Most powerful production car ever do not adjust your volume and believe me, when i tell you that its as calm and imperturbable to drive as it sounds, you will rarely find a car that has the warming sense of refinement that this does no engine noise and double Glazing, so you hear virtually nothing of whats happening out there, either and despite looking lower than the gamer ratings for fifa, 21 ding theres still plenty of room in this thing, including for your bonds. So the battery is packaged low, which is allowed audi to scoop out the footwell for rear passengers. I would actually cause this bit the foot garage, which seems a bit minging somehow, but there you go probably looks like im crouching because im talking to you, but actually im, okay, here see sort of and the ride quality ive written oof in the script. But i cant figure out a way of actually seeing that without it sounded ridiculous anyway, the right quality ooh honestly, the way this thing rides is softer than a var offside decision. I dont think thats offside, another long wait and the decision is no goal this time. For femina, it really does feel like a proper luxury car in every sense. Bearing in mind that this car is riding on 21 inch wheels, that is just absolutely remarkable. It always has that gentle soothing sort of sway quality happening the sort of thing that a range rover does. It makes the road feel like that, bouncy stuff, that you get on the floor of kids play parks.

It even has a large boot. Well, not a large one, but a passable one by volume, its actually the smallest of these high end type, electric cars of the sort that youre probably interested in if youre interested in high end electric cars, but just like them. It also has a front boot too. A front frankie see here it is so where to keep your high end bag for life say, although weirdly the button to open it, is here inside the drivers door. So you would say that this is fundamentally a large and very refined and quite brilliant high end family car, a beautiful zero emissions, grand tourer e tron gt by name atron gt by nature. But there are two versions of this: firstly, theres the standard one which looks like this now, if youre familiar with electric cars and the whole battery capacity thing, you will notice that this cars particular duracell, is massive, its more than twice the capacity of the battery. In a standard nissan leaf, for example, the car is four wheel drive as standard because it has one motor at the front and another one at the back, and that means that all of that power and torque is deployed onto the road with the effective nonchalance of Bob ross painting a jolly forest lets paint several little happy trees. However, my e tron gt has rs written on the steering wheel, and that means Music rs edition equals even more fastness.

So here are the stats right and look at that torque bump. For one thing, that is a whole lot of pulling power. Now it is worth noting that you only get that maximum horsepower figure for precisely 2.5 seconds when an overboost function kicks in and usually the car only has 598 horsepower whatever right it still advances with truly terrifying rapidity. Now there are, of course, things that are quicker than this. Well, not of course, but there are things that are quicker than this. They include the porsche tycoon turbo s, which is a car that shares the same chassis and parts as this generally and obviously is a tesla. The quickest tesla, the model s plate. I mean that thing is just an absolute supercar killer right, but this car isnt just about speed its about how well it handles its dual character: nature, on the one hand, its a supremely refined big saloon and, on the other, its something that is just fantastically, involving To drive, or is it hmm actually there is that see? This is undoubtedly brilliant to steer its sharp its involving masses of grip, huge turn of pace. Obviously, its got all those good basic ingredients, its clear that at some stage audi took this car to zingerbergering to ensure that it ultimately satiates a drivers need to drive, but it also gave one to stella mccartney. We can make anything, but whatever we make lets make sense because it wanted to bump the cars equal credentials by giving it a leather free interior, but in the leather style, also optional.

In a way, it does sometimes feel like that, bit of its character, the eco bit is having a bit of a fight with the rs bit its like. The histrionics have been dialed down just a little bit now. It is an amazing thing this, but it is also probably the most restrained car thats ever worn. An rs badge, certainly recently sound augmentation is a good example, so you put it in dynamic mode and you get a bit of extra raw, its kind of loud, obviously, but it doesnt really growl with a sort of visceral howl that you want it to or that You might be expecting it to anyway, you see the badge and the looks of it and you feel the power and you kind of want it to growl like an r8 does, even though its an electric car and its kind of the same sort of thing with The adaptive suspension so again, you put it in dynamic mode and you can feel a little bit like the suspensions tightened up. But you do have to look for it its never enough to really transform the character of the car in the way that the adaptive suspension set up in say the koopra foot mentor does now dont get me wrong. This is still a phenomenally capable and very fun car to drive its just that the fun comes in a slightly more restrained and nuanced way than you might think its the sort of fun that you appreciate for its intellect, rather than something that gets you in here.

That punches, you in the gut its speed jazz as opposed to speed, metal too jazzy, but actually any outright. Histrionics that this car is missing is more than compensated for by this cars, basic sense of luxury and quality. I dont know why i did that like celine dion, my heart will go. What was i saying, yeah histrionics its commentated for by this cause sense of basic quality and head turning style really does get a lot of looks this thing. The cabin is just beautiful. Its sublimely finished everywhere and its wonderfully intuitive, so there are buttons for the aircon and heated seats in the drive, selector youre, not digging into menus on a screen all the time. Even the lower level stuff has the same sense of quality and depth as the top end stuff, which is the hallmark of a high quality luxury car. You want it to be that way for this price, though right and some of the touches in here like theres, not a lot of cabin storage, but youd probably expect that, and actually the cup holders are big and sturdy and thats important and the phone charger is In a really clever place its in this little slot, where you can bury it away out of sight, the e tron badge on the dash is backlit and it looks awesome and the driving position feels awesome. This is a car that sits you down like a supercar, but it has back seats as well.

I mean you cant see much out of the back window because of the styling and it feels longer than the average parking space but theyre things that you just wont care about its very well equipped too, obviously, with even base models getting all of the stuff that You see here ill, give you a second just to read some of that done. There are other trim levels, of course, and you can spend a lot of money on them, but really id suggest that you dont need to and thats why. I reckon that, ultimately, the standard aetron gt probably makes the most sense still massively quick, has the same style and road presence, as this one does the rs, and it is far more palatably priced. So these things are relative, obviously, but this particular car with its options. 135 000 pounds, but the standard one starts at 80 grand while feeling, like nine tenths of the same thing, obviously thats a heck of a lot of money. But this feels like a lot of moneys gone into it and also genuinely leasing a car like this makes it feel a lot more reasonable list, price schmist price plus because its an electric car, your tax liability and your general running costs are not akin to an 80, grand car ish yeah its definitely worth mentioning my particular experience charging this thing over the last week, or so so ive been getting roughly 2 miles per kilowatt hour on average.

Quite often, a lot less though, and thats been mostly using electricity drawn from public charges at about 50p per kilowatt hour 85 kilowatt hours of this cars battery is dedicated to driving the wheels and ive drained it a few times. So you do the math amatix. Now obviously thats a particular experience and had i charged it at a wall box at home, it would have been a lot more cost effective, albeit it would have taken a lot longer to fill the battery up. This is on a cutting edge electric platform, thats capable of charging at unbelievably rapid speeds, but the message is high performance. Electric cars as with high performance, petrol or diesel. Cars are not economy, cars right, but seriously, man totally worth it for all. Ive said about this being a little bit dynamically muted, if you like, it still gets around corners in an absolutely remarkable way. So there is a little bit of a spongy layer between you and the road that you wouldnt get in a proper sports car, a little bit of body roll as well, but the turning is so sharp and you cant absolutely feel whats going on underneath here. You can feel when the front ends losing a bit of grip or when the back end is and because the throttle response is so sharp. You can kind of adjust the car mid corner. So you put a little bit of throttle down mid corner and you can get the back end going out and get it turning in a little bit more sharply.

It is actually fantastic its the way it like powers out with the corners its an amazing bit of engineering and thats. That now just to be clear in trying to critique this thing. As honestly as possible, ive probably said a couple of things that maybe sound a little more negative than ive intended. So just to be clear, i absolutely love this car. It is special now its not the r8, with back seats that you might have been hoping for, but it is almost certainly the electric car that i would choose if i was on any budget and could have any electric car, including a tesla but dont tell those Tesla guys that i said that, because ill get into trouble, okay, thats it. Thank you for your time. Hope you enjoyed that. Please look at all that stuff. Please hit subscribe if you havent done that already, so that you get notified straight away of all of our content.