You could consider the mg zs ev its an suv, its sensibly priced and its well equipped if ultimate driving range capacity. Isnt. A top priority and youre buying on a budget you might rather like it. The zscv is powered by a 44.5 kilowatt hour. Water cooled lithium ion battery, which has a wltp rated driving range certified at 163 miles a couple of years back. That would have been quite creditable, but these days comparable family evs are routinely able to deliver well over 200 miles from a single charge, mind you, those cars will be considerably more expensive than this one and are typically less spacious inside it all comes down to what Your priorities are, as with most evs, this one should feel sprightly away from rest, courtesy of the fact that all of its drive, torque, thats 353 newton meters of it, is generated immediately from the get go: theres 105 kilowatts of power equivalent to 143 ps and 62 Mile an hour benchmark is dispatched in just eight and a half seconds, though theres a rather limited top speed of just 87 miles an hour at the wheel. Instead of the usual gear. Stick you select drive from a rotary gear selector, which allows you to switch between three gears. Drive neutral and reverse in front of this is a curse button which allows you to switch between three levels of brake energy recovery or turn the recovery system completely off to the right of the curse.

Button is another one for battery information via which you can access an energy flow, monitor electrical information and a range display. Uh, though thatll obviously be affected by the way that you drive the car. The way that you can use this mgev in a day to day manner will be influenced a lot by the driving mode that you select theres. Another button for that thats to the left of the curse button. Youve got a choice of eco, normal or sport driving modes. Some would number this car amongst the more stylish family sector. Ev models you can buy at just over 4.3 meters in length its an suv sized somewhere between the smaller crossover class, think runner, capture, nissan duke and the larger family. Sized crossover segment think nissan qashqai kia sportage, you get roof rails and smart 17 inch alloy wheels in this electric form. The zs sports revised star rider style, front grille to frame its brands famous octagonal company logo, in fact its that logo that slides out rather flimsily to reveal the plug in points at the rear, theres, a subtle roof spoiler and the crossover segments obligatory, lower silvered plastic. Skid plate once you get through the cabin doors, youre greeted with a spacious interior theyre, one with material quality, not quite the equal or what youd find from more established brands. Still mg has tried hard with a range of 3d shapes metallic and chrome finishes and faux leather upholstery on this top exclusive spec model theres a decently large 8 inch center dash infotainment display too, with smartphone, mirroring and navigation, and a further small color display sits between The two analog dials in the instrument binnacle with small crossovers, its usually on the rear seat that youre reminded of their super many origins not in this case.

This car is slightly wider and longer than typical, small suvs, and that really pays dividends here. In fact, mg claims that the kind of room on offer in the back of a zs is much more comparable with the kind of space you get from a qashqai class family hatch, based suv from the next class up and theres. Some truth in that lets finish with a look at the boot. Its 448 litre. Total capacity is exactly the same as you get in a combustion engine zs which, to give you some class perspective, is a figure around 60 liters higher than you get from most normal compact suvs, theres, no bag hooks or 12 volt sockets. But you do get a corner compartment on either side and a little bit of space under the floor, though most of that is filled up with the charging leads. If you push forward the 60 40 split rear bench, then up to 1100 liters of extra space can be freed up charging. The zsev is straightforward. Thanks to its combined ccs and type 2 port mounted within the front grille for easy access from either side of the car. The ccs plug is an enhanced version of the type 2 plug with two additional power contacts for the purposes of quick charging and supports ac and dc charging power outlets featuring rapid charging capability. The zv can charge from naught to 80 percent in 40 minutes from a 50 kilowatt charging station.

If you can find one at home, the car can recharge itself using a standard, seven kilowatt wall box in just six hours overnight. Charging is easy, in other words, in emergencies, the car can also be charged via a standard three pin plug, as with all mg models. You also get one of the longest fully transferable warranties in its class a seven year, 80 000 mile package being standard across both variants. Now weve been waiting to see just how affordable a family sized fully v model can be, and in the form of this zsev mg has delivered here a typically tightly priced package. Is it the best car in the sector? No is it the best really affordable model in the class? Absolutely yes, mg has just taken another big step forward.