weve already seen the e tron suv, the e tron sportback and the e tron gt now its time for ev number. Four, the e tron q4, before we put it through its paces, dont, forget to subscribe to the driving electric youtube channel and hit the bell icon down there. So youre notified every time a new video goes live right. Should we see what its like Music? The q4 e tron is the first electric audi to be built on the meb platform, the same base youll find under the volkswagen id4, the skoda enyak iv and so many more electric cars to come in the next few years. The q4 offers a choice of three powertrains: the basic 35 e tron, the mid range 40 e tron and the most powerful 50 e tron quattro theres, also a sportback coupe version of all three in case. You want something a bit sleeker the entry level car gets a 52 kilowatt hour battery with miles of range, but itll also do zero to 62 miles per hour in nine seconds. If you upgrade to the 40 e tron, you get a 77 kilowatt hour battery with an impressive 360 miles of range theres, also, a stronger electric motor upping the power from 168 to 201 brake horsepower. The e tron 50 adds an extra motor on the rear axle for four wheel: drive improving performance further, but reducing range to 298 miles compared to the id4 and the enyak iv.

The q4 e tron is pitched as the premium choice, and nowhere is that more evident than in here the interior is beautifully designed and exquisitely finished with soft touch materials everywhere you look. What i really like is how the touchscreen is angled towards the driver, so its really easy to use when youre, driving and audi has kept physical buttons for the aircon controls. Other car makers, please take note. Every q4 e tron comes with a 10 and a quarter inch virtual cockpit display as standard and a 10.1 inch infotainment screen its a bit smaller than the one youll find in the skoda. But audis mmi operating system is one of the slickest youll use. It puts the id fours one to shame really, of course, apple, carplay and android. Auto are standard too. The q4 e tron comes in four trim levels: sport s line edition one and vorsprung. The most basic version like ours starts from just under 41 000 pounds and as standard you get stuff like led lights and 19 inch alloy wheels, plus a powered tailgate cruise control, heated front seats and three zone air conditioning its this version wed recommend. Actually, as it comes with all the essential kit, without the eye watering price of higher spec models, the seleka sportback version of the q4 e tron costs about 1500 quid more than the standard equivalent. In almost every case, if youre interested in the s line, edition 1 or vorsprung versions, full specs can be found in our written review.

At drivingelectric.com we mentioned that top of the range four wheel drive 50 quattro model earlier, but this is the more modest mid range. 40 model weve got here, but thats, okay, because we reckon this is the sweet spot in the lineup. You get the biggest battery the most range and its still fast enough. When you want to overtake stragglers like our camera car and because its rear wheel drive, the 40 is fun, which is amazing, when you think that this is a big two ton plus suv, and a lot of that is down to the steering wheel, because its so Small and light it just invites you to chuck it into corners and because all the battery weight is in the floor, theres not much body roll. When you do, the ride is more supple than a tesla model 3 as well. Our car has the optional adaptive dampers, but if you like, the big wheels id recommend trying one with and without the adjustable suspension, just to be sure that its not too firm for your liking, as is the case with all electric cars, you can expect efficiency to Worsen at higher speeds, but rather than worrying about the range dropping like a stone, youll be more preoccupied with how quiet the q4 e tron is on the move, its a seriously relaxed machine when you just want to cruise around this trait continues in town, where the Q4 is even quieter: without the wind and road noise you inevitably get on the motorway, its dead, easy to drive with that light, steering good visibility as well.

Although note again, youll have to tick a few option boxes to get cameras fitted to the car because, as standard you only get parking sensors on the basic sport trim Music. As mentioned earlier, this version of the q4 e tron promises the longest range in the lineup and, according to audi itll, do 316 miles on a single charge. But when i left home this morning, the gauge was only showing 260 miles, so even in the summer, youre unlikely to get the headline figure that audi achieved in test conditions. Having said that, it still works out at about 3.4 miles per kilowatt hour. So when it comes to efficiency, the audi is actually doing well against other electric suvs of this size when it comes to charging. If youre topping up at home a typical seven kilowatt wall box will refill the q4 e tron 35 in seven and a half hours, but models with the bigger battery will need eleven and a half hours. These versions also see their peak charging speed increased from 100 to 125 kilowatts, but in both cases you can add about 80 miles of range in around 10 minutes at a typical public rapid charger. It might be fast, but that doesnt mean that audi has forgotten the basics, like its vw group rivals. The q4 e tron is really practical, with lots of interior storage and space for passengers to stretch out the rear doors open wide, so getting in and out is easy, plus the flat floor.

Maximizes leg room. Meanwhile, the boot measures a generous 520 liters and if you fold the seats down, you can almost treble that space for when you need to shift bulky items. If you lift up the boot floor, youll see theres space underneath for charging cables. Now, if youre the kind of person who doesnt have many things that permanently live in the back, then thats fine, but, as many of you have pointed out before, if youve got lots of clobber lying around, then this isnt a great solution. Unfortunately, theres no additional storage in the nose. All things considered. The audi q4 e tron is incredibly hard to fault its quick when you need it to be comfortable when you dont, the technology is excellent, its spacious and practical, and the range is decent too. So the only question really is whether you think its worth the money or not our sport spec car with the mid range battery and motor costs 000 pounds with no extras. Some buyers will want to add things like the adaptive suspension or matrix led lights, but really theres, not much that you need to add other compact. Electric suvs might offer more value for money, but for overall ability, theres little better head to drivingelectric.