Some of those are just the very best two seater ish sports cars that you can buy. If you want something brilliant to drive something emotive, something quality, something just blooming good fun, the thing is: is those models in all their different? Various forms have been around for decades now, each of which offer a choice of some very thirsty petrol engines. So the question is now that everything is moving electric. Can the very clever people at porsche continue to give us everything that we love, but also bearing in mind the inevitable zero emissions future? Well, this is how theyre attempting to do it. This is the car that they want to use to silence the doubters, the eevee skeptics. If you will this porsche tycan is the next porsche in a long line of some very successful, very well respected models, except this one has an electric power train so can it is it will it well ill find out, for you shall i, while youre here, why Not subscribe to the car by youtube channel click on the bell icon, so you get notifications every time. A new video goes live and click the like button. If you like, the video right lets, do it, the thai can might mark a new era for porsche, but dont think for a second that the designers and engineers have decided to reinvent the brand when it was launched. The thai can was available in familia 4s turbo and turbo s spec, but this is the new entry level model simply called tycan.

If you go for the cheaper tai, can then the biggest thing that youll notice is that you dont get a front end motor because all of the entry level models are rear, wheel, drive also porsche of tai can sorry taken away some of the unnecessary bits of Kit, but by all intents and purposes it still looks the same as the top spec models say for the slightly smaller wheels. Those of you, the keen eye, probably noticed that they have done away with the electrically opening charging port and instead we have a manual one. You can opt for the electrical one if it is too much effort to do that more on charging and prices, and things like that, a little bit later on porsche has named the exterior color as frozen berry. Itll cost you 774 quid now, while this car is an entry level model, the interior is by no means entry level, because hello, blackberry, leather or 2 500 pounds worth of you ill, be honest, ill, probably go for the zero pounds, part leather, black seats, but look If you want leather everywhere its going to cost you two and a half grand, even if you dont go for this um purple color and actually, if you go for the alternatives to leather theyre, about the same price, so youre not going to save any money. By being conscientious, the entry level version includes plenty of tech as standard including automatic, led headlights, electrically adjustable front seats and sat nav stepping up through the range swaps.

The standard 19 inch wheels for 20 inch versions, plus you get sport seats and matrix led headlights. The infotainment system standard across the range has wireless apple car play, but not android, auto, which will be a little bit frustrating if youre used to having it. It seems odd too, that the mechanically identical audi utron gt comes with both apple and android connectivity as standard full specs can be found at car buyer dot. Co, uk just search porsche tycan on the home page. Now the good news is: whichever model you go for you get this fantastic ergonomic, cabin and just the best materials. The infotainment system is intuitive enough, even with its apple and android failings. But i do like this curved instrument panel here and oh, oh, oh special mention for the driving position, as with every porsche is absolutely spot on, steering wheels very nice as well. It just feels really engaging before ive even switched it on which im going to do now. Actually, oh, would you listen to that big raw ive checked it its nothing its electric, so so, as well as this rear wheel drive base spec tycam, which has a maximum of 402 brake horsepower. You also get a four wheel: drive tycan 4s with up to 523 brake horsepower, a turbo with 616 brake horsepower or a turbo s with frankly unnecessary 751 brake horsepower to make matters more complicated. The turbo and turbo s come with the larger 83.

7 kilowatt hour battery, whereas you have to pay to upgrade from the 71 kilowatt hour battery. If you buy, the tai can and tai can 4s doing so adds around four grand to the price, adding range and boosting peak power between 40 and 70 brake horsepower, depending on the model. Now there will always be people who just want the best of everything and if thats you and youve got the money to spend good for you, i mean 750. Horsepower is never a bad thing in my book, but that doesnt necessarily mean that this entry level model feels slow, because it absolutely doesnt – i mean yes, this one has the slightly bigger battery so its slightly more powerful, but even when youre, not using the launch, control Or the full performance, it really does feel blooming. Quick, oh now, this particular model here will do knock to 62 in 5.4 seconds and in what world is that not mind? Bendingly, quick, oh and the turbo version? Does it in 2.8 seconds, which is like half the time thats insane, but the best bit is that, even though there is no conventional petrol engine, this still feels like how a porsche should i mean the steering is just lovely. It makes it feel, really agile and considering this isnt exactly a light car. That is a feat in itself. Body control is bang on thats, helped by the fact that you sit nice and low and the weight is all underneath the floor.

So when you take a corner it takes that corner. So sharp i mean the traction in the four wheel. Drive is virtually unbreakable, but even in this rear wheel drive version, it feels really stable and secure. In fact, i dont think theres many cars as stable and as secure as this one so say it one more time for the people at the back, stable and secure, and then there is comfort and refinement how they have managed to make this car handle really well. While it feels like its gliding in sheer comfort, i dont know but theyve done, it theyve done it and then once youve factored in all the aspects of the driving experience thats. When you get your calculator out, and you realize the price difference between running one of these versus running the petrol powered alternative, the porsche panamera, if youre a company car driver, its a no brainer official figures, suggest that youll get 301 miles of range from the bigger Battery rear wheel, drive ti can a figure that drops to 287 miles in the 4s or 250 to 260 in the top spec turbo s. In reality, what range youll get from a charge will depend entirely on how you drive the car, make maximum use of all that performance and you could run the batteries flat in no time at all, weve seen a very reasonable 240 miles from our rear. Wheel drive model which will fall slightly in colder weather.

A 20 to 80 charge is taken care of in under 20 minutes. If you hook up your top specta can to a 350 kilowatt ultra rapid public charger, but the cheaper models dont top up quite as quickly charge. Your tai can at home on a seven kilowatt wall box and youll, see the battery go from empty to full in between 11 and 13 hours, depending on which of the two battery sizes you go for now. You would probably expect for porsches flagship electric car that it would have the same amount of interior space as the four door: petrol powered, porsche panamera or the tesla model s, but in reality theres not a lot of space back. Here i mean you get four seats as standard. We do have the optional plus one middle seat. You can see the seat belt there, which i think is a bit of a waste of money. I dont know anyone thats gon na wan na sit. There i mean im five foot, six ill, be honest: it was a bit of a struggle getting back here because of the sloping roofline, but now im in here, headrooms not really a lot to shout out about knee rooms, not that great either i mean this is Set up for my driving position and i cant get my feet any further forward: its fine for kids but kids arent, going to appreciate the craftsmanship of a porsche theyre going to sit in here, theyre, going to scratch those doors theyre going to spill their juice.

All over the nice leather do you know what dont let your kids in this car just leave them with a grandparent, say wheres, my broly, please! Now the boot space isnt exactly great either, but before you completely write off the tie can bear in mind that if you do need the space there is the cross turismo estate version, which will be a lot easier to live with, as thats got a bigger boot. Its got a higher ride height its got a hatchback tailgate as well, so it makes it nice and easy to get things in and out, plus a lot more room for passengers. But in the meantime this has 366 liters of space, which is less than a vw. Golf and those numbers just make me think its probably time for some deal makers and deal breakers, roll them Music. The porsche tycan for the time being, is the finest handling electric car on sale. It feels true to the porsche brand. No car can recharge as quickly as the tie can hook it up to the right charger and youll do 20 to 80 in less than 20 minutes. The quality inside the cabin is just exquisite. Everything feels finished to an exceptionally high standard, even if you do have to pay extra for that full leather interior, every version comes with four seats and you can add a fifth as an option. In reality, however, its not a great car for people in the back seats and the boot is on the small side too.

If that matters go for the cross turismo estate instead, theres, no, avoiding the fact that youll pay handsomely. If you want the biggest battery or the flashiest spec range, topping models cost more than 140 grand look theres, no two ways about it. If you want the finest handling electric car currently on the market, then little comes close to the porsche tycan. The engineers have done a really impressive job of making this porsches first, electric car feel like any other now that translates to driving experience to interior quality and, of course, to the price, but hey. If youve got money to spend, not forgetting that you are gon na save some pennies because its running on electric rather than running on petrol, then there is no final way of getting from a to b, with a massive smile on your face.