Thank you so much for tuning. In again, today, we are reviewing the 2021 dual motor 408 horsepower pole, star 2., its made by volvo, because when you look at it you might think xc40 volvo and polstar want you to completely forget that theyre, the same company dont, even think of them. As the same entity, so today the model were looking at is the dual motor 408 horsepower performance model pulse r2. So if we really honestly want to compare this to another car, we have to look at the tesla model 3 performance edition, because if we look at the base model, 3 theres a 20 000 difference, the base model 3 is only 40 000. The performance edition is around 60 000 msrp so well have to honestly compare this to the tesla model 3 performance edition. Looking at specs for the model 3 versus this, you got a 330 mile range on a full charge for the tesla model – 3 performance. With this guy and it it pains me to say because ive been charging it up so many times this week already, you only get 230 miles for a full charge. First thing i really noticed about the exterior of this car is the attention to detail. If you look at something like the brakes, these huge gold brembo brakes, apparently gold is pole. Stars new, color and youll see that on the seat belts that look like theyre coming from a gt3. The other thing i really like about the exterior of this car is the name pole.

Star is not planted anywhere, except for a tiny spot on the tail light. Youll see more attention to detail in the way that the tail light lights up and greets you as youre walking up to the back of the car, especially the way the trunk opens with the whole hatchback feature, theres so much space in the rear storage. When you get access to an almost hatchback style, crossover again polestar with more attention to detail with the logo light on the top of their panoramic sunroof. Honestly, the panoramic sunroof in this car is beautiful, because theres no bar in the middle, like the tesla model 3. It just stretches the entire way back and for some reason, you never feel like the suns beating down on your face when youre sitting under that huge factor that i noticed between the tesla model 3 and the pulstar 2. Here is the build quality, because we know teslas under huge demand and theyre pumping out vehicles, and sometimes you can look at body panels and see. Bumpers are not lined up door panels are not lined up, but if you look here, youll notice that literally theres a perfectly even line down the entire door panel and then even down the front. Bumper theres, literally not a panel on this car that you feel is misaligned or unaligned, and they just put you can tell they put the time working on the details of this car and i just really appreciate that exterior and interior moving to the interior.

The first thing, youll notice, is the center dash cluster, its huge, its bright. Its got a nice little button feature where you can throw your entire google maps up to the center. Very unlike the tesla model. 3.. I know a lot of people have complained about the tesla model 3, not having a center dash cluster. This has been really nice, really enjoyable and really clean. The other thing i really like about the interior is the low seating. I know that theres a lot of weight in the bottom of a car like this, and i know that its a heavy car, but they at least position the seats low. So you do feel like you can get a little bit of a sportier drive to it. Theres tons of storage in the car, the trunk space is unreal. Theres, a lower trunk section, theres, even storage in the front. The frunk in this car is not as big as the tesla model 3s, but its still huge and just overall storage for an ev car is exactly what youd expect. So pulsar really did a good job. With the attention to detail. We were noting that and the outside of the car, but on the inside of the car one mistake they made is giving you this really fingerprinty black gloss center cluster and pads on the steering wheel for your controls, its just a stupid design flaw everything gets dirty Within 30 seconds of using it, the center dash cluster shows your battery percentage at all times, so you can always see how youre dropping very quickly in this car and always running to the nearest charger.

Climate controls in this car are crazy, almost as good as the tesla, i would say, on the same level, theres a little swipe up feature on the center ipad. That works really well. The backup and 360 cameras are exactly what youd expect for any car that cost 72 000. The sound system is a harman kardon, which sounds amazing. Isaac was bumping some young thug on the way up here it sounded beautiful crisp, so just like her before with the brake calipers, the brembo brake calipers pole stars going with gold as their main color. Honestly, these kind of look like the gt3 seat belts. I had a friend text me after seeing the snapchat, he was like what are you driving right now bro? So a lot of people might think that this shifter is a really weird shape and a weird grab, but i kind of like it and lets just give it a throw and go for a drive. The first thing youre going to notice when driving the pull star. 2 is the fact that it weighs 4 700 pounds youre not going to hear me say that enough. They did do the right thing being an electric car and placed all the batteries in the bottom of the car. So it does still have a low center of gravity and then again, having all wheel. Drive with a low center of gravity is not a bad combination. The other thing youre going to notice off the bat is the one pedal braking and the automatic braking very similar to the tesla.

The pulse r2s automatic braking was, i felt, a little smoother than teslas the settings, for it were really nice and really convenient and easily adjustable. Initially, i drove the car with the one pedal braking off, but i noticed that your meager 230 mile battery range were out even faster when you didnt have the automatic braking set to on. Therefore, i opted to using it at almost all times that 230 miles really hurts. The other factor of the one pedal and automatic braking is how weird the gas pedal feels. Sam drove the car and isaac drove the car and neither of them were happy with the gas pedal and how it fell. But honestly, i felt that after driving it for a day or two and adjusting the automatic braking and the one pedal braking to my liking, it was not too bad of a drive its just. It is a weird factor to get used to when driving electric cars. All in all, i feel the one pedal braking and the automatic braking in the pulse r2 is a little bit better than the teslas ive driven, but overall thats, just still a really tricky and kind of weird thing to have to learn coming from driving gas cars. Now the model we drove did have the performance dampers and the ride quality of the pulsar 2 was overall, pretty good. I i would expect potholes and suspension to be a little bit smoother considering the fact.

The car cost 72 000, but the ride quality in general was good and i feel like the pulse r2 is trying to be a little bit more of a sporty vehicle, so maybe they applied a stiffer suspension with that in mind, the speed is insane as any Other electric car is the immediate boost of power, is just nothing like youre going to get in a gas car handling and braking honestly better than i anticipated them being. The handling aspect of the polestar 2 was deceitful. I honestly hate electric steering its, not something im. A fan of, but the pulse, r2s electric steering was tricky enough in the sense that it made the car feel lighter than it really was coming in again at 4700 pounds its a ridiculous weight for a car of that size. So the electric steering did make the car feel a little bit lighter and quicker braking was insane. You saw the huge freaking brembos this thing has from earlier in the video those things are going to stop on a dime every time i i would love to have those on the miata. The car would stop in five feet. So, all in all, im gon na give the driving experience of the pulse r2 a 7 out of 10.. I feel that even though the car is heavy and it is an electric car, they didnt try to reinvent driving in kind of the fashion im, seeing tesla. Try to do, they just seem to try to apply electric motors and electric power to the way we drive now with the adjustability and the ease of use of your automatic braking and creep, and several features that you can really make.

The car feel like a gas car if you want to, but all in all, you kind of need to use some of those features to maintain your 200 mega mega mega helpings of a 230 mile range, all right, so final thoughts on the polestar 2, just comparing It again to the tesla model 3 performance edition, so the pulstar i mean volvo, i mean polestar – did an excellent job, building a first ever electric vehicle as a company. I think that again they did a great job, paying attention to detail. I think its a great car, but not for the price tag for 70 000. You can get any other performance model. Three tesla. You could even look at tesla model wise theres, plenty of other options in that price range and i think honestly, the biggest kryptonite that this car has is the 230 mile charge range unless you have a home and youre charging it every single night. I just dont think its worth the price tag and worth your time driving it stick with the tesla model. 3 performance definitely check this out as a fun car to just drive once or twice, but stick with the tesla model. 3.. Thank you so much for watching. If you live in la – and you want us to review your car hit, the link below please like please subscribe thanks again.