Well, this may be the car youre after this is the audi q4 e tron and it is a new, more affordable, pure electric audi, before we go any further into whether this really is the electric audi for you, dont forget to subscribe to the cargurus uk channel And turn on your notifications, so you dont miss any of our videos. As you can see its a midsize family suv, i mean audis naming strategy can be really confusing, but here the q4 bit does tell you that it is a bit bigger than a q3 and a bit smaller than a q5, and the e tron bit tells you That it is pure electric, on which note you can get two different batteries in this car, a 52 kilowatt hour or a 77 kilowatt hour, and that gives you a range of between 208 and 316 miles. And that does make this one of the longest range cars. In this class, having said that, this car sits on the meb platform, the same platform as the volkswagen id4 and the id3, and the skoda enyak and weve never been that blown away by the real world efficiency on those cars. So we will have to see how this does in the real world in a bit. It certainly looks good with a stubby nose and swept back lines, not to mention the contrasting trim running off the window line its practical too. The boot lip is bit high, but its a decent size and has underfloor storage thats great for stowing.

Your cables theres also plenty of space in the rear seats, even for a six footer to sit behind a tall driver, its pretty impressive up front as well. Theres. Plenty of room for pretty much anybody to get comfortable id argue. The manual adjustment on the seat can be a bit tricky to get in exactly the right position. It feels like youre kind of difficult to just move it incrementally, but still really nice place to sit and lets talk about this. It is a kind of square steering wheel, now, look its optional on the lower two trims, but it is standard on uh edition one and also the incredibly expensive vore spring model. Do you know what i dont mind it actually in use? Well, talk about it a bit more, maybe later when were driving. What annoys me far more than the flat bottom and top is the touch sensitive, steering wheel buttons. There are lots of things that annoy me about the interfaces in modern cars screens that you cant dim easily. All of that stuff. Nothing is more annoying than touch sensitive buttons on the steering wheel. It should be banned its a terrible, terrible idea. Anyway, i will move on even the entry level. Sports trim gets three zone, climate control, which you adjust with traditional buttons, im, pleased to say, heated, seats and rear parking sensors, although its annoying that it costs a lot extra to get a reversing camera. Unless you go for the ridiculously expensive vor spring model, you get this color touchscreen.

Here you get the apple carplay android, auto all the bits and pieces that you want, and you know what its not bad to use. Actually, this system, the screen, responds really nicely. The graphics are great. It is one of the best systems in the class. You also get the audi virtual cockpit as standard, and it is just, i think, quite a smart, looking interior, its very angular and uh to an extent the square steering wheel, kind of enhances that so yeah. I dont think theres much to complain about up here before we get to the driving bit. Lets talk. Charging the smaller battery model called the 35 charges at speeds of up to 100 kilowatts, which is good for a 100 mile top up in around about 20 minutes. But the big battery versions – badged 40 and 50 charge at 125 kilowatts, so youll get the same top up in around about 15 minutes a full charge at a seven kilowatt home wall box will take 12 hours in the big battery car or under nine hours. In the smaller battery model, the test car that weve got here is the q4e e tron 40, which is the mid range car, so youre getting 201 brake horsepower its rear wheel drive. You can get this car with four wheel drive if you go for the um 50 model, and that gets massive more power as well, so that thing will do not to 62 in about 6.

2 seconds, whereas this one does 8.1 seconds. I think that this is the sweet spot in the range to be honest, because youre getting the longer range battery youre getting decent performance. It doesnt give you a proper kind of you know a bit of shock and awe like some electric cars. Do the ford mustang mackie, for instance, but its got more than enough power to feel pretty punchy, especially up to about 40 or 50., can feel a little bit breathless after that at times. I suppose, for you know, a fairly powerful premium suv, but this things heavy its a two ton car, so even with 201 brake, never feels like a sports suv thats for sure just feels nice feels responsive, nice and smooth nice and slick, and that goes for the Ride comfort, as well as for the performance, its got really nice sort of cushy bump absorption and everything just feels well judged its, not a thrilling car to drive im, not gon na lie, even if you stick it in dynamic mode um, and it really annoys me That you have to press this button right over here by your passengers knee to toggle through the drive modes. That seems kind of illogical to me. But anyway, when you do get it in dynamic mode, everything sharpens up. You get more throttle response, but ultimately this feels like a really relaxing chilled family car and, i think thats, absolutely fine. I think thats what most people want from it.

Its very refined, really nice motorway car feels really stable, and this steering, as with everything else, it just feels very precise, nicely weighted theres, not a hell of a lot of feedback, but because theres plenty of grip, dont worry about that rear, wheel, drive aspect, theres, masses Of traction in this car, i have driven it in the rain and it feels absolutely sort of planted and confident. Even then, you can really kind of swing it through corners. It feels quite nice, its all good. The only thing that might take a little bit of getting used to is the brake regen, because audi chooses to have an automatic mode on its brake regen, which most rivals, including the eqa and all that kind of stuff. They do too audi decides that if the road ahead is clear, then it will let the car coast and that can feel a bit weird. It can feel a little bit like the cars kind of running away from you, because, if youre used to a petrol or diesel car and youre used to that kind of engine, braking you dont get it in this. You lift off, and the car will literally just freewheel for what feels like miles and actually, when you get used to it, thats quite nice, and it is a very efficient way of of getting about. But then, if it senses that theres a junction ahead or another car or even a change in speed limit, then it will actually start to slow the car down.

You can choose standard levels of brake regen. You can toggle through it with these steering wheel, paddles, which is another thing i like, because it basically means that you can have full control of the brake regeneration and you can use it almost like you would changing down a gear in an automatic car. So, ultimately, i think this is a really well set up brake regen system that just fits in very well with everything else, and what about real world range? Well, our q440, each one isnt doing too badly weve seen around about 250 to 260 miles in the summer and wed expect to see more like about 200 to 220 miles in winter conditions and the square steering wheel. Well, you know what actually doesnt bother me too much and i dont think it will bother most people, but it is a triumph of marketing over common sense lets face it and lets not even go near the touch sensitive steering, wheel buttons, which are just a disaster. If we can forgive that, then the rest of the audi e tron in terms of the way it drives is a really sweet package, actually its just a very easy thing to like and a very easy thing to get on with the second you get into it. Its priced very competitively, even the long range car costs from under 45 000 pounds. Finance deals are a bit pricey to be honest, but for what it is for the sort of image youre getting for the interior quality theres.

Lots of reasons why you might go for this, even though there are other cars out there, that undeniably offer better practicality, better performance for less cash, even so its a lovely thing, and if you can find the right deal for you, then go for it. Theres not much wrong with a q4 e tron, then you can get it from under 45 000 pounds even with that long range battery, so its very competitive on pricing with its premium rivals and its just a switch to sit in and drive as youd expect. However, it is outclassed by the mercedes eqa on interior finish and for performance in space by the mustang mackey. Perhaps the biggest issue is that the volkswagen, id4 and skoda enyak iv are very similar to drive and yet actually are a bit more practical for a lot. Less cash: hey! You have to pay for the prestige badge, of course, and if you can find a deal to suit you, then youre not going to be disappointed, but there are certainly others out there that seem to offer a bit more for the money than the audi q4 e Tron dont forget to like this video subscribe to the cargurus uk youtube channel and head to cargurus.