The mokus got the brands visor front end with a sharp set of daytime running lights and, if youre brave enough, an individual colour palette too, the old mocha sold over a million units in europe, so its a big car for opal and like its cousins. There are petrol and diesel versions. Every model comes with a 50 kilowatt hour battery with a 134 brake horsepower, electric motor and an official range of 330 kilometers inside the cabin. The good news is its actually pretty nice. The front end treatment has been recreated with pure panel display its not as slick as the setup as youll find in the mercedes, a class plug in hybrid, but its very simply laid out and easy to use pleasingly. The controls for the climate controller physical, rather than hidden away in the screen sub menus mocha e, is offered in four trim levels with entry level, se nav premium cars getting 16 inch, alloys, led headlights and a panoramic rear view camera, as well as automatic emergency braking. As standard sri nav premium brings a sportier look with black exterior detailing and 18 inch alloy wheels enough premium. Cars get even more standard kit with highlights, including adaptive cruise control, heated seats and 17 inch alloys, while top spec launch edition cars like this, come as standard with leather upholstery and advanced parking assistance. All cars come with sat nav, plus apple carplay and android auto, but youll need to step up to at least the sri to get the 10 screen in the middle and the 12 inch screen behind the steering wheel.

The screen itself could be a bit more responsive, but theres plenty of functionality and elsewhere. Quality is really very good which easily matches other small suvs in the segment. If you put a premium badge on the steering wheel, many people will be none the wiser to this. Being an output when it comes to practicality, moki perfectly fulfills, its brief as a more versatile version of the corsa super mini, will be infinitely more appealing to small families, thanks to the boot that measures up to 350 litres, which is smaller than the petrol mochas. But its bigger than the corset 260 litre load bay, the sleek exterior profile, does rob the mock e of some outright carrying space, though pleasingly there is some storage under the floor for the charging cables when the weather in ireland hits theres nothing like being in a Bright green car to really brighten everyones day and this smoker in matcha green, really gets everyones attention, so its mocha e, which means its fully electric. You get about 300 kilometers out of a tank which the manufacturer gives an estimate of about 330, but i havent seen any more than 300 kilometers out of the tank from charge, a very different uh departure from the usual opa face and obviously theyre under celantas. Now, theyre, in with peugeot theyre in with citroen, i dont know how do you say that pujo persia, i always say persia, i gon na get slagged in the comments im sure about that one, but um yeah.

So theyve done a really great job on this, and i think that output is really perfectly suited to electric cars. I think theyve done a brilliant job on this, because its so simple its very easy to use theres, nothing confusing when you get into it at all. Uh you get into the teslas, and you have to relearn everything where everything is because youre only working off the tesla pad thats in front of you, whereas this its a fairly standard fascia, its a standard dash, you kind of get the gist really quickly of where Everything is weve, got a couple of simple drive modes down here, very easy to use to get it into park, neutral, drive and thats, a very good thing and theres no stalk im, not a huge fan of the stockholm mercedes, because this is an automatic volvos as Well, i find a little bit confusing, even though i love them, but this is very simple, very easy to use. Get it into drive, go! Stick it into park when you stop and then put up the handbrake job done very simple, so youve also got the infotainment system in front of you here as well. Very easy to use good text good lighting behind it as well, which is very important. Its an extremely simple dash in front of you as well to give you your speed and to give you your you know your trip information and how much range you have left the percentage of battery charge.

Youve got left. Youve got a few different screens as well. Youve got your audio: if youve got your phone plugged in youve got apple carplay and youve got the sat, nav its good, its decent enough, its very, very simple, graphics. You know fairly old school youve got your phone um. Then youve got your e information, so youve got all your flow statistics charge whats going on with the car, not a huge amount of information or detail here, not a lot of stuff, not a lot of statistics either but nice to know information thats. You know good to know and then a few bits and pieces that you can change in the car blind spot monitoring, traction control, headlights, but best of all youve got a quick access to lane. Assist and um. Also youve got access to your uh cruise control functions as well, which is really good, so lets just take it for a spin ive started it up. I have got the heated seats on because it is a cold october day. It has gotten very cold very quickly. The summer is officially over so thats it engine is on. You cant hear us um pedestrians do hear it, though it does have that electric wine, as youre slowing down to alert people to your presence but other than that, a very slow, easy nice maneuverable car, and i think that the way the batteries are laid out underneath The floor gives a lovely balance to the car, its something that obviously the petrol and the diesel versions.

Dont have diesel has obviously an added weight, but its all in the front, petrol theyre very, very light, but the electric batteries laid out flat on the floor give it a lovely drivability, its so nice and you barely notice it you, the the weight in the 80 Etron in the q4, its just so heavy, you feel like youre, using so much more of your energy to propel the car. Whereas in this you just feel like youre moving forward and then you kind of have to take a double take in that uh. Do i need fuel? Do we need um electricity? What do i need to do to this car? You know when you do that usual check of do i need to charge it or do i need to fuel it its that good, because its so simple, its brilliantly simple, and i love that about this car space in the back – has plenty of headroom knee room. Isnt, all that generous, but the middle seat is a little bit tight and theres plenty of usb slots to keep the kids entertained. While the olmoku saw well, despite its lackluster driving experience, this new one needs the dynamics to match its stylish appearance Music. You can think of its siblings, of having their own distinct personality and the citroen is the comfortable one. The peugeot is the practical one and the ds is the luxury take on the formula. The new mocha e manages to blend all three, its, not super soft and yet its not that sporty either its, perhaps not as fast as you might imagine, but thats, not necessarily a bad thing.

It feels as if the new mocha e has been tuned to ease peoples, transition between petrol and electric. It just feels really normal to drive, which is great, its pretty quiet and its refined. Apart from a little wind noise around the a pillars at motorway speeds, and it rides well enough for a car of this type Music, the mochi e gets the same charging capability as its pressure and citroen siblings, find a rapid charger and opel says it will charge To 80 full in 30 minutes, it also has a relatively powerful 11 kilowatt onboard ac charger, allowing for a five hour refill at home. However, most people will use a seven kilowatt wall box which will top up the car overnight in around seven hours. The mochi e only comes with a mode three cable for wall box charging, though youll pay extra for the three pin plug handily opel, says its working on a range calculator for its website, allowing potential customers to factor in things like weather temperature and other charging variables. We saw 300 kilometers from a full charge and opel claims a standard fit heat pump should help the mocha maintain a decent usable range, whatever the conditions so 300 kilometers should be achievable. Even in winter, Music, Music, the old open mocha was successful in numbers, and this new one is so much better, especially with the mokus all electric powertrain.