And its this. The all new, all electric 2022 BMW iX. Im here in Germany, checking out the Euro spec example., But before we get into that, please do me a favor and hit Subscribe, below. And head over to edmunds.comsellmycar to get a cash offer on your vehicle. When the iX Goes on sale, itll have a starting price, around 84000. Thats pretty expensive and it puts it in league with the Tesla Model X and Jaguar. I pace. Its about the size of a BMW X5 with seating for 5. On a full charge. Bmw says: itll have a range of 300 miles. Thats more than 60 miles further than the Jag and comparable to Teslas real world range., Its DC fast charge capable. And at its peak of 200 kilowatts. It should replenish 90 miles in only 10 minutes. Getting from 10 to 80 should take 40 minutes. On the more common level. 2 chargers expect a full charge from empty to take about 11 hours. iX Owners will also get a 100 charge. Credit on the EVgo network, which is powered by 100 renewables.. This is the iX xDrive5 that produces 516 horsepower and 564 pound feet of torque from the motors that drive the front and rear wheels.. Bmw claims itll hit 60 miles an hour in 4.6 seconds, which is up there with both the Jag and Model X, long range. For the rare drivers seeking even more performance. The iX M60 with 619 horsepower is on the way in 2022.

. Ok, so this is the first BMW Ive reviewed with the new grille.. Are you ready? I think I get where theyre going. Pre war BMWs has had a vertical grille. And they were as distinctive as the horizontal ones, leading up to this. Some of my greatest moments. Behind the wheel were in those old, BMW roadsters., But this this makes the Genesis look elegant by comparison. Ive been quietly critical of past BMW redesigns, but I knew that theyd probably grow on me over time.. I dont think thats the case here.. These grilles dont serve a purpose as far as cooling the batteries., But they do serve a purpose. Besides theft deterrence., They house a lot of the advanced safety and driver assistance. Sensors. One cool thing, though: its covered in a self healing polyurethane coating., Wait what Yeah thats right. Its like, Deadpool or Wolverine.. If it gets some minor scratches, you can leave it at room temperature for 24 hours or warm it up for five minutes and voila its gone.. Like other BMW, the iX makes liberal use of carbon fiber composites to reduce weight and strengthen the passenger compartment.. You can see hints of it when you open the doors., Ignoring the grille for a second. If you can the rest of the clean styling over a sculpted and elemental shape., I like it a lot from different angles, but definitely not all of them.. While it was in Germany driving the iX. I didnt quite have enough time to go over some of the finer points.

Now that Im back at Edmunds HQ lets go over the interior in more detail.. The exteriors basic minimal shape carries over inside with the striking, yet simple, horizontal and curved display on top.. I love the elegant simplicity of this design. And the use of synthetic blue suede is striking without looking garish., Its accentuated with some faceted motifs in the upholstery and controls., And I also like the unusual slash quilting in the seats. Overall. I, like the mix of funky, futuristic and refined luxury.. The cabin makes use of a lot of sustainable materials and surfaces that have reduced environmental impact., Its also light and airy thanks to a massive glass roof that has a trick up its sleeve.. It features electrochromic glass like the Mercedes Magic Sky, Roof. It dims or goes opaque at the touch of a button., Its not only a cool parlor trick, but it also increases headroom compared to traditional sunroofs with retractable shades.. The front seats are well cushioned for long distance. Comfort. And the ventilation helps to keep you nice and fresh on warmer days.. I do have a complaint though.. Of course I have a complaint.. The fixed headrests are just a bit too far forward which forces me to recline the seat a bit past where I prefer.. If you have a big old melon on your shoulders, this could be a deal breaker.. So I suggest you spend some time with it before pulling the trigger on an iX.

Rear seat. Space is as good as an X5 in the outboard seats and even better for the center passengers since theres not much of a hump in the floor.. We dont have specs on cart capacity yet., But upon visual inspection, it seems pretty close to the X5.. If it is smaller on paper, I still think theres plenty of space for a couples, road trip and definitely enough for everyday errands.. As far as tech features go. The iX is the first BMW to get the newest iDrive infotainment system. In terms of appearance and operations. Its similar to our favorite Mercedes MBUX system, with multiple ways to control it, including natural speech functions.. Unlike the Mercedes system, you can customize the voice, control triggers so youre, not stuck with Hey BMW. Yep. That means you can call it up by calling out Hey Jarvis or Cortana or Yo Adrian. That was really good.. Im proud of that one.. I didnt have a lot of time to get deep into the iDrive system., But my initial impressions point to it being very similar in menu structure as the previous iteration.. That means it might take a little getting used to if you havent been in a recent BMW., But it should become intuitive in no time. Over the air. Software updates will keep the iX up to date with all the latest improvements and fixes, while also allowing for the addition of other features.. One future feature is an automated parking function that records how you pull into a tricky spot.

. Then you can replay the program to park itself, whether youre in the drivers seat or following close behind.. You will not, however, be able to summon the car from a distance well at least not yet. From behind the wheel. This BMW iX is really hitting all the high notes. When it comes to acceleration its potent.. Now its not pin you to the feet, potent like lets say a performance model from Tesla., But you will not be wanting for more power unless youre really used to a performance model from Tesla., Its mostly silent with just a little hint of synthetic sound.. And I really like that sound. And no surprise, because it was engineered by one of my favorite, modern composers, Hans Zimmer, whos done things for the Dark Knight and Inception and Dunkirk. Its got this nice mechanical hum mixed in with some high pitched whine.. Its almost like some of the undertones hes used in The Dark Knight for the Joker or Dunkirk, or this rising unsettling tone., But in this iX it is not at all unsettling., Its pretty pleasurable actually.. I currently have it set in the B mode for drive.. Now you have the regular drive mode and the B mode., But drive mode is pretty similar to an internal combustion engine. Where, when you let off the accelerator, it gently starts dropping the speed. In B mode, its kind of the one pedal electric vehicle type of experience. Where you let off the gas completely and it really starts jumping on the brakes.

Or it feels like its jumping on the brakes, but what its actually doing is recharging the battery with all that energy., I personally prefer one pedal driving it sort of is one of The great attractors for an EV. As long as you keep enough of distance between the car in front of you, its really easy to never have to tap the brake pedal.. Now. This is, of course, a BMW, which means its slightly sportier than what youd expect from Mercedes or Audi., But at the same time, it doesnt really sacrifice ride quality in order to get some sporty handling.. One thing helping that out is a lot of the weight in this iX is down in the floor because thats, where the batteries are. And they made use of a lot of lightweight components in carbon fiber, reinforced plastics to lighten the weight up top. So that low Center of gravity kind of gives you a nice, solid foundation and minimizes body roll. Combine that with the air suspension that this particular one has and it corners nice and flat.. I spent a lot of time in our long term. X5. And honestly. I think this handles better.. At least it gives you a lot more confidence going into turns. Now, as you can see, Im probably getting a little bit of shine right here in my eye. Thats, because the sun is hitting this crystallized. Idrive dial right into my retina., Its pretty irritating. I have to say.

So if youre thinking about getting this optional crystal dial, as well as the crystal seat controls in the door, I would suggest no because of that shine.. But everything else is a nice matte that doesnt reflect too much.. On top of that, I really like this light blue kind of faux suede dash topper, even though, for the most part, I havent been a fan of light colored dashes because of the reflections as you get back from the windshield.. But that is not the case with this. And Im not sure how they did it., But Im really not getting too much reflection, back. And thats great, because usually that can wear me down a little after a long road. Trip. Visibility is pretty good, but not great.. This pillar here isnt the thinnest., But it is still thinner than it probably could have been because of that carbon fiber, reinforced plastic thats, actually within a steel tube. Out the back its also pretty limited about as limited as any other SUV on the market.. But the good thing is theres, so many cameras to take any guesswork when youre trying to maneuver into a small spot. As far as steering feel well theres, not a lot to report which is typical for any modern car. Youre, not getting any real feedback from the Wheel, but for a luxury SUV that seems appropriate., You dont want it to be too busy and just wear you down with fatigue after a long trip.

. As for the shape of this steering wheel, which is sort of an irregular hexagon, I thought I was going to hate it because Im not a fan of flat, bottomed steering wheels., And this does have a flat bottom.. But for some reason this doesnt bother me nearly as much. Its kind of rounded off all the way around.. So you dont really get that thump thump thump, if youre making a really sharp turn.. I like, where theyve positioned these flats too., I usually drive lower down in the wheel., But I find myself kind of creeping up a little bit just to have these controls at my thumbs., Even though this iX is a little sportier when it comes to handling ride, Quality really isnt suffering. Its a nice smooth, ride. And now its a little hard to judge on some of these roads in Germany. So Ive been seeking out little bumps and ruts wherever I could.. As far as I can tell its really quite luxurious and soft, but not so soft that it feels floaty on the highway., No, it feels solid on the highway.. With this adaptive air suspension. It really seems to be doing a great job at finding that delicate balance between sporty and comfortable and giving you the best of both worlds. After spending the day driving around in this iX. I have to say I am coming away truly impressed.. It has exceptionally sharp performance. Sure it may not be as quick as the top Teslas, but it is way quicker than most drivers will ever need.

On top of that, it handles better than Tesla or the Jag. And its more comfortable, both in terms of ride quality And the seats. Its also a tech, powerhouse and Im really starting to fall in love with this new Drive system.. Of course, we wont know where it lands in the Edmunds rankings until we get it back for a full test and evaluation.. But I can confidently say this: is my favorite all electric SUV that Ive driven to date. For more information on the BMW iX and its competition head on over to