The All-New 2023 Kia Niro Is Kia EV6 and Kia Sportage In One!

The compact crossover is leading in sales in key markets such as germany and the uk. Since 2020, making kia the seventh ranked brand in europe, kia niro in particular, has single handedly helped the korean company to gain 7 of the market share in europe. Kia has sold 77 498 units of nero in […]

The Kia EV6 debuts as one of the best new electric cars on sale

But this is the new range topper. It has a 77.4 kilowatt hour battery enough for up to 528 kilometers of range, although in this gt line model that decreases slightly to 504 kilometers due to its larger alloy wheels, it is built on the same electric platform as the hyundai ioniq 5. But really […]

An affordable and practical EV | 2022 Chevy Bolt EV Review

Now, if you want a compact long range ev, this is a solid option. Now, obviously, tesla is the go to for many people. But honestly, i think this bolt really holds its own and for 2022 there have been some very much needed updates and im going to show you all those right now, […]

I ❤️️ MY TWIZY!! | Awesome Electric Car from Renault | 2021 Owners Review

Hopefully, you can hear me quite well, because this is not one of the most refined cars that ive ever driven, but whats. Interesting about this particular car is its mine. Yes, ive just bought this weird and wonderful little car and already its won me over because of its quirky nature and just back […]

2023 Cadillac Escalade LYRIQ – First Eclectic Vehicle Review by an Experts

Cadillac ev luxury is something that takes care of you when you least expect it its walking up to a vehicle and have it welcome you and really awaken all of your senses. When you approach the lyric interior, the first thing that will be prevalent to you is the beautiful curved 33 inch display […]

Cool Electric Cars Just Unveiled and Expected for 2022 – 2023

Some not so popular car brands are still worth looking at lets, get familiar with them in this video ezera z100. The 2023 is zero will be a large vehicle, it will have a range of 400 kilometers and a quick charge of half an hour will be enough to charge the battery to 80 […]

KIA EV6 – This or Enyaq? (ENG) – Test Drive and Review

I summon thee come on. Yes, this is the kia ev6. If you didnt know by now, anyway, off you go bye. Jesus i mean. Are you gon na be using it in real life scenario off you go? The ev6 is an eevee duh built on the new egmp platform, which kia shares with […]

Volkswagen ID.3 – the best electric car for EV newbies?

So the id3 in this specification has a 58 kilowatt hour battery, because this is a proper electric car. It means the battery is located under the floor. Although there are some electric governments under the bonnet here, so you dont actually get any storage space, but the bonnet is really really small, which makes […]

2022 Kia Niro EV | Now with improved range and style

So first im going to take you for a walk around, have a closer look at that interior finish it off with a test drive dont forget check out my website, where i keep you up to date on all the latest automotive and motorsport news from around the World Music kia introduced this versatile […]

Tesla Model Y – All You Need to Know with a Full In-Depth Review 4K

My name is derek reilly. Today were looking at the tesla model y, so lets get started. Music todays video is sponsored by easy go as well as being irelands largest ev charging network easygo supports over 10 000 irish ev drivers to find and use more than 1200 charge points active on the easygo […]