Tom could not make it to china, but were here today to experience the new x punk p5. This is the crucial third model from xiaoping. As you may know, x pang is one of three companies listed in the us, the others being neo and lee auto. Crucially, this is the worlds first production car to feature lidar Music. For some time now, weve been seeing a lot of cars with lidar sensors mounted on them all test cars, and usually they have a big rig up here with the sensors or big protrusions from the side and ive always wondered im sure a lot of people have How is this actually going to make it into production? Well, currently, there seem to be two different methods. Firstly, you have cars like neo et7, which mount them in the roof. At the top, however, x punk have gone a different route. What they have done is mounted them in the fender here. Crucially, though note it is set back from the front, so i was speaking to eric joe, the designer of x punk earlier this year, and he said that theyve actually tried to make this a sort of integral part of the car. So its like an aggressive feature. Such as a teeth or claws, one crucial point is: if you look at the arc fox alpha s, the huawei inside version, they have three lidar sensors, whereas x. Punk has two, however, with the arc fox, it actually has a lidar sensor right in the middle here now you might think: okay, yeah, three lidar sensors is probably going to be better but theres one huge problem in the slightest accident.

You have that lidar sensor is going to be destroyed and currently a lidar sensor is somewhere in the region of 1500 us dollars so its quite an expensive accident, even in the smallest little prang. Here we have the lidar unit. So, as i mentioned, this is going to be the first production car in the world to actually feature lidar. This car goes on sale officially on september, the 15th, with deliveries beginning at the end of october. In the next year there are actually four cars in china that i know of with lidar being launched, the others being the neo et7, the welt meister w7, the arc fox alpha s huawei inside and finally, the iml7. We dont know what all the prices are of. Those cars, but what i can tell you is of the cars. The prices that we do know of all of them are at least 50 percent more expensive than the p5. Also in the us launching there will be the lucid air. Crucially, this lidar allows the p5 to have what is known as x pilot 3.5. If youve seen our videos of the p7 youll notice that the p7 has whats known as x. Pilot 3.0, now x, pilot 3.0 introduced ngp navigation. Guided pilot. Currently, ngp only works on highways and certain limited inner city roads which are kind of protected. The lidar adds to the suite of sensors that the p7 has so that is: 12 ultrasonic, sensors, 5 millimeter wavelength radars and around 13 cameras.

Crucially, what this allows it to do is to drive on pretty much most city roads, so therell be a function occurring probably around about the end of this year. Maybe early next year called city ngp and this will be able to drive the car in a self driving function on most inner city roads ex fund have two platforms known as david and edward currently x. Punk have two models on the market: the g3 and the p7 g3 is on the david platform, whereas the p7 is on the edgewood platform with the p5. This is also based on the david platform. It has a wheelbase of 2768 millimeters. Now, if youre familiar with the g3, the g3 is actually a smallish crossover suv type car. This, however, is really quite a large sedan, although this is meant to be a compact car size. Wise is actually far closer to p7. So, despite the wheelbase being 200 millimeters less than the p7, actually its length is really quite close. So the length of this car is 4808 millimeters, thats, 72 millimeters only less than the p7, so its really quite a big car and what exponent have done is try to get the most out of the wheelbase and out of its size as well. See the capacity inside is really quite spacious. First impression of the p5 interior is that it seems that x, punk has matured. If you compare it to the interior of say the earlier g3 or the p7, it seems that everything is just more finished and more mature.

So youve got good use of high quality material, so youve got soft touch. Plastics youve got a nice sort of metal finish here. Everything seems very well put together. Youve got various features like a camera. Here youve got speakers that rise up crucial, however, to the layout of the dashboard. Are these two screens youve got a 12.3 inch instrument panel and a 15.6 inch infotainment screen. If you compare, though, the placing to the previous models with the p7, you had really one large expanse of glass. Okay, it was two individual screens, but they blended into one another. This, though, takes the g3 approach where there are two separate screens. However, there is one key difference to the g3: the g3 screen kind of protrudes up above the dashboard and looks almost like its an afterthought and just stuck on this is far better integrated into the overall layout. You have also other features such as a wireless charging point here, and this is actually being reconfigured from how it is in the p7, and it drops right down there and its useful, useful space. One important aspect, obviously with x pump cars are that theyre smart connected vehicles, and so the infotainment system is really quite important with x bar, and this is a page which gives information about the car. So weve got the different drive modes here. So at the moment the car is set in sports mode. Weve got an eco mode and weve got a normal mode.

Weve got um headlight controls there and we can make various alterations such as whether its high medium or low, with the regenerative braking one thing. Actually, i should mention is the regenerative braking on the p5 is relatively strong on the highest setting. Lets go off the screen, weve got a map here, weve got various music options and remember a lot of these things are actually operated can be operated. I should say by voice control underlying the operations of this car, so weve got 360 degree up view. Well, actually, weve got a rear view right now, but we can put that into 360 degrees and we can also put that into a 3d view so running this system is the third generation snapdragon 8155 chip, which replaces the 820a in the p7. So it should give a much smoother operating process and be much quicker to operate. One slightly bad point about. It is its actually only 4g, whereas some chinese cars are actually using 5g, which i find a little bit strange. Actually, why expunge stuck with 4g but im sure they have a reason of some sort. Here we are in the back of the p5 and if theres one thing thats really noticeable about it is how much space there is. So, as you can see, theres a huge amount of legroom, what explant has done is really managed to maximize the use of the wheelbase to give as much room as possible to the occupants and where it really shows, is here in the back seat.

Now there are also some interesting features. Oh one thing i should mention: we actually have quite good head space as well, so its not just leg room im about five foot, 975 centimeters and ive got a hands width between my head and the top of the roof. We also have a 1.5 or nearly 1.5 meter squared panoramic roof, and there are a few other features which are quite nifty as well. So if we pull down the armrest weve got obviously the cup holders in there have a look at this. So in there we have a fridge complete with some nicely chilled coffee. So there is enough space in here for probably about three bottles. It has a nice little closing action there. I should point out that this is an optional extra, so it is not actually included on the top of the range but can be purchased for an extra amount of money, as can a projector which would be mounted up here, and there is actually a 12 volt Power outlet here which you would use for the projector and, along with the projector, comes a roll out screen. So the screen will roll down in the front and then you can project a movie. There is another feature actually about the space in here as well. You can actually put the front seats down, so they act, so they go pretty much flat for whats known as sleep mode and whats more x.

Men actually has another accessory, which is like an air bed that you can pump up, probably using the 12 volt outlet. There and it inflates, and then you can have a nice um space where you can lie down and watch your movie being projected onto the front screen were now in the passenger seat and lets have a look at some of the features. So we have a fragrance dispenser here. I believe theres, three different fragrances that can be put in here and that can be dispensed out. We have a wireless charging point. We have cup holders inside here we have a cubby holder with two usb ports and a 12 volt outlet. One important point is actually the headrest. This is actually can be moved its not so much on the front seat, but a lot on the back seat, but even on the front seat. Here we have some moveability to give cushioning for the head were driving in the suburbs of beijing on a fairly free flowing stretch of highway. Its not too congested today now were driving the top of the range 600p version of the p5. This is the one with lidar equipped, but currently we cannot actually test out the functions like city ngp, because those actually havent come online, now theres a clue in the name 600p as to the range of this car. So under the nedc cycle it does 600 kilometers. There are two other versions, one that does 460 and 550 kilometers, so those are 285 miles, 342 miles and 373 miles.

If im not mistaken, so youve got two different battery technologies in use with the lower one. With the um 460 kilometer range, it uses the um lithium ion battery, whereas the other two use a ncm chemistry, so thats, nickel, cadmium and manganese chemistry. I believe this car has a 71.4 kilowatt hour battery and it has a motor on the front wheels only unlike the p7, which is a rear, wheel, drive. This is front wheel, drive and there is no four wheel drive option and it has a 155 kilowatt motor which is 208 horsepower, and it has 310 newton meters of torque handling wise weve, driven this car on a variety of roads, expressways highways and weve even gone On winding roads, actually in quite a countryside area – and i must say, the car actually handles pretty well im quite impressed. The steering is reasonably responsive, its got a nice feel about it. In fact, i would say its actually better in that respect, perhaps than the p7. The p7 i do feel is a little bit on the loose side. I feel its been tightened up a little bit with the car, although the handling is not as good as the p7 i mean. Obviously, the p7 platform is more designed as a sporty platform and its rear, wheel, drive etc, but general steering feel is possibly better in this car acceleration. Wise youve got 7.5 seconds zero to 100 kilometers an hour, so thats zero to 62 miles per hour.

Okay, thats not hugely fast by electric car standards, but for most driver that is going to be fast enough charging wise! Well, you can get 30 to 80 percent in, i believe 38 minutes with this battery under the fastest charging conditions, which is by modern standards, perhaps not that great. For example, the ioniq 5 will do 10 to 80 in 18 minutes, but thats got 800 volt architecture behind it. So one thing this car has is v2l vehicle to load, so you can actually run an electrical device off the battery from the car. So, for example, you went camping, you might be able to run an electric stove. You also have a projector in this car as an optional extra and that obviously runs off the battery of the car, so that is obviously the difference to v2g so vehicle to grid. So you cannot use the car as a backup if youre um, if the electricity goes off at your place or using it as a way of trading electricity or anything like that today, weve driven the car under various conditions or either even taking this off road, which Often, i wont even do with an suv but youll, probably notice theres one thing i havent actually told you so far and thats the price well, pre. Sale prices are 160 000 rmb to 230 000. So this top of the range is 230 000 in us dollars terms, that is 24 800 to 35 600.

. So this is not exactly cheap, but it offers extremely good value for money when, especially when you factor in that this is the first production car with lidar. Most of the cars that were hearing about with lidar are significantly more expensive. This, though, is a crucial car for xsp xbang hoped that this is really going to boost sales, monthly sales figures up so theres a competition happening in china currently for which of the smart ev companies is going to be the first to cross the 10 000 a Month, barrier, its close at the moment when, when deliveries of this car begin in october, x, pung will almost certainly cross that barrier and, in fact, explainer talking about sales of fifteen thousand a month by the end of the year, not of this model. But fifteen thousand across the three models ex fund, though, have got very ambitious plans over the next few years, so starting in 2023, they plan to have two or three models: two or three new models, i should say coming onto the market each year. So this is the third model, perhaps were going to see the fourth model in two months time at guangzhou, auto show, and then it will go on sale next year.