Mercedes eqg, just as it was promised to arnold schwarzenegger back in 2018 by the then chairman of daimler, the iconic gallant wagon becomes a part of the mercedes electrification initiative. The concept eqg rides on 22 inch. Wheels gets rid of the front grille in favor of a backlit led panel with a large logo. Plus there is an led light, strap on the roof that mimics high beams. The usual spare wheel in the back is replaced with a utility box to neatly store recharge cables. The electric g class undoubtedly will retain its superior four wheel, drive off roading capability with the help of four independent motors, a redesigned, rear axle and a new two speed. Gearbox its battery shall support 400 miles of range and 200 kilowatt recharging. For now the boxy giant keeps the usual mpux infotainment, though, at the point of the production model release, we should expect a 56 inch hyper screen: Music genesis. Gv60. This crossover finalizes the haunted motor group trio vehicles, utilizing the new egmp electric platform, just like the honda ionic 5 and kia ev6. The cuv gets a striking design that follows the genesis athletic elegance identity. It is reflected in the beak inspired crust, grille with two lines: headlamps koopas, uv profile, fixed wing, rear, spoiler flush door handles and wheel designs up to 21 inches in case of the genesis gv60. The egmp is equipped with a 77 kilowatt hour battery. It can have single rear or dual motor, all wheel drive configuration which translates to the max range of 280 miles and 483 hp of peak output, the interior sports, an intriguing mix of plant based lather, alcantara and fabrics which were derived from recycled pet bottles and fishnets.

Besides a large dual screen, cockpit, the cabin leaves a lasting impression with a crystal sphere that does double duty, as is shipped by wire, selector and vehicles, mod lights, Music, porsche mission r, though labeled by porsche as a concept. The mission r is actually a fully functional prototype that will make its racing debut sometime in 2025., similar in size to the 718 cayman. The truck beast has an integrated carbon fiber, composite gauge, active aerodynamic system and an adjustable rear wing. Its entire body is made from natural fiber, reinforced plastic same material is used inside the car compared to the 3d printed foam elements. The power comes from a dual motor: all wheel, drive system fed by an 80 kilowatt hour battery with 900 volt architecture in the qualifying mode, the setup peaks at 1088 horses, while in racing it can produce 681 hp, consistently porsche promises that the mission r can race For 45 minutes takes two and a half seconds to reach 62. Mph tops out at 186 miles per hour and requires no more than 15 minutes to recharge the battery from 5 to 80 percent. You cannot sit on the sidelines of the electric revolution, so at least smash the like button to support the costs. Its that simple lets proceed: Music, smart concept number one two decades ago: smart was the pioneer of urban mobility and sustainable lifestyle. But in the recent years the brand has been really struggling to keep up with this reputation.

In 2019, the brands parent company daimler established a new partnership with the chinese gili that is focused on creating a future generation of smarts with all electric drivetrains this year. The joint venture premiered their concept number one, which presents the upcoming production model claimed to debut in china in early 2023, based on gillys c platform, the only smart is no longer a micro car, but rather a drag rifle to the mini countryman with its 108 inches Wheelbase, it features 21 inch, wheels, thin, led light bars at the front and rear concealed door handles a panoramic glass roof and frameless doors. The most intriguing feature on the inside is the centrally positioned 12.8 inch touchscreen. The doubles is the control element. At this point, the powertrain details remain undisclosed, Music, hispano suizablon. The revival of the iconic pre world war ii. Automotive brands began in 2019 when the drag descendant of the hispano suiza founder damian matteo presented to the world of the 14 unit exclusive carmen supercar. At the 2020 virtual geneva, auto show the company revealed a more unique five unit version of the model labeled boulonn. Now the car is ready for deliveries and the visitors of the 2021 munich ia mobility even got to see it in the flash built on the carbon fiber monocoque from carmen. It is equipped with the revised suspension components, a new carbon fiber roof and black and copper exterior. The car is propelled by four electric motors and an 80 kilowatt hour battery that produces 1114 horses and 1180 pound feet of peak torque being 132 pounds lighter than the first car man.

It can do zero to 60 sprint in 2.6 seconds and reaches a maximum speed of 180 miles per hour. Music ds4 la premier, the market launch of the all new ds4 hatchback, starts with a limited edition model, labeled la premiere, positioned to top of the range it has unique, exterior design and offers both the plug in hybrid or the pure attack gasoline drivetrains, each rated for 225 horses: you can recognize the la premiere by its exclusive lacquered, grey or pearl crystal paint with contrasting black roof special batching black grille and either 19 or 20 inch alloy wheels. The car also gets standard cds, active scan suspension with adaptive dampers, matrix, led headlights and level to autonomy. Drivers inside the seats are wrapped in nappa leather and are equipped with heating, cooling and massage the dashboard features ashwood drum. While the technology package includes a digital instrument. Cluster, an extended head up display and ats smart touch, infotainment, Music, mercedes amg, eqs 53 4matic, plus the first production ev from the amg brand sits the top of the eqs hierarchy and until mercedes decides to reveal the amg 63 model is the most powerful member of The family, the super salon, differs from the regular eqs by an exclusive black panel grille with vertical struts, as well as a larger rear, spoiler and unique 21 or 22 inch alloy wheels. On the mechanical front, the amg fight eqs gets an adaptive electronically, controlled air suspension, standard, rear axle, steering and high performance brakes with the option of upgrading to amg carbon ceramic units, depending on the configuration and wheel size up to 360 miles of range is possible, while The 200 kilowatt dc charging allows to reduce the battery for another 180 miles in just 15 minutes as standard two electric motors deliver 657 horsepower, but the buyers of the optional amg, dynamic plus package will have a boost to 761 ponies and 752 pound feet of torque Music cupra taviscan extreme e sets performance branch continues to generate interest towards its upcoming electric crossover.

First previewed as the tavascan concept, the moniker is being attached to the cupra extreme e competition vehicle for the 2022 racing season. The build was produced in cooperation with apt sportsline and takes a holistic approach to the use of natural materials. This implies the infusion affluence fibers into the body structure instead of carbon fiber. Moreover, cooper introduces 3d printed components that can be produced from scratch in just 6 hours. The cupra tava scan xtreme e has a 536 horsepower twin motor drivetrain that is choosed. With a 54 kilowatt hour battery, this combo comes from williams, advanced engineering and ensures 0 to 60 in 4 seconds Music renault 5 revealed in early 2021. The renault 5 prototype makes an appearance in munich and brings us the news that it will be realized as a production model. Sometime next year. The super mini is expected to retain the retro looks of the r5 gt, but with modern styling cues, there are boxy wheel. Arches, a red stripe along the window line and a noticeable air intake on the bonnet that hides a charging port flap. The most distinctive design feature is the absence of a conventional grill. Instead, the company used a backlit renault name, spelled out across the front bumper. The interior details are scarce, but several photos. Let us distinguish bucket seats with square cushion quilting and an interesting lighting system surrounding the headrests Music. Bmw ix3 an electric version of bmws x3 compact crossover, sits on the companys claire modular architecture and debuts the brands fifth generation scalable drivetrain technology.

It is much more compact than the old system. The battery is more energy dense, plus it reduces the use of rare earth materials for 2022. The x3 gets only one configuration. It features a single electric motor that sends 286 horses and 295 feet to the rear, wheels and comes paired with an 80 kilowatt hour battery pack, the expected range reaches 255 miles and the car gets access to charging at 150 kilowatt as standard. The crossover offers a premium interior with 18 cubic feet of boot, space, three zone, climate control and a panoramic roof. The cabin houses, a 12.3 inch instrument cluster and an infotainment of the same size, plus the higher impressive trim at the head up display and a harman kardon audio system, subaru soltera in 2019 superintelta expanded the scope of their corporation beyond the co platform sports cars. These two japanese brands joined forces in developing a shared tv architecture that will be underpinning tens of new vehicles across all classes by 2025. Judging by the teaser images, the super saltera closely mimics toyotas pc4x. So we should expect a refor sized all wheel, drive electric crossover from latin. Its name is translated as sun on earth, but in reality this vehicle will be equipped like a space ship with tons of sensors, replacing the front grille a futuristic, cockpit and an adaptive steer by wire grab. Judging by the number of electric news that keep popping up every single day, this video is not the last one in our digest, so make sure to subscribe to automotive territory, not to miss the upcoming episodes.

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