.

Wheels uh with wheel covers. I also have the same blue accent right here and, in my opinion, the overall design complements the design of the tigor. I have this chrome rind running across the windows. Also, i have a chrome strip right on the door handle and in all, if im, looking at the side profile of the car, especially the sloping roof line, which makes the roof almost meeting the boot, giving it a coupe sort of a look. Uh well definitely makes it very attractive. The color shade is something that im really liking. The pearl effect on the paint uh, the chrome and the alloy wheels will definitely make it very, very attractive car from the side, but hows the rear design lets check that out. As well, but something that makes the tigor very, very special and very unique in the compact sedan segment has to be the rear end of the car again, the high boot lid, a very, very bulky bumper gives it a very unique look. Well, i have these clear taillights, a very prominent chrome running across the width of the vehicle. I have tigor branding again ev branding right on the right side of the car and in all, if im looking at this vehicle definitely looks very bulky very attractive, very robust and somewhere a lot more different than what we see in this segment being an ev. It was already a very special car, but when we compare the design of the vehicle well, that definitely gives it an edge over the rivals again talking about the boot space, something that is a bit of a worry for the buyers is the restricted boot space.

Again, we do have the battery pack right where the spare wheel used to be in the normal vehicle, and because of that, we had to place the spare wheel right in the boot, and that is taking a huge toll on the overall availability of space inside the Boot, the overall cargo capacity with this spare wheel, tire inside the boot, remains restricted hampered and for those who will be wanting to use a lot of luggage when you are putting in two large bags will be extremely difficult with that spare tire inside the boot. Well, the cabin of the tigor just like before is top notch when it comes to food and finish levels, quality levels and overall layout again is very, very impressive. What makes me happy are these blue accents which go really well with the color combination of the car and also reminds you that you are driving something which is special and something which is unique, that is an electric car. To start with, you have these blue accents on the ac vents. I also have the same blue accents on the instrument console. Let me tell you: the instrument console not only looks funky but its very very attractive, and this is something which i really appreciate and i think all the vehicles, all the car manufacturers should learn something from tada when it comes to designing the instrument consoles, the steering Wheel is very nice and very premium to hold again leather wrap is definitely being missed there.

The horn pad is usable. The horn 2 sounds decent. I have audio controls on my left to control the instrument console. Well, i do not have any buttons on the steering wheel, but i have to press buttons right on the instrument consoles screen. Well, i have stocks here which are very premium. They boast good quality. Again, i have a small but responsive and nice sounding audio system by harman. I have four speakers instead of four twitters inside the vehicle in all. If i talk about the overall layout of the dashboard, beat the steering wheel be the quality levels. Well, everything remains impressive and the seat. Comfort. Two is very, very good when compared to most of the rivals, the seats they are offering me good under thigh support, good lumber support, the wet 2 is nice and the cushioning again makes it a good vehicle. If you are someone who spends a lot of time on the front seats, having said this, the glove box here, it gets a soft action opening action. The size is decent, the ac controls to feel very tactile easy to use. However, there is no screen on the ac control panel, but all the settings, all the figures are displayed on the instrument console itself. Having said that, visibility from the driver seat is impressive. The ur vms are very large. Give me a nice view of what is happening behind. I have a good view of the front again, the a pillars are thick, but not as thick as most of the rivals and again, the cornering.

Visibility, too, is decent. The rear visibility, however, feels restricted. I would have appreciated bigger irving theres no auto dimming feature offered with the vehicle, and the high set bootleg definitely takes a toll on the rear visibility. Having said that, once inside the sound insulation levels, the nvh levels, the quality levels will definitely leave you impressed and i think the tigor is right now offering one of the best in cabin experiences in the market. Well before we begin do hear this. Well, yes, thats. The reassuring third that you do expect from cars like the tigor. The build quality again is very impressive. Sound insulation is impressive, so were talking about the space. The front seats have been adjusted for my driving height, i stand 5 10 and somewhere. I do have decent space scooped out seat backs to help in actually making or improving the leg room in the cabin once inside youll appreciate the under thighs support. Youll appreciate the lumbar support. One thing which is worth noting is that there are no adjustable rear, headrests, but again height of these headrests uh is sufficient and i dont think anyone will feel that these are not so usable. Well, i also have the armrest right in the center with twin cupholders. In all comfort, wise features, while i think a great place to be in, i have space to keep a large water bottle. I have twitters right here. I have a speaker mounted below on the door panel again there are no rear, ac vents, but the performance from the ac is adequate.

I have these grab handles on both the sides and a cabin center mounted cabin lamp as well with led bulbs. Having said that, the window area where it is large enough to prevent you from feeling claustrophobic on the longer journeys – and i think the rear space will be something which will really really leave you impressed. However, the rivals like the amaze for that matter do offer slightly better in cabin experience well step inside the cabin off the tigor. Even the first thing that youll be noticing has to be the nvh levels on off road. No matter what speeds you are doing, the car does manage to mark the speeds and overall the nvh levels inside the cabin b. The vibrations beat the overall sound. Well, it is very, very impressive. Again, tara degaur is one of the best built sedans and that does show up when you are traveling at higher speeds, as there is almost negligible road noise that filters inside the cabin. Apart from that the throttle response, it remains very, very impressive. The car starts going as soon as you press the accelerator pedal and in all, if i talk about the driving experience of the driving treasure well, it is superb well. Needless to say, the throttle response, the acceleration, the engine characteristics everything improves as soon as you move to the sports mode. Having said that, when the steering it is very, very responsive, very direct – and i think you will be definitely love pushing the vehicle hard into the corners, the suspension setup too may be on the stiffer side, but again absorbs almost all the bad roads.

The potholes and everything else in all the suspension, setups at the end of the day, gives you a very, very mature setup of ride and handling balance. Braking performance, however, is decent, but could have been better. The regenerative braking does help in improving the braking performance. The brake bite, however, could have been better. The pedal offers decent feel and feedback and the visibility from the drivers cabin to is great, however, something that i really want to talk about. Uh. It has to be the rear visibility. The irbm and the glass 2 are very small, and i think the overall visibility that i have i could have been slightly better by the presence of a very, very high quality camera right in the input image display with adaptive driving guidelines definitely help in help. While reversing the vehicle well after considering everything that has been discussed or observed so far, well, i think the tigor eb will be a great companion for anyone. Whos looking for a vehicle for urban commute occasional highway commute again. Yes, if you are planning to take the car out on the highway, you may face some of the issues. Reason being the charging infrastructure may not be as fill up as we want, and somehow, if you are somebody whos looking for a car for completely a completely steady usage, i guess tigor evie makes a lot of sense. The car scores a lot of points uh in safety, comfort and in fact it is very, very easy to drive in city promises when all thanks to the compact dimensions of the vehicle.

Having said that, theres no dirt or features or the availability of the features inside the vehicle, however, there are a few niggles that i would uh not appreciate so much. For example, i do not have a central armrest. A rear, ac vent is missing, better storage spaces could have been offered in the vehicle, but having said that, if you are somebody whos planning to use this vehicle to go to the office, uh do some city run, abouts, etc, etc. I think its a great choice. However, again the price may not be very, very affordable at the point, uh reason being most of the parts are being imported in the country. Uh again, prices of eb will definitely go down as if now they may not be so value for money, or, i would say so, affordable, but in the longer run, given the running costs.