Have let us have lent us, i should say, um a kona. This is uh the 2022 version, its were getting a chance to uh, have a have a feel and a look and uh, and basically a critique of the uh of the kona and uh. This is a press car that theyve lent us for this. This program here today, the uh, the funny thing about the the nero in the kona, is that their kilowatt hours are the same, so they got the same battery. The cost on the uh on the nero is is higher um. I also think that theres uh i read when i was doing some research on this – that theres actually some deals going on in this. I dont know why, but but but theres a there may be even cheaper price out there if youre interested the the range is where i start to get scratch in my head, because it looks to me like the electric motors, the same theyre, both 201 horsepower. But when you start looking at the range and the mpge things change so on the uh on the nero the range was 2′ miles and this ones 258.. So uh. I guess the first question is uh. Hopefully those math students out there will realize that the range went up, but the price went down an mpg uh mbge is um, is uh 112 on the nero and uh 120 on this one, so uh right off the bat right off the bat.

Why would anybody want to buy a nero thats? My you know, what do i know but thats? What im im looking at so lets have a look at the the vehicle here. First off uh, this isnt, my first impression um we had it outside. I was looking at it and uh outside. You know what i like it a lot, its the styling, its slightly different, a slightly different style but um, but everything they did. I think, looks better so again. I dont know why youd buy an arrow, so you go over here to the fuel door and uh. If you remember uh, we were talking about the mini fuel door and i said its one of the toughest things on the planet to get right. The gaps are always wrong. This one here is perfect. You cant ask for better than this. So oh look at that. Its got a handy light, anyways um, so im im pretty excited about hey whats, that, ah it even tells you its topped up. It looks like it. It looks like it looks like that. Tells you how much battery in little bars youve got so, but anyway, the gaps are good gaps and flushness. This is a. This is definitely a well made car when kia used to make crap. They learned a lot of lessons and they applied them all over on this vehicle. I, like the side, look eric was asking about these uh these lines right here, um, he said something about you know is that styling or whatever? Well, it is styling too, but in essence whats.

What you try and do sometimes in styling is to is to catch something. Thatll um thatll, give you um a stiffer a stiffer product, so you can see theres one of these lines up here. One of these style lines up here and another one down here and what theyre doing is um keeping the door from oil canning, um uh, a big flat area is always gon na drum its always gon na vibrate in and out. So you wan na try and have you want to have to try and put a few lines in there to try and make it so that it still looks good. But on top of that, its also its also something thats going to stiffen up the car and anytime you make it stiffer its better. So uh we walk around this thing and, like i said, every every gap seems to be about right. I dont i got my little baby finger gap gauge and um ive already done everything. This is um. This is a pretty well made car. Now this is um. This is a press car and they do spend extra time finessing these. So that might be why but uh, but they did a good job exterior wise. This is pretty pretty good. I i have no complaints and actually clay has never been my favorite color, but but uh almost everybody, but me likes this uh. This um uh blue gray, color, so lets go and have a look at a look inside lets go to the drivers side first, so right off the bat they kept the things i liked in this kona and they got rid of the ones i didnt like.

So i like i like the steering wheel now. I everybody knows that im a fan of of the computers that that teslas got and uh. I will tell you that i like that the best, but i will tell you as well that everybody was kind of happy or excited about seeing all the buttons. Personally, i like buttons here or touch screens, but this thing has got a myriad of buttons. No question about it. The thing thats good about it is that if i jumped into this and im in the uh im in the airport parking lot for the rental car company, i could jump into this and know exactly what i was going to have to do exactly right away. No problem everything would be exactly where i was expecting it to be. I dont know what they did with the i dont know what they did here in the footwell. Yet uh we havent looked at it close enough, but this thing sits, maybe its the maybe its the seat im, not sure, but this thing feels good. It feels like maybe they benchmark the toy uh the tesla seat. Theyve got all the normal things that youre expecting to see all the um, all the different lights and whatnot um. I think that this is the same vanity mirror that they had before. Oh, i see theyve got the theyve got. Oh, this is a very good idea. So i am not a makeup artist, but i will tell you that um, my wife has told me that the having the light here instead of there is much better for putting on makeup or doing whatever youre doing.

Hopefully, they got one of these on this side too, and they do so um, so theyve thought of theyve thought of a lot of good things. Also i like these, i like these um eyeball um and i hate those these things never work properly and as an old tool maker. I hated them because theyre the tools are really hard to make so lets. Uh lets have a look at the back seat. Okay, so once again were looking at really a good job software, it needs to be hard where you want it to be um its a little tight, but that could be because i got the seat all the way to the back. I still got room for my knees, but not much and i uh got short legs so but again everything seems just so nicely done its um, no problem. I have no clue why anybody would buy a nero. I i cant imagine this is like when i, when i sat in the model y, the first time i i said the same thing: why would anybody buy a model three? If you got one of these or you can get one of these, so i think um. I think these guys did a brilliant job and look at that french seams, where you cant, even see them just take a shot at that see. Nobody ever looks back here these these are. This is the kind of stuff that amazes and delights.

I, like i like uh, i like it when people go the extra mile. The thing im surprised at is: why did i? Why did i put french seams here, and this is a single seam here? This is in a french seam. I know uh i dont get it. I would have might want to probably dress that up a little bit, but you know what its a pretty nice car, so all right we have to do it. Lets leave that until the end im pretty sure i know what im going to see when i go underneath there im kind of hoping that the extra mileage is going to be because they got rid of a lot of that extra crap. That was in there and they gave me a frunk, but i i doubt it i dont know if ive mentioned it too many times before, but theres ways to get mileage, even if you have the same battery pack and one of them is to make it slipperier. So the coefficient of drag goes down. Is you design it so that things flow through the air easier you? The next thing you can do? Is you can you can change the the bearing situations that youve got so your rolling friction goes down and then the third one is you make it more efficient or effective? If you can do that, then you that means youre going to reduce the weight or youre going to reduce the amount of cabling inside the vehicle, which also adds to the reduction in weight or youre doing something that makes your electronics and software work better together.

So here we are again with uh the rear end. This looks kind of very similar to uh to the near nero whats. This i dont know why theyre doing this, you know what this to me is worthless, and you know what i dont know what this this must be the charge pack or something theres too much going on in here. Why didnt they just take all this out and put it, and i dont even know why ive got a load floor here, but this stuff i mean im looking for space, i i dont, i dont need this. I really dont. I dont i dont even know. If i want, i dont want any of this stuff. What i want is nice, clean line down here, theres a pocket here and a pocket here that i cant have because somebody wanted to make the make the plastic a little cheaper. The plastic part bring that down swing it around so that ive got like a little thin carpet. Get rid of the ep. Expanded polypropylene, expanded, polypropylene epp is what its called, and i would take these stick them here. Stick them there and i dont know whats. What is in this big bag? Did anybody open it up? Maybe its presents its a charging cable uh. Why do i need that? Oh, its a charging cable for 110 yikes, okay, here boys and girls. Let me tell you a secret um 110 charging takes like forever and um 110 charging takes forever, and i i really highly recommend that you put in a 220 line.

If youre going to do this, and if you put in a 220 line, you dont need this added chunk of stuff. 110 is good for only one thing: house, household goods, household things, everything and by the way, thats going to go away soon because quite frankly, youre going to see dc showing up not too not too distant future. So i can take this thing off and i can see i can flip the seats down, but i what i really what i really would like to see is like i say i like to see a big hole here and um and if i do have a Load floor then i dont need that so anyhow, um uh, thats a spider and i dont much care for spiders at all. I dont like them at all, so lets lets, go and see what we got here again: thats extra weight, theres, no reason for this. If tesla can get away with it, so can everybody else get rid of this secondary latch? I always thought that they were goofy anyways, and i see just what i saw before this um. I my memory is fairly good uh. There may have been a couple of modification changes or whatever for um uh, whatever um, but this looks like a giant waste of space. I dont understand it um. I dont understand why i would bring out a car second time with um um with no extra, especially because this thing has got such a limited amount of space.

In the back i mean you can um, you can put bodies in the in the model 3 in the back and have to have room to spare. This is um. This just doesnt seem it just doesnt seem right its a bad waste of space and and in korea, where space is at a premium. Youd think that theyd be uh theyd, be thinking about that. How much am i allowed to do on this car anyway? Can i take the beauty cover off okay good, as long as i have somebody that um that uh takes the onus off me? Okay, so thats the inverter and its great to have the inverter right on top of the electric motor. I like that idea, but i dont like the way theyve executed it. This could be pretty much anywhere. The these are the cables that are coming from the from the charger, so that means theyre going straight into in some cases, theyre going straight into the inverter and the rest of them are going to the battery pack, and i know theyre all going through the inverter. Eventually so thats uh thats good, that cabling is very short, then and thats thats wonderful, but id um id still like to have um a frunk. Once youve been once youve been once youve had a taste of honey, youre kind of like not the kind of person that wants to go back to vinegar and potatoes, so for the folks over at hyundai.

This is uh. This looks like a really good car. Youve done a fine job um i i wish you would have redesigned that um so that uh, so that we could have enjoyed a little more space in this product. Um, like i say you can move the bat. Actually, why not anyways you can move the battery. You can move the the washer fluid uh, the brake, fluid and stuff, like that. All this stuff can be moved around a little bit and, and you can wind up with more more space for your customers and thats. The job of any car company is to make sure that the customers get everything they can plus. I want things that are going to amaze and delight um thats. What i want when im designing a car so anyway, thanks for watching boys and girls and um a lot of you have been asking about wheres the uh wheres, the wheres, our model s plaid, and why not its been pushed back um again because of um everybodys Got the same issues with some of the chips: um tesla is no exception, so between chips and software and other things that that are purchased from china um you are, we are so well get it as soon as we can uh. Certainly coreys been on the horn crying and complaining, and why not, but well get it as soon as we can and when we do youll see it right here at monroelive, thanks very much for watching and if you wish to subscribe.

That would be great. Please push the button anyway, have yourself a great day, and i uh.