They made some very interesting decisions with this. Electric car lets get into it its always nice to be driving the first of something, the very first electric car from mazda, the very first mx 30 yeah whats. Under the hood of this one, a 35.5 kilowatt hour battery powering an electric motor with 143 horsepower 200 pound feet of torque theres 161 kilometers of eevee range thats a hundred miles front wheel drive is standard. I dont know if you noticed in the back seat: andrea theres, a massive elephant in the room were gon na get to the massive elephant in a moment, but right now this car comes nicely equipped. Lets get into the key standard features. The mx30 based model comes with an 8.8 inch audio display system, apple, carplay and android, auto a 7 inch touchscreen for climate control, heated steering, wheel, black gray, combination, cloth, upholstery, heated front seats, manual, driver and passenger seats, led headlights and led tail lights and blind spot Monitoring and rear cross traffic alert. We do this the couple car review twice a week. Now we have a big dial here. What do we have to put it in? You got to put it in s for subscribe and if you can hit the notification bell, youll be notified when all our videos drop and then you can watch them. Another way to find out is instagram. Andreas is motormouth, underscore andrea from me. Its motormouth underscore auto and the links are below this.

Video is brought to you by carcass canada, get the dealers cost list of rebates, plus discounted interest rates, use the promo code motormouth to become an expert member and get extra searches. The link is in the description below quiet, smooth, powerful andrea. Did you bring all the peanuts to the elephant in the back hes wanting lots? The elephant in the room is what andrea well its the range. The eevee range is 161 kilometers 100 miles, not quite good enough. Hello is it 2010. I mean i dont, listen car companies make these decisions and they have to live by their decisions. This decision, i think in north america, is folly. I think youre not going to sell many with that kind of rain and if you do buy one, it has to be a second vehicle, the other vehicle that you have, whether its an suv or a minivan that can take you on those long trips mazda has Partnered with chargepoint and theyre, giving a 500 credit or if you dont, have a charger in your home, you can use that towards the charger in the us. Theyre, also giving you a non ev courtesy vehicle for 10 days for three years. So if you have to go on those long trips, you have a vehicle. Now that kind of is a short term solution for a long term problem, but its something in canada that is not offered. Instead, you get free, scheduled maintenance for two years.

I said they should have given free oil changes for two years, like they didnt love that free scheduled maintenance on an electric car. You take it in and you check it out, basically thats it for two years anyway. Well, you do, you do have to go in probably once a year there is some scheduled maintenance on it and its free okay right out of the gate. This is only being sold in three jurisdictions in north america, california, in quebec, and in british columbia, thats right thats because of zero emission mandates for vehicles and in canada. They actually believe theyre going to sell more of these than theyre going to sell in the united states yeah. They have an aggressive plan for canada for sure there are provincial rebates in those provinces as well as a federal rebate that can go towards this. Now. How about the drive does this not handle beautifully? There was a big long explanation into all the technical stuff about this that we sat through this morning. Lets just put it like this. This is based on the cx 30 platform yeah, but it actually has better handling and better performance because its a battery electric vehicle yeah and the steering is a little bit heavier. It just handles so well, you can maneuver it in the city easily, and it really does feel like theres, a lot of torque 200 pound feet yeah, even though this car is heavier than the vehicle, its based on the cx 30, its more satisfying, because you get That instantaneous torque it has a dynamic drive.

It does feel a little bit different than other evs that ive been in, and i like the look of it, its very nice and sharply designed. However, theres one design choice, i just dont understand and those are the suicide doors in the back. This is so limiting for getting kids in and out of the back seat. The parents are always having to open their door to let the kids in and out. I just find it as a limiting marketplace. Just look at uh, the hyundai veloster end with that third weird door in the back. They cant give those things away. Well, actually, mazda says that it is easier to get the kids in and out, because youve got these wide opening doors now zach, i dont disagree with you. They call them wide freestyle doors but mom and dad if theyre dropping heres a perfect example youre driving on your own, and you get your two kids in the back. You want to let them out at school. You have to get out walk around open the front door, open the back door to let them out not convenient, thats, not convenient. These are their design choices, but then we get into the inside and i think that were looking at the future of mazda mazda interiors and i like it, i think its beautiful theyre using sustainable products like cork did. You know that mazda started out as a cork company. I did. I knew that i didnt know that and then also theyre using fibers from plastic water bottles that have been recycled.

I, like the sort of faux felt look on the top of the door cards and in the middle of the door cards you get cork on the door, handle cork in the center, almost floating island here yeah, and i like it a lot. I really like on this top trim as well. The leatherette seats with the cloth upholstery theyre stitching throughout theyve, done a really beautiful job. Weve got the display screen that is controlled by the center console dial, a wonderful traditional shifter in the center console, and then this seven inch climate control screen, i kind of like buttons myself, but thats the way its going everythings going to screens. You know why, because screens are cheap, were driving the top trim and it has the sunroof, it has a power driver seat. Unfortunately, zach youve got the manual over here. It doesnt come with power, passengers or height adjustment, but it seems to be at a good position for me anyway, and it has a 12 speaker bose sound system as well. Moving back to the second row seat, zach, you look pretty comfortable back there. I think the head room for someone whos six feet: isnt too bad its actually pretty roomy its the getting in and out with the doors you have to get your head around, but the headroom is actually pretty good and the seats are comfortable. I think its actually not bad its just the doors and in comparison to the cx 30.

It is quite a bit smaller, second row space as well as cargo overall and cargo space behind the second row, but it does a pretty good job with carry on in a cooler. Yes, it looks pretty good back there. You can certainly fit carry on in a cooler, no problem, its just the height. That might be a bit of a problem. Now you had questions almost entirely about range. What a shock lets get into it time now for questions, coffee and cars. It never rains in vancouver. They say all right time for your questions from instagram. Do you think mazda missed an opportunity on battery output and range? Will this limit the appeal to consumers shopping for an eevee, especially one equipped selling for over forty seven thousand dollars? We sat through the presentation today and they even admitted the number one reason to buy an electric car is yep ev rain, its the range thats, the first thing that people look at and this doesnt have it with 161 kilometers or a hundred miles its just. Not up to par with something else that has 385 likes 400 plus yeah like the bolt. I really like the look of this mazda, but why would i buy this over something like the hyundai kona ev, with a lot more ev range? Well, i think, thats the question what mazda said in the presentation that we were at is that its the way it handles the dynamic feel that it offers it doesnt feel necessarily like a typical ev and they use sustainable materials in here as well.

None of that matters, if you dont, have the range. The reality is that the va these were canadian stats, the vast majority 80 plus percent of people, six percent yeah. They have two cars and some of them even have three cars. So this car is targeted at those people that have a minivan or an suv if they want to go on a long range trip. This is just for bombing around the neighborhood running errands, taking kids to school, that kind of stuff, yeah thats. What theyre hoping with this, but its its a very limited market, and i think that that would work well for our family. We own an suv. We would get this lets say as a second or third vehicle and we dont do 161 kilometers a day but whats the resale value on this when you go and sell it at the end. Listen. This is 2010 battery. Ev range, the leaf had it. The first nissan leaf had the same range as this all those years ago. Yeah whats this going to be worth in five years. Everything is about. You know you get a new phone, its got a better battery, a better camera. All that kind of stuff yeah its the same with electric cars option for a 64 kilowatt hour battery no mazda purposely went with the 35.5 kilowatt hour to keep it lighter, yeah and also this is packaged for different parts of the world, which is actually quite clever.

So if you have the plug in version, then for jurisdictions where you dont have good charging infrastructure and you have to drive long distances, you have that on board generator, which i wish they had brought here first in north america, so they have a scalable in japan. In fact, they even have a gasoline engine on board, so its like a regular hybrid, so they have a scalable platform and in europe they are selling this already and its actually selling fairly well. So maybe it works in some areas versus others. Well, see well see how it all sells. Our next question is our hot topic: whats, this one andrea at this price point: are there any competitive advantages that make this really stand out over the competition, given the glaring drawback on range, if you werent calculating in the range – and you just looked at this as A car compared to its competitive set. It definitely has some advantages. It handles well its got a beautiful interior and even some new technology right. Yes, it now comes with front cross. Traffic alert and blind spot assist. Two new features for the mazda lineup and this mx30 is the first one to get it. So, if you just looked at this interior compared to the other vehicles, roughly the same price yeah, it kicks them all over town, its not even close uh but whats. The most expensive part of an electric car, andrea, the battery the battery thats, what they always tell us.

So if its got a tiny little battery compared to the competition, why is it a lot cheaper? I know i mean you can get a tesla model: 3 rear wheel, drive 423 kilometers for just under 53 000.. So if youre looking for range, this one is probably not for you, but if youre looking to electrify and its a second vehicle, this might be right. For you range anxiety is a real thing, and i know that, speaking to our followers and subscribers that people worry about this, i dont think this is going to be for everybody. Mazda is not targeting the masses here. They have already said that they are focusing on people that, like their product, they like their idea of sustainable materials being used and the dynamic drive, and if that fits within your lifestyle, this might be right for you. This category is going to become more competitive. So if brands are offering more range, where does this mx30 sit amongst all of them? I cant imagine, like you, said, zach, that resale value being very good. Well, while were on the topic. What else can you buy for roughly the same money for your consideration? Four vehicles for you to consider up first is the hyundai kona ev, its powered by a 201 horsepower electric motor with 415 kilometers of ev range. It has a starting price of forty three and a half thousand dollars. Next is the kia niro with 385 kilometers of ev range, it has a 201 horsepower electric motor and a starting price of forty five thousand dollars.

The vw id4 is powered by a 201 horsepower electric motor with 400 kilometers of ev range and a starting price of just under 45 000.. Next is the chevrolet bolt euv, with 387 kilometers of ev range 200 horsepower and a starting price of just over 40 000. So there are four electric vehicles for you to consider so lets get into a little bit more detail with our vital stats lets start with pricing. The base model starts at just over 42 000 and the top gt trim is just over 47 000. heres, the fuel economy, the mx 30 gets 2.4 liters equivalent per 100 kilometers in the city and 2.8 on the highway. At this time there are no u.s numbers on the mazda website for fuel economy. Mazda offers a warranty of three years with unlimited kilometers in canada and three years or 36 000 miles in the u.s lightning round. Two things you like two things youd like to see improve: i love how this drives and handles and the beautiful interior. What id like to see more, let me guess, let me guess range, you got it and maybe a height adjustment on the passenger side. Well, i, like the same things i like the way it drives, and i love this new interior. What id like to see, is you guessed it more range, and i wish they had brought the plug in version of this one first to get people excited about what they have overall mazda did a really good job with its first kick at the can.

It just needs more range: it delivers on all of their attributes, handling style, interior materials heres. The r word range this video is brought to you by carcass canada. Get the dealers cost list of rebates, plus discounted interest rates, use the promo code motormouth to become an expert member and get extra searches.