Today we are driving something quite exclusive. We are behind the wheel of the brand new mazda mx 30. This is mazdas very first, all electric vehicle that started up right here, its a rainy day in vancouver um. There we go so ill come on here. We are showing 99 capacity for the battery and our range is showing 206 kilometers so lets get on the road and experience it a little bit more before we start talking about it. Music, all right were kind of actually doing what this vehicle is made for driving around in the city were in uh kind of busy vancouver downtown traffic here uh. So what do we know about this new mx30? First of all, it will only be sold in a few markets in north america at launch and it is built in japan. So this is going to be sold in california, in the u.s and in canada, its going to be sold in bc and quebec and thats kind of natural, because uh those two provinces have kind of like the best infrastructure uh that we have right now for evs. As well, it does have the rebates – and this will qualify for both federal and provincial rebates, which is a big bonus, well get to the price in a second. So this is based on the mazda cx 30, and so this platform is kind of modular lets. Just say uh not for making it a bigger vehicle or a larger suv, but for accepting different powertrains so down the road.

If they want to, perhaps you know put in you know a little bit more battery power. You can do that. You can put in a hybrid system, you know so a gasoline and a um ev system. There will be a phev in this vehicle coming out as well. Thatll probably be in the next year or so, and that ev or phev will be how its going to work is theyll, have a rotary engine and that will only power uh, a generator to create electricity for the batteries. So the the gasoline or internal combustion engine does not power the wheels uh at all powering the front wheels, because this is only a front wheel. Drive vehicle does not come in an all wheel, drive version is 107 kilowatt, electric motor and it produces 143 horsepower and powering that electric motor is a 35.5 kilowatt hour battery its not massive, but it is quite lightweight and the beauty of this battery. Of course, its hung nice and low, so the center of gravity of this vehicle is over two inches lower now, so its definitely handles better. It really has a nice planted feel also because to protect the battery theyve built a cage around the battery and what that does. It creates a much more rigid frame and the platform is over 40 percent, stiffer as well, so its a plus plus all around other than one thing that takes a hit is the range. So this is rated at a hundred miles or 161 kilometers thats, like oh thats, uh thats, not a lot of range for an ev for what people are getting used to now.

However, when we got in here uh, it was showing over 200 kilometers of range, so weve been driving for a while weve only put on nine kilometers, though, because were in stop and go traffic, but were showing 186 kilometers of range and mazdas philosophy is, and this Has been the same not just for mazda, but most people do not drive that far every day on average, i believe in north america, its about 40 to 45 kilometers a day. So if you can get a 161 kilometers of range and thats all you do, this will be fine. At the same time, you are not carrying all that extra weight with all that heavy heavy battery, which means its lighter, so thats better for handling. Also, you have a better carbon footprint. You dont have to use as many materials to produce a larger battery. So just remember this vehicle is not for everybody, but for a lot of people. This is all you need. Weve got another mx3 beside me here. Laughter, oh beats him off the line. You can hear some of the the tire spin uh the traction control setting in here remember this is only front wheel drive. It would be nice for our wheel drive, but you know what once again, more efficient for winter climates. Uh for those in quebec that might be a little bit of a concern. Mazda vehicles have always been known as drivers vehicles. You have that real connected uh experience with the vehicle and theyve done a great job, uh, creating and maintaining that dna that drivers dna in this new mx30.

Once again, i mentioned it does have a lower center of gravity. Mazda also has the gvc their g vector control. Well, this has the e g v c, so uh its very similar to the g vector control, how it can actually go and drag a little bit of a break sometimes or before you actually initiate into a corner. It can increase, torque or decrease, and it just makes the vehicle rotate, so much easier makes for a smoother drive and with this being electric, you get instant torque and you have regen braking. So some of these things happen much quicker than even on the g vector control and you dont really notice that other than you just feel like wow this thing just tracks so straight you could be on a real long, sweeping corner and then youre barely moving. The steering wheel whatsoever now the regen braking this is break by wire. There is no connection between the brake and the actual calipers and brakes themselves, uh other than its all its all done electronically, which is quite incredible um and you cant really tell when its regen and when its actually a friction, break and thats very, very impressive. Now the regen breaking what theyve done is on the paddle shifters. You can control the amount of regen braking, so you have a little display here has two little arrows when its two arrows up. That means you basically have no regen and i can go and with my left, paddle go all the way down.

I can feel the actual resistance now and when i let go, you can feel it just its really dragging and it is charging for you now. If you are actually quite full on your charge, itll actually tell you that it will not even operate the regen. Braking for the for the most aggressive setting will not work because it doesnt want to overcharge your battery, and i did try it out and it it really did give me that notice. I do like having the option at your fingertips to control the level of regen, though ive always liked that type of feature. Also, if youre looking for a one pedal drive, you will not get that with this mx 30 at all. Now, if you can hear me accelerate, why can you hear me accelerate because they have actually introduced uh a little bit of powertrain sound into the cockpit, and this is simulated and its generated its pumped in and the advantage of that, its not to make it sound Cool its not for other people to hear its just because to have that one on one connection to your vehicle and to know what its doing and for the complete experience of driving. You really should hear something and thats why they included it with it. And i do agree, you know you do want to hear lets say if, if the rpms are increasing on your electric motor or gas gasoline engine regardless, it does give you a different some audible feedback, Music im, not sure if this microphone actually picks it up or Not lets just accelerate a little more, its very subtle, but its enough.

Okay were finally out of traffic a little bit its still pouring rain. Thats okay were dry in here. You know. One thing ive really noticed about this. Mx 30 is, you know. Mazda has really dialed it in to achieve uh best, the best of both worlds. Essentially, you do feel like youre driving a conventional internal combustion engine really, which is really nice, is very predictable, theres. None of that real jerkiness that you would be find with an e just a straight ev, so you get the best of both worlds on this and they pumped in that little bit of sound like we mentioned thats good, its really good heres, some speed bump its Its very very engaging to drive now the problem is its this range, so you have this 160 to 200 kilometer range. The mx30 starts at 42 000 for the gs trim were in the gt, trim and thats about 45 000 and remember it does qualify for all the rebates uh here in british columbia and in quebec uh. However, you are the biggest battle. Theyre going to be battling. Is the range even though most people dont need the extra range its just one of those things that people want and if you can kept get past that and realize that youre getting a lot more premium of a product, then you will really enjoy this vehicle. First of all, the driving experience is very, very good. We just drove the new 2022 chevrolet bolt not too long ago, and that is a great value.

Hands down great value. A very, very functional vehicle. Driveway is not the same as this. The interior is nowhere as nice as what this one is. So we didnt talk about the interior uh these seats, i dont, know theyre theyre, really really comfy. They are leatherette and cloth seats on the gt. You get cloth seats for the gs, uh theres. A lot of a recycled material used, it kind of reminds me of when the i3 came out so on the door panels top door panels here, thats kind of a recycled material, and one thing that i i learned i did not know is that mazda started out As a as a cork supplier in japan, so going back to their roots, youll see there is a quite a bit of cork used there, its in the inside of the door handle you have it by the the drink holders here in the middle console, which is A floating console by the way uh one thing, though you do have a 110 volt outlet and you have your usbs. Those usbs are really hard to get at. They are on the other side, underneath the uh um, this floating console, so youll definitely make sure that you want to plug in what you want to plug in before you start driving, because its its almost not next impossible to do it while youre driving or to Do it safely, that is, the mx30 comes with standard eye, active safety, giving you all those great frontal collision, alert blind spot warning all that stuff, except this one has two new features available and thats the blind spot traffic assist.

So not only will it warn you if there is someone beside you but uh. If you are going to kind of get into an accident or try to steer into something and theres an actual object there, it will actively steer away for you, and also this has a frontal collision traffic assist now. So, if youre going into like a blind intersection, it can automatically operate the brakes to prevent an accident as well. I think this could be a very good car for people that live in bc, where we live right now reason being is that our winters are fairly mild here and ive always said that you know its like people get hung up on range. I want the most range, even though they dont drive very far. I totally get that you just kind of want the best, the best value for your money. So you know you pay a lot. You want a lot of range and its not just a range for me that i want. I just wanted that i dont have to worry about. I dont want to be anxious to have that range anxiety, especially in the winter time. So when youre, using the heated seats and the and the rear, defrost and the front defrost and youre using all of that at the same time, its going to reduce your um, your range for sure, you know what im going to turn off this there. We just turned off the hvac system, see if the range changed at all.

No, it did not. Okay, so weve, we have had it on auto lets turn it up. Lets turn up the heat here. 159. Oh okay, we lost six kilometers by turning on the hvac thats, not too bad, but you know when its the dead of winter, that might change uh. This battery also is thermally managed. So it does have like a liquid cooling and slash heating system to manage that battery its best to use it when youre plugged in for heating the battery, for instance. So if youre at home, you can just plug it. Now, speaking of charging, when you buy this vehicle, whether youre in north america or in canada, you will get a 500 charge point uh credit, so uh, thats, also nice, and if youre watching the us one thing they also have. They have a an elite loaner program. So, for the first three years, if you need a vehicle that has longer range, you can actually borrow a vehicle for 10 up to 10 days. We do not have that here in canada. Instead, mazda canada is offering instead of that uh two years of free maintenance on this vehicle uh. They also in their studies, theyve also kind of realized that over 85 percent of vehicles, ev owners in canada already own a second vehicle and most of the time over 80 of those second vehicles are longer range vehicles. So most the people, if you do, have an ev you, you have another vehicle that you can drive far through anyways.

So this could be a very good example of an average mx30 owners drive if you, especially if you live in the city, weve been driving for two and a half hours, all right and weve only driven sixty two point: two sixty point: six, two point: three kilometers Now, um – and you know, we havent – really stopped driving its just because theres a lot of stop and go driving. So you may not need the range and if you have a place to plug this in on a daily basis. So if you live in a detached house or you have a dedicated um plug to charge your vehicle, then this could be the very, very perfect vehicle for you. If you dont, then you might want to uh get something with a little bit more range or wait for uh. One of those other alternative power trains that theyre going to have with this, whether its the phev or maybe something like a range extender, were 62.6 kilometers. Uh we, our range, is showing 120 kilometers left all right, so its it was fairly accurate, uh we started with 201 and at 99 now we are at 62 percent uh for our battery capacity left now, while weve been driving for two and a half hours, both Wipers havent been going its raining a lot of pooling waters. We have a lot of drag that were carrying around ive, had the the climate control on and the defrost on for front and back so everythings, there uh so its using up a lot of power, its not just its, not super cold, though so i cant really Simulate winter conditions, but this is typical: vancouver, weather and yeah, so its a 120 so essentially, where wed be getting uh over 180 kilometers of range from this and weve actually put it through uh testing on the highway and hills and everything.

So i think thats quite realistic, thats it.