. There is one issue. I dont have the license.. So what do you do? You call someone who knows how to drive one Motorcycle speeding up laughing? My name is Kristian Hansen. Youtuber in Jakarta, Indonesia. Ive met up with Rasmus here today, because we will be trying out an electric motorbike. And, like he said he doesnt have the drivers license.. So fortunately I do. Im super excited., Upbeat music, So we are on our way. Guys.. We have 15 minutes to get there.. This was actually be my first ever. Electric motorcycle to try. And Ive read so much about them., For those of you who are motorcycle enthusiasts have maybe watched the series Long Way Up with Ewan, McGregor and Charlie Boorman., And they are riding an electric Harley Davidson., And I watched this and I was like Wow I have at some point try an electric motorcycle. And todays the day. Todays, the today. One of the most exciting things about electric motorcycles, in my opinion, Is that instant torque, you get. Yeah. Its kind of like driving in a Tesla, but on two wheels. According to my research, this motorcycle, the Zero SRF, rides from zero to 97 kilometers per hour in three seconds. The SRF can go, I believe its 170, some kilometers on a single charge On the paper charge On the paper. Yeah.. But I read about this guy. That did some tests on it. And according to him it can go with a mixture between highway and and city.

Driving. 1 percent can go 1.6 kilometers or one mile., So roughly 160 kilometers in one charge.. So when youre driving yours and how far do you get Howd how how much of a breach is now and your usual output Yeah? So that is a good point, because I recently came back from a Euro tour.. If you want to check out some of my episodes Im sure Rasmus will put a link down below, but I did 5000 kilometers in four and a half weeks. And I usually did 200 to 400 kilometers per day.. So you can see on electric motorcycle. I would have to recharge that two to three times in a day.. How many times do you have to to to refuel Yeah thats, also a very good point, because usually two times., But It takes less. It takes less the SRF that we will be trying out. Today. The premium version that is a little bit more expensive, itll recharge in two hours, but the standard version, the one that I would most likely be trying is four hours for a charge. flute sounds Lets: go., Exciting, techno, music. This is one of the bikes that are really one one day the KTM 1290 CC adventure. the KTM 1290 CC adventure.. It is a massive bike. It is so big, but its perfectly suited.. If you want to go on a long touring trip, if youre going to get onto some roads, that you know a little more off road kind of thing, but it comes with a price almost 230000 here in Denmark.

He looks awesome. Honestly my first thoughts in terms Of the style is it kind of looks a little bit like the Ducati street fighter. Its not that long and its actually, not that high its 78.8 centimeters high, its 78.8 centimeters high in riding position., And it feels pretty short. So thats. What I, for example, dont, like so much on the Ducati street fighter, is that when you break you kind of feel like youre over the wheel., And I have to be especially careful with this bike, because I heard that the braking is very fast. And the torque Is even faster. The first thing that you really notice as soon as you put your hands on the steering wheel on the on the bar? Is this No clutch.? It feels so weird.. Okay lets go.. You know you turn it on here. Now.. It cant go right., But as soon as I click this button, it doesnt say a thing now its on and I can. Wow. I cant even hear it myself. electric motorcycle, accelerating laughing Wow., Its so much fun.. What is this electric motorcycle? Accelerating Okay.? I have to remind myself only fifty in the inside the city. Wow., Its so silent. Its crazy. Im just going to pull over and wait for Rasmus. Wow. Its so interesting to try this out. Its so cool. It is it wraps off so fast.. You know the only thing I dont like that I mentioned just before as well is as soon as you let go of the gas.

It breaks quite fast.. You drive like this, and then you let go. And its just imaginary, breaking but thats, because Im used to a normal motorbike where just pull in the clutch. Right. That is the only negative thing I would say about this bike.. Besides that, its an absolute pleasure to ride. Lets ride some more. Yeah. Yeah., upbeat music, Quick, motorcycle riding upbeat music. All right lets get back. Yeah lets go back., Futuristic, bike acceleration. Honestly, I think this bike is amazing. Im, so surprised in the torque., Its so fast.. The braking is amazing. The agility off the bike., Its so easy to move. Its only 220, something Kilos., So speeds 200 RPMs per minute is 5000. All in all Its a power pack machine that can get you, those thrills. And without the noise Youll get used to That, because, after just driving for like 10 15 minutes, its actually so much quiet., What I particularly like about this bike is the riding position is really good. And you can do this. Normally. You would have gasoline in here, but we dont.. So we have plenty of space to put something that I enjoy to bring with me snacks, So you can tell how much does it cost the standard here? The standard bike that you tested would be about 165 thousand 165., And what about the premium? The premium you get a bigger charger and that allows you to charge the double speed and it will cost you the 15000 more Okay.

, faintly speaking Okay. Okay. And how we stack compared to the market on price wise, because I know that its the Livewire as well. The Livewire from Harley is this sort of outrageous precious because its sort of its beneficial to us that the market has recognized that you need connected bikes and when a major manufacturer such as Harley comes in Holly comes in, they make it. And you could be scared of them coming into the market., But luckily they are more faintly speaking more expensive than our bike. They got a better name, but its about 280000 for a Livewire., So. And thats. Quite an increase.. I mean thats almost double right, Its a nice bike, but its far more expensive than our bikes. And we live with them.. We accept that they sort of you know, come through the door and accept that the market is there., So we we are very happy to have department. upbeat music. Would you buy this one? Yes Me too, Absolutely.. Absolutely One day, One day, Jens Winther go to this guy. Yeah. Hes hes. He know what hes talking about. Hes just generally a really nice guy. Yeah. And plenty of people are coming here to try out bikes, but hes know that he has plenty of other motorcycles.. So, if youre looking for a bike in Denmark, this is the place. Kristian Yes. Its been a pleasure. faintly speaking, It was a. It was an experience being on the site, seeing you driving an electric motorbike.

, I got ta I have to do. I have to get private license. Definitively. I has nothing but to say about that, except that … You have to Yeah I have to, And then we will get an electric bike. Yes. Thats, the plan. Kristian have a good trip back to Indonesia.. Thank you so much.. I am very much looking forward to follow your adventure down. There. Yes and likewise, and thank you for letting me be on the channel today. Of course. Its been a lot of fun., Its been a pleasure. Yes.. All right, buddy. See you., Take care.