My name is derek reilly. Today were talking about the bmw ix, so lets get started. Music todays video is sponsored by our insurance partner, as well as excellent rates. They have specific cover for electric vehicles and are great for company cars too. You want more information or to get a quote. Click on the link in the description and also on the screen Music. So were going to be talking about the front of the bmw ix. The side, the rear inside the usual formula that we have here on the channel, so this is a ground up ev at the top youve got a lot of instruments. Clusters right above the top of the windscreen moving down. Youve got these lovely lines on the top of the bonnet its raining, but were going to get over. That inside here is where you put your window. Washer and youve got that blue eye drive around the bmw ring, and then you have the controversial whether you like it or not: the kidney grille on the front, but not a grill, because its all closed off its what they call the intelligent panel youve got your Camera at the front here and a lot of people were wondering about because its a solid front: if youre driving through snow or freezing fog, will it get the sensors get covered up, but they have actually a heated element inside that another feature that they have on Here its a repairing self repairing panel, so if it gets any stone chips, etc, it will repair itself with a bit of heat, either sunshine or with a hair dryer moving down.

Then youve got your active air intakes at the bottom and thats for your battery cooling, because this is totally sealed off. You have led lights and they can be laser spec as well. The model that we have here today is the x drive 50. moving down along the side. This actually has a drag coefficient of 0.25 and you can see that there are some styling elements down along the side. You have the 20, 21 or 22 inch wheels. Youve got the wing mirrors with the indicators built in youve. Got these flush door handles with the sensitive handling underneath moving down along it, so the height is the same as the x6. The width and the length are the same as an x5 youve got your charging port at the back here with ac dc ccs and then were moving down along the back to the rear. A lovely clam shell bonnet youve got some bmw identifiers down along the back. Youve got your kick opening. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt, but it did for me and in here then lots of space and when you knock the seats down, youve got your solid parcel chef at the back here and you also have storage in underneath for your cables. You dont have a trunk at the front and you can start to see that carbon fiber cage thats slotted around uh. You can drop the seats at the back here as well, and youve got your power tail gift at the well lets get out of the rain.

I love these lights at the back here. Youve got your identifier as to what model ix it is, and youve got a lot of blue accents around here on the black model, its actually theres a lot of gold into it and lets have a look on the inside. The bmw ix comes in two models. At the moment, the x drive 40 and the x drive 50 eight external colors and six interior colors. The x ray 40 comes at a price starting off in ireland of 85 815 and the xdrive 50 has a starting price of 112 895 euros. It is the fifth gen e drive system, other electric motors next gen cockpit. It comes with the bmw or operating system. Eight series um people are very proud of this because it is produced with 100 hydro power from renewable sources near the factory on the inside of the bmw ix from the door all the way over its all brand new. So, on the door itself, youll see some crystal adjusters youll see the memory. Presets youve got all your identifiers, its a push button to actually operate the door. Opener youve got your sound system which is bores and wilkins. This is their diamond, surround zone system and there are speakers everywhere they are visible. They are diamond, dome tweeters, they are invisible inside the doors, they call them shy, tech they are in the headrests. They are in the backs of your seats, the 4d tactile base.

When i was listening to the radio, i didnt know what was going on and then its also in the base of the seat as well for bass its an amazing sound system, the best ive ever heard, and hopefully youll – hear it someday too moving over then in Front of my knee youve got your headlights automatics good sized door pocket. It is a kind of a squished octagon um steering wheel and thats all to do with making sure that you can see. Uh, the uh driver, instantane driver display thats a 12.3 inch screen and the central infotainment screen is a 14.9 inch screen. Lots of info lots of new information on that lots of new apps etc, and you can control it via voice. You can control it via the steering wheel and you can also control it via the jog wheel down here as well touch sensitive haptic feedback with that crystal kind of effect start stop button, youve got your different drive modes, reverse neutral drive and brake with the d Or the drive it is adaptive and the b is a um one pedal driving youve got your electric hand brake. You also have your auto hold um. Choosing the screen up here with this crystal jug wheel, youve got your volume button as well and, as i mentioned, youve got that wooden, clad, really really nice feature lovely touch and underneath then youve got your wireless charger. You have your cup holders.

Youve got your 12 volt and youve got two usb type cs, because that pops up through that slot there and thats, where you can put your mobile phone youve, got your glove box over here as well, not the biggest in the world, but itll be plenty big. That curved screen comes around and faces the driver. Youve got the bmw armrest the split one plenty of space in underneath there as well, and i believe that theres chargers theres definitely a light in there. Im not sure if there actually is a charger in there really comfortable seats, heated and cool seats. Um lets have a space in the back to see what its like back there, but overall quality and finish. This is the top of the top up on top youve got your um sunroof that self tints, with the touch of a button. Uh, really nice feature, you also have access to all the different lighting options inside as well. Your drive modes are in here as well with your sport or efficiency, and then you can set up the personal one. When you go into sport, the seat hugs you so lets have a seat in the back to see this is set for me. Im six foot, two 187 centimeters, so lets have a seat in the back before we jump in the back. I just want to reference. Also. There is an internal camera built into the head unit. It is good for remotely viewing inside your camera.

You can take a snapshot of you and your family and theres. Also an anti theft recorder option there as well sitting in the back. You can see with that seat set for me and we had 187 centimeters tall. Look at the space here. Look at the headroom and even with the panoramic sunroof weve got some attachments here. Youve got your coat attachment at the back here. Youve got your magazine, holder youve got full dual zone climate control on this side. Then you have the option of a bench. If i can open it, there we go so that is a table with a drinks holder and youve got in the back of the seats. Youve got two usb type cs in the back of both seats. You also have isofix, you have arm rest. You can pull the hole forward, so ski hatch, all the way through really nice fabric on the seats and that light as much as its a gray day here against the bavarian mountains on the near the austrian border. The quality of the feel really really good. Nice seats and heated as well in the back great size, doors, ambient lighting overall, a really good package. If you think this car may be for you, you can submit a eb specific insurance quote by clicking the link on the screen or in the description model. I was driving on the day was the ix x 50, as i have already covered, the output is 385 kilowatts performance and it can charge up to 195 kilowatts with the charging curve on screen there of zero to eighty percent.

Now that the embargo was lifted, i can talk about whats it like to drive ive already had it from munich airport over to um the one of the bmw factories about an hour and a half drive and now im on the way to the hotels about two Hours drive away so ive had a couple of hours, drive, init, uh and not all motorways, some windy country roads as well so im happy to report back. I will look forward to getting this in right. Hand drive because my brain is trying to remember what side of the road im on over here, and so when we get it back and it is on right, hand, drive well, have it on the channel again, but if this is the flag bearer. If, if this is the technical, uh whats happening within the bmw space and if the technology and the features that are in this are going to roll down to the rest of the ranges, bmw are in a good place. Um very comfortable, but youd expect that for a car of this size and speaking of size, it is x5 with x5 length x6 height, so it is substantial on the road but its thats. The only connection with the x5 is in reference to the size. This is a ground up brand new electric vehicle, carbon fiber cage, space frame, aluminium space frame and theyve taken the learnings that theyve take gotten from the rolls royce that they make in the same factory, um ding dolphin thing golf, and i hope i pronounced that right.

Um, and so this compared to an x5 – and i dont like you to do that – the channel – because i dont really care about the x5 – to be quite honest, but this is 50 or 60 kilograms. Lighter specifically, today were gon na talk about whats. It like to drive beautiful, a lot of integrations with apple uh. So when i got the card this morning, it was an iphone i got given because thats the key, because you can have your digital key now in the iphone and sat in literally walked up to the car and theres a strip of led lights. Underneath the bottom of the window here and the actual lights as well little welcome signature sat in off, i go dual mode: uh all wheel, drive air suspension in this one um and the this is the i. The x drive uh 50. There is an extra 40 and there will be an m60 coming out as well. Differences between the two, the x drive 40. The entry level will have 240 kilowatt motor, bringing about 200 sorry 326 brake horsepower. That will have 630 newton meters of torque 0 to 100. In 6.1 seconds that will have a wltp of 425 real world about 500, sorry, 350, 360 and top speed of 200 kilometers an hour. This is the bmw ix x, drive 50., so uh your bells and your whistles um. So, within that it has 385 kilowatts across both uh e drive motors, giving you a 523 brake horsepower, it will ha.

This has 765 newton meters of torque at peak. It gets to 100 kilometers in 4.6 seconds its fast and this isnt, even the m uh. It will have up to 630 kilometers of range, because the battery sizes between the two um ill stick them up in the screen, the xdrive 40 and then the x50. But this will have a range, a wltp range of 630 real world, probably about 550. And again it has a top speed of 200 kilometers an hour, so comfortable seats are amazing: three different drive modes and theyre all operated through this lovely tech. Timber clad touch screen interface, so the modes are sport and when you go into sport, the seat hugs you a bit better. Everything gets a bit tighter, so you get uh. Your sport drive train your driving dynamics, your steering your dampening your seat, support that i talked about um and then you have efficiency, so theres a couple of its good to have those drive modes. Also, you have the iconic sound that you can turn on, and that is enhanced when it is in a sport mode, very capable on the road beautiful driving position, not too high up, but just high enough solid, obviously low center of gravity like a lot of electric Vehicles pretty much all of them. It has um the octagon, with the kind of a flattened top and bottom and thats all to do with making sure youve got full visibility on the two screens, the 12.

3 in front of the driver. And then it is a 14.9 central infotainment system. And that is touch screen, but you also have the um crystal jog wheel down here with the volume button, and you also have gesture control as youre driving. You also have hey bmw, cool me down, of course, so thats going to automatically then drop down the temperature and interesting. You have your seat adjustment on both sides in this kind of crystal crystal kind of formation. Youve got memory seats in this model and you also have lumbar support driving youve got heads up, display nice and clear great size. What i really like about this uh is: they have the augmented reality, but they dont put it on top of the heads up display. What they utilize is, they turn that central screen and they use the camera on that, and it shows you the cameras used just behind where the rear view mirror. So the wipers are clean all the time and it has a um, augmented reality and it projects it onto the feed thats coming through from the camera really really like it um great sound system, whether you want the iconic sounds on or off, but instant torque. 360 cameras, um camera on the dash camera in the in this in the front and in the rear and on the ring mirrors as well its good and when im try when, when people ask me what i was reviewing, i said that the ix really so what I was saying was its the electrified x5, but its not its like a bigger premium, more premium i3, really its the bigger x brother of the i3, rather than an electrified version of the x5.

Hopefully, that makes sense. Let me know in the comments what you think the drive um selector is again, and so the startup button is this crystal effect. The drive selector is your reverse, neutral d and b and saw your drive and then your two stage. Your second stage is your more regenerative braking, so thats one pedal driving, whereas your d mode has adaptive regeneration, regenerative, braking and what we mean by that. Is it its obviously using all the sensors its using the map, and so it can see a car in front when that breaks? It knows that youre going to be breaking as well, when it knows that theres, a roundabout coming up, it starts to slow you down using regenerative braking when it sees traffic lights ahead. It can use regenerative braking so its the adaptive regenerative, braking really good when youre out and about – and i flick it in to be then, when you uh, when im around the urban towns that im passing through here, just a reminder that todays video was sponsored by Ev insurance, daddy, who have excellent rates and specific cover for electric vehicles for more info click, the link on the screen and also in the description. Let me know what you think of the driving impressions of the bmw ix, whether you think youd be interested or not.