But this new bmw intrigued me because for once at least its not some stupid suv, its actually a traditional sedan or a grand coupe as bmw likes to call it. And we have things like the porsche tycon and the rebadged audi version of that, both of which are like what 150 200 thousand dollars, not really something that i can get excited about. However, this one at least for the united states market, starts at 55 400 for the base i4 40 and the m50 is gon na cost about ten thousand five hundred dollars more so sixty five thousand nine hundred dollars, so the porsche and audi stupid expensive. At least this im, hoping because its a bmw, theyre always known for being the ultimate driving experience and that is kind of true their chassis and their suspension. It is really tight. It is a phenomenal handling car that they always produce. So, to get this for, like a third or even a fourth of the prices, the portion, the audi, is pretty remarkable in my opinion, so lets talk about it. The base model, the base model will come in rear wheel drive which, in my opinion, is great. This is going to produce 335 horsepower and around 317 pounds feet of torque according to the european press release – and this is quoted to do zero to 60 in about five and a half seconds which im not gon na lie. Thats thats not good enough and im, not one to care about spec sheets.

I dont judge a vehicle by spec sheet, but the reason why im saying that five and a half seconds isnt enough is because well im already compromising here by not getting a gasoline powered vehicle. Theres no exhilaration here, theres no gear shifts its not a natural driving experience, so the only real highlight and the main pro of these new electric vehicles is their ballistic straight line performance im talking. I need that one second flat 0 to 60 times thats the highlight of this new age and thats. What i want in five and a half seconds – oh im, sorry thats, just not good enough. However, i think that this is a underrated number to help make the m50 model look good, im, pretty sure. If you drove this, i 440 model in the real world and you tested it im sure it would be closer to like four and a half seconds to 60, because bmw, typically under rates these vehicles and the i4 m50 model will produce 536 horsepower. I believe in about 586 pounds feet of torque and again thats according to the european press, release uh regarding that torque figure. Now this is the proper performance model. This is going to do 3.7 seconds to 60, so you can see how if the base model did four and a half seconds or something like that, the m50 wouldnt be as much of an upgrade in the eyes of the consumer. You see what im saying for that ten thousand dollar premium now you can also get a 7 500 federal tax credit in the united states.

So if you make enough money to justify that tax credit well, there you go and lease prices have been made available on bmws website and again im in the united states and thats the numbers im quoting here. But when i divided it up – and i did like a zero down lease for a new base model i4 with a 60 000 msrp – it came out to be around 850 to 900 a month and thats with no money down. I think the uh, the buyout price at the end of the lease was around 33 000 according to bmw. And if you want to pre order this vehicle in the united states its going to be about 1500 and thats, going to be fully refundable to you and once you do that, once you get your vehicle specked out, it should be available around summer of 2022.. So lets talk about some of the brief changes here. They have not disclosed the curb weight of this vehicle, but we can obviously assume that this is going to be over 4 000 pounds. It only makes sense, and this will be a grand coupe 4 series. They have unveiled the regular grand coupe version of the four series. These are the new models with that big ass grill in the front where you can slide through a 50 gallon water heater through the uh through that front, grill ill talk more about the styling of that grill later, but this should be getting a 0.

24 coefficient of Drag theyre saying that this has a longer wheelbase and a little bit wider track, so its made for longer journeys thats. What bmws saying here the base model i4 is going to be getting a 300 mile range approximately, and the m50 model is going to be getting about 244 miles of range. So i mean its not that great of range, but it is what it is. Theyre saying that the batteries are thinner, smaller, obviously, theyre mounted at the bottom for a lower center of gravity. The center of gravity is lower than the new 3 series, even and im glad that bmw is putting this emphasis on a longer journey, a longer trip, because that means they seem to have focused somewhat on the ride quality as well. Ride quality is very important, with a vehicle like this and usually when they shove an m badge in their product lineup. That typically translates into a really trash ride, so hopefully thats not what they did here anyway. Im sure, if you just stomped on in the real world that range figure will drop considerably so thats, what im saying these new ev products youre? Definitely better off, leasing them. In fact, they are least only vehicles in my eye hell, even the new gasoline powered luxury vehicles, in my opinion, are already lease only products that are all disposable because in the future were going to be having vehicles that do a thousand miles of range easily.

You know so the battery technology is going to be evolving very quickly kind of how it is with computers, smartphones tablets, whatever its going to be the same thing, but with the car anyway, they have developed a new front suspension, a strut based suspension, thats, all new And im sure theyre going to use this moving forward and many of their other vehicles, and we still have a multi link, rear suspension as well so thats great to see and they still promise a great handling, sharp chassis. And i do believe that i mean ive. Driven things like the f 80 m3 – and that is one of the sharpest handling four doors dance i have ever experienced. So they really know what theyre doing when it comes to handling dynamics, etc. Its far superior than what anything audi or mercedes does mercedes is the closest in terms of a great handling dynamic, in my opinion, with their amg models, and also this is a bmw. So i have been really eyeing. What audi benz beamer lex is what theyve all been doing with their electric vehicles. These are the cars im really studying, because once these cars are out and they become a little bit more mainstream, more people are driving them dude. The tesla stock is going to go way down, theres really going to be no reason to buy a tesla product anymore, because you dont have to be stuck driving. Those tin can things.

These are proper made by bmw, audi, mercedes, lexus, etc. Theyre real luxury cars. They provide you with a real interior, a real luxury experience and, most importantly, a real dealership experience all these luxury dealerships. They roll out the red carpet for you that you get treated so well. When you go into these dealerships for the most part im sure there are exceptions throughout the country im just saying for the most part. In my experience, they treat you very well, they detail your car etc, and their banks are easy to work with theyre flexible, especially bmw with with bmw, financially, you can put their vehicle on swap police get rid of the car early whatever, but you get inside the Interior is a normal kind of bmw interior, its going to be rather well built in there solid, unlike a lot of the tesla products, this isnt going to be creaking and rattling like crazy. This is going to be like a real car. You understand so when i say tesla stock going down, i dont just mean their stock price literally well that that too, but also the demand for tesla products, it should be going down. Theres really no reason to kiss ass to them anymore. Now that we have real options from real manufacturers and this bmw, i know it looks weird. I said i would talk about that that grill there you know, i dont have an issue with a big grill. In fact, i actually like a big grill its just that this is not well done, thats, my issue with it.

This is just a big grill for the sake of being big theres, no art to it, theres no real shape to it. It just looks like bmw took the car, they just crashed it up against the wall and it just has like this flat. Look to it. You know theres no design there, but you look at something like the lexus spindle grille right its big, but it also has like an art to it, especially on something like the lc 500. It goes in and out and just has like this nice flowing design to it, thats just unique theres, an art there, theres no art with this bmw grill. However, this has potential. This could look good if they designed it properly. If it didnt look like it just got smushed into a wall, you understand they can do some pretty great things with it, but these first generation, big grille, bmws, just dont, look good now something like the 7 series that looks great, that imperial looking grill matches the Grand aesthetic of the 7 series, or something like the x7, but these 3 and the 4 series cars theyve, been a total miss. In my opinion, however, this is one of the few full electric performance sedans that normal humans can actually kind of sort of afford. You see what im saying thats, why im interested in this thing with the proper interior and get this up to 40 driver assistance features available, which is just nuts i mean it should be impossible to crash this thing and also we have full digital screens in the Interior right, thats, a given nowadays but yeah thats a look at the new i4.

I mean its gon na, be here shortly. I mean summer of next year in the united states, people should be taking delivery of them. If you place a deposit for them right now, and let me know in the comment section, will you be placing a 1500 refundable deposit for this new bmw i4? If so, let me know, are you getting the base model, or are you getting the m50 me personally? If i was looking at this car, i would definitely get the base model. Save the 10 gs get in rear, wheel, drive, youll, have better range and also, i think, the in real life. If you put like a draggy or a v max inside of it im sure it would be doing 0 to 60 in under 5 seconds. Bmw is just underrating that car, so it doesnt look like its overtaking the uh, the m50 right, and also because its a bmw im expecting it to drive and handle a certain way thats. Another reason why i really like it: you dont, have to pay up 150 or 200 racks for a for a porsche. You can actually get this for around the 50 60 k price 7 500 of tax incentives from the government. It just makes it a lot more plausible if you will and still has a prestige and all that stuff associated with the bmw brand, as well as a proper interior. This is not going to be a massive vehicle by any means, but its a decent size.