My name is eric and this is the jaguar i pace. The first electric vehicle from jaguar saying that jaguar is late to the ev party, is an understatement, but so are most of the other car manufacturers as well. The ipes was launched in 2018 reaching its three year mark now. It is not only itself that needs to be reviewed, but also how it has stood against the newly launched mustang mac e volkswagen, id4 skoda, enyak kia ev6. The list goes on and on, even though this might look large on screen. It is actually a mid sized suv, slash crossover and this is the twin engine, so one engine in front and one in in the rear. So its four wheel, drive 400 horsepower combined output. 700 newton meters, 000 clamps an hour in 4.5 seconds and there is a 320 horsepower option, but theres only one battery option so 90 kilowatt hour, the 320 horsepower model costs about 85 000 euros and this one a space price costs about 95, 000 euro being an Se version one letter, the h from being the max out version: the hse is a base price of 95 000 euros, but this is, of course, has some extra options, so it slides just over a hundred thousand euro. The ips must deliver something exceptional. Apart from the exclusivity tag, the price tag that comes with it being a jagar, it has some really nice aerodynamic trickery as well heres an opening, so air goes here and goes up through here, but this is a really smart way of utilizing.

The fact that you dont have an engine that takes up so much space in the front in the area. You have a really big spoiler as well, the u shaped rear window, and then this really really thin lip down. Here you have a diffuser that actually goes quite far in the eye. Pace also have electric closing doors that work really well. When you press that button, it not only retracts the handles it also close the car really really handy when you have stuff in your arms. You just nudge this little button here it opens or closes, but you can also use the key as well. Of course, you close it and you open it as well. This is fake, believe it or not, but jagger has really done a solid job trying to mimic a ic grill that has openings in them. The frank is quite unique because of this opening, the opening is actually going here, and it goes here so, even though we have opening they have worked around it. One thing that i found was not that well look at this line. It is actually should be mounted here, but it has come loose when i picked this car up. It had about kilometer, and that is not a huge amount of distance. On the contrary, especially for a press car, i think thats all for the exterior ill go to the rear, not a huge rear compartment, but not a small one, of course, its thanks to the battery sitting underneath that races the floor a bit.

But here you can see the cables to store them. You have this little neat little storage space. That weird diffuse is really prominent of the exterior, i have to say, and this really sloping rear. The action of the handles is also really nice, as well as the closing mechanism. The rear seat is in an extreme setting, the left seat is less extreme and you have a solid plastic part that makes it a bit uncomfortable. So here i have to sit a bit to the side theres an indent down here. I like that they have a bit of an indent on the bench, but also on the back here and i mean, as its fairly comfortable theres a huge panoramic sunroof. I mean huge when you open the door. This one will worry me if there is an oncoming car or an oncoming bicycle, or something like that. This doesnt have force on climate control which cars should have in this price point. The upgraded meridian sound system has some great clarity, but especially it has some amazing warmth to it ill get into the drivers seat or first, i get into the left seat to see how good that is to sit in is much better. My knees are not hitting at all. I also like that this panoramic sunroof is stoned so even though the sun shines outside it, doesnt get that hot inside, because a panoramic sunroof often means that it gets really hot inside and in the drivers.

Seat and first thing that i notice is a digital rear view, mirror i really like this layout drive neutral, reverse part, simple buttons, great action on them. Car has standard seats, there are sport seats, but i think that these are, of course not that bolstered, but they are really comfortable. I really like that they have a dedicated climate control area. If i want to increase the temperature decrease really simple, but if i want to access the heated seats, i push this button, i can increase and decrease go back. I can pull it to set the fan, speed as well, a really really nice infotainment system sharp. It is fast, responding and its quite easy to read and navigate digital gauge cluster. You can have it in different layouts. This is the two gauge layout. You can also have the one gauge layout, and i think that this is plenty for everything that you need. The refresh rate is not that fast on the camera and if you go to the regular rear view, mirror the curve that i talked about in the rear is so prominent that you need to use the digital rear view, mirror to be able to see whats happening Behind you, of course, you have the side mirrors as well, and i have direct work, so i can drive out here without any problems. Active cruise control works fairly well, but since the car has so much power how the power supply can feel a bit jerky, sometimes, as is common with electric vehicles, is really stiff.

You can feel all the undulations on the road reminds me of the volvo xc40 ph recharge suspension. This might be a bit more sophisticated, not as planned than maybe. I feel that this is one of the best ev suspensions and i think that they made it that stiff just because theres so much power that needs to be taken care of and in the city the max range is 470 kilometers, but on the highway it is Less than 400, this price this size of a battery, of course, is has a really powerful engine and its really quick. I mean 400 kilometers comparison with the new kia ev6 and the new eqs. I mean i think that thats not good enough same is the charging speeds maximum hundred kilowatt hour. Iot now delivers 150 kilowatt hours and competitors can use that amount of charging, so this from 15 to 80 percent takes about 45 minutes. Something like that. If you set the speed and quickly release the gas pedal, it can be a bit jerky when there is a transition from the gas pedal to the cruise control, it weighs about 2.1 2.2 tons and making a car that way. So much go. That quick, i mean thats pretty special when i park feels like the commands that i input is not translated into what i expected from the ipas, but now theyre getting used to everything works. Quite fine yeah. It is quick, no question about uh it put into echo.

The refresh rate of the digital gauge cluster is way too slow. If you look at the power, you can see how slow the refresh is and thats no good. This has crashed like quite a few times. It just turns on turns off, turns out turns off by itself its more upscale than the mackie and id4 and a lot of other competitors. The price of 100 000 euros for no class leading range, but for the jaguar interior. The jaguar design is questionable at best, but you cant deny that jagor has made more than a decent attempt at making a really good electric vehicle and thats. My final review for the jaguar i pace.