I am going to purchase this car im going to buy it right now. Hey guys! Welcome back to the channel now in case you havent noticed, cars are changing. The entire world is changing in less than 10 years, theyre gon na stop making new petrol and diesel cars and everything. Absolutely everything is going electric, and that got me thinking. Why wait? Why wait 10 years before we adopt to electric cars? Why not do it right now, im always on the channel banging on about how great electric cars are were giving away an electric car every single month for free to try and help people jump on that bandwagon as soon as possible and save you some money, and Yet here i am bombing around in a v8 mustang and a diesel suv. Why dont i put my money where my mouth is and buy an electric car, in fact, theres, probably no better time to think about evs than right now, because the uk is in the middle of a fuel crisis where petrol panic buying is leading to massive cues. Maybe nows the time to see whats out there in the world of evs and yeah. I hear your concerns. A lot of you are saying: theyre too expensive, theyre two, this theyre two that but i have solutions. We have a wealth of electric cars available on autotrader on the used market today. So what im gon na do is buy the cheapest available used electric car on autotrader right here right now, right lets fire up the mothership.

This is auto trader uk, where we drive the latest the greatest giving you the good, the bad and the ugly so strap in subscribe, and if you have been watching dont stop dont ever stop right. So the website is loaded. Please excuse um the idiot on the home page, but do watch our ferrari. Roma video when you get a second first thing. Im gon na do is um reset the search and then go into advanced search, and then i can scroll down to fuel type and select electric and thatll. Give me every single electric car on the site, theres like in excess of seven and a half thousand available massive amount of stuff, and this will give me every single ev and it looks like uh if i sort by price lowest ill, give you the cheapest. First, yep and right now im getting the absolute cheapest being a mitsubishi. I mean for two grand but thats for spares um, or we have a renault zoe for 4450 and then below that peugeot ion, which is basically the same as the imei for 4490 lets. Have a look at the zoevo okay, this zoe looks pretty neat. Actually, i love the color. 4450 looks nice inside yeah, thats, actually thats actually pretty decent. These are okay. These are kind of on my shortlist, i would say theyre a bit on the small side, but this one is definitely a good nick. Only problem with this, though, is its a battery lease, and that means that you dont own, the battery in the car youre buying the car for four and a half grand, and then you pay 50 quid a month for the battery.

So im gon na yeah lets rule that one out dont get me wrong. There are some advantages with a batch release. You can guarantee the battery health and you get breakdown, cover and depreciation is kind of mitigated, but i am after the cheapest electric car and if im paying four and a half grand and then 50 quid a month on top of that till infinity, then its not Going to work out that cheap is it so lets push on. Okay, this peugeot ion thats a potential um, this ones not on a batch release. These originally came with a petrol engine, but then they got converted. I cant say im a massive fan of these because they do look like toasters. Go on over, have a look at your toaster and then come back and have a look at this car, like you, wont, be able to tell the difference theyre that similar um yeah. I mean yeah 29 420 miles four and a half grand is not bad, but i dont know i dont know i dont know if i can bring myself to be seen in one of these im gon na nah, im gon na rule. It out sorry no not happening theyre, not that practical and they dont look great. So are they even cars? Okay, so nissan leafs? Quite a few of these actually in the sort of six hundred four thousand seven hundred bracket im, okay with leafs the first ever international press launch i ever went on was for the nistan leaf in portugal october 2010.

. You can take the mickey if you want to, but this was actually the first proper electric car that was built from the ground up to be electric, with no compromises in terms of quality and driving experience, and when i drove it, i thought they were quite good. Actually so id never thought id buy one, but hang on never say never. Lets take a look theres quite a few options here, but the cheapest is for four six. Nine five lets click on that one that actually looks good. That actually looks pretty decent pearl white cant see any damage anywhere. It looks clean four six, nine five i mean the interiors uh thats the thing: whenever you buy a cream interior, then you always kind of end up with dirt, but thats, actually pretty decent inside and out youve got a rear view. Parking camera yeah five seats. This is a proper little car and the price is actually all right as well. Weve got a price indicator on the site that tells you whether youre paying a lower price, a fair price, a good price or whatever, and this is actually on the lower end. So four, six nine five whats the cheapest isnt it the cheapest on the site lets read it uh, cheapest, cheapest, leaf on auto trader in optional pro white, with a reverse camera. Usb aux energy saving seat covers two chargers. Eight bars left on the battery full service. History, two keys one private owner from new finance and part exchange available.

That sounds really promising and actually lets. Look at lets, look into sort of the pricing and finance situation. Okay. So if you look on the right hand, side of a lot of our adverts youll see what you can pay per month and this one you pay 92 pounds 78 per month, uh put a grand down on the deposit and then youve got 92 pounds a month For the next, what four years that is actually cheaper than a travel card, so an electric car can be cheaper than a travel card that is thats absolutely thats, thats mental. But you know what i am gon na should i do it? Should i do it? I am gon na. Do it im gon na, do it okay, binka finka retail? I am going to purchase this car im going to buy it right now we do delivery as well. So when you buy a car, they can drop it off to you for an extra charge and if you dont like it, you can return the car but im going to go and have a look at this see what its like and im going to put my Money where my mouth is Music whats happening guys. I have news, so this is my little collection of cars out here. Weve got the five liter mustang cs500 clive sutton um thats my daily believe it or not. Then we got the x5 which you might have seen on the channel in um, a comparison with the mercedes gle and then weve got a corsa e, which is on test at the moment, so watch out for the full review of that.

This is the gle that i mentioned earlier, but theres a new addition to the garage, a new addition to the family and its right here. This is my new old nissan leaf, come on ive, literally just driven it back here and im super excited with this thing. Its honestly in the pictures it looks really good, but in the flesh i think it looks even better. The paintwork im, not gon na, say its immaculate, but its pretty close to being immaculate its this pearlescent white finish, which looks really good um the alloy wheels. So its got 16 inch alloys on every single corner, theres a couple of little dings in the alloys. But i can sort those out no worries at all and the tires theyre in great nick as well so loads of trade on those the headlights a little bit of misting going on in there, and also i mean this. This is not the best looking headlight design in the world is it, but you know we can forgive that, but on the whole, this thing is in absolutely fantastic, nick one of the things that drove me to this over the other cars that i looked at on Autotrader was that its a proper electric family car i mean the peugeot ion, the mitsubishi imev and those cars theyre a bit too dinky theyre almost like a bit like novelty cars in a way, and then the renault zoe had to be purchased with a lease.

So you werent really buying the full car. This car to me makes the most sense, and it is for me, the cheapest, proper car, thats electrically powered on auto trader today and its mine and its and its properly good quality as well. Listen to this. This is this door, that is, that is like its just come off the factory thats vw quality right there. That is mint and also, let me show you the back. This is a little sporty touch that um i enjoy. You know i love getting around in my little sporty cars, but down here this thing has a diffuser look at that: downforce one electric okay, maybe not downforce, but maybe prevents lift or maybe not even that actually but look its got a diffuser. What more do you want? It doesnt have the solar panel, but we dont need that we do have all the little bits and bobs, though so in here weve got the granny charger for plugging into your three pin plug socket, as well as the type one to type two charger. So everything is there. Everything is in shape. Im super happy man. This is a. It stands out a bit in this company. This isnt, like its not the normal car that i would go for, but i got a bit fed up with people saying you know: electric cars are coming. Why dont? You lead by example. So here i am leading by example. This is the car that im gon na run every single day, not the mustang, not the x5.