It isnt mazdas entirely first attempt at a fully electric car, but it is their first main production, one. So its a pretty important unit. Now, just in case youre a bit confused by the mx moniker, i think it represents a bold choice. Mx is what mazda usually use to stand for their special project vehicles, nowhere more famously applied than, of course, the mx 5, the most popular two seater sports car in history, so theyre making a pretty big statement here. So what is it well, its not quite mazda. 3 and its not quite mazda, cx 30, either it sits somewhere in between, and although you can see that in lots of distinct places in the styling, the front is not one of those places. So, interestingly, mazda have decided to go with what is by now a quite familiar looking front and why not theres a lot of style and design here, thats really popular, but theres. Nothing now to denote this as their first fully electric car. I find that a really interesting decision, four meters, ‘ or 173 inches. If the front left you thinking this could be a cx 30. Well all of thats gone by the time you hit the side, not least okay, ill. Give you its pretty subtle the placing of the word electric here should give you a hint, and this nicely embossed or rather sunk in mazda logo in the side panel, but those really are just small touches compared visually to whats, going on with the side.

Here we have a real crossover: siding 18 inch wheels, sorry, im, making cornelius go up and down rather a lot which are combined with this black plastic trim that wraps the whole way around the vehicle. Now, for my taste, what works rather nicely at the front and pretty well on the side too, especially in contrast with this paint color. Well, its not a complete success story when we get round to the back, weve got this contrasting color on the rear top, and that really looks nice, modern and stylish. The integration of the light into the rear really ties up. Well, obviously, i like the new lighting design so down a little bit lower. You can see how this familiar light. Cluster looks again really nicely tied into the design. Well, we all know the rear of the mazda 3. It looks pretty perky a little cheeky, slightly enlarged back on the road, and we know the cx 30 that presents as being a little bit more bulkous, bulkas thats, bulbus and bulky combined into one word. But this guy is neither one thing or the other to me. Visually this whole bottom section in black and here fortunately, because you have matching paint and bumper it isnt quite as present visually really makes it look a little bit like a simply jacked up. Mazda 3. now lets take a look at the inside. Well, the first thing of nose on the mx30 is, of course, how you get into it, and you will notice that here we have what are traditionally known as suicide doors.

Ive opened the doors on the other side. Just so, you can see the dramatic visual effect right, the way through now varying different times of the automotive industry. There have been lots of attempts to rename these things, coach doors, flexi doors, freestyle doors, but none of them have really quite taken off and the reason is self evident now, just in case youre not familiar with them. The reason these are called suicide doors is, of course, because traditionally should your door happen to open while youre going down the motorway? Well, as you can see, the winds going to push it shut. The problem traditionally with this design is that, if it opens the wind is just going to blow it right, the way open and you of course could be dragged out well thats by tradition, these things date all the way back to before motor vehicles even existed. So the idea behind them is they allow easier and fuller access to the car in the modern world. The reason that theyre most commonly used is for visual presentation, as you can see its quite dramatic without any b pillar at all, although that isnt the only way of doing this, sometimes both of the doors are hinged off the b pillar in the middle. But really, i have to say traditionally its mostly a gimmick, because it does present additional issues with the car and im going to show you one of those right now if i get cornelius just to back away now according to mazda.

This is a safety feature which is fairly obvious. You cant get in or out of this rear door without the front one being open. The advantage of this is, if you have children in the back, clearly theyre not going to be able to create that danger by accidentally opening the door. The downside to that is that, if im approaching this car with a package for the rear, well, you can see the problem and, as i only have one hand free its just not the most convenient thing. So much has happened here to make this car look really really modern. It is their first fully electric vehicle, so i think its very important to them that it presents as being very new, very modern and very stylish look at the detailing on these seats. So, even though it looks like finished leather on the outer edge of this car, it isnt everything here is either made from recycled materials theres a lot of that in the doors or its made with sustainable materials. There are two trim levels available in mazdas human, modern design concept, modern confidence and industrial vintage, which is what youre looking at here now, if youre interested in taking a look at modern confidence, thomas did a review on that style already. So take a look in the comments and well link to it below this. One, as you can tell, is a lot darker and more somber, im 5 feet 10 or 178 centimeters, but as regular viewers will know, i have a particularly long torso and particularly short legs.

So what that means is for height. You can compare me at around about six feet, one and obviously for legs. Well, like i said this is how a short person is going to sit within the vehicle. Everything here resonates. Quality the use of materials is excellent. Everything that you can see feel touch and interact with is just really nicely put together. If i switch on the power you get your first look at the mazdas full digital system. Now, here in the cockpit you can see, we have a mixture of digital display in the middle and analog displays either side giving us the information. I like this blend im, not really personally a huge fan of purely digital displays. For me, it removes a little bit of the emotion, so im happy to see that here what we have is a combination of modern and traditional. Coming over to the middle section, theres, an 8.8 inch display here and mazda have decided to go with a non touch format. Now, as you can see, okay, i dont have the worlds biggest arms, but it would be pretty inconvenient to use if they had gone with touch, and this would be my first disappointment. They didnt want you to go without a touchscreen. Oh no. They parked a seven inch touchscreen right here right behind the kiss stick and for reasons i will never fully understand, use it as the heating and cooling controls talking about materials. We come to this now.

Mazda claimed that this is the first time that cork has ever been used in a full production vehicle. I dont know if thats 100 true, but i would be really interested if you could tell me that it has already featured in any other cars. What i can tell you is that we are filming this just outside of porto in portugal, and you may or may not be aware that portugal produces 50 of the worlds cork. Why should you care about that? Well, its a very sustainable material. It uses less water produced than most other materials and clearly you can grow it again, which is actually pretty great. The cork manufacturers are enthusiastic to point out that it doesnt only have standard applications that youre familiar with, but it plays a really important role in creating a sustainable future. This being masters first, electric car thats, clearly a very important point to them. Now, if you think that cork only has basic applications, the cork manufacturers took us round yesterday and showed us about, and they wanted to tell us that, amongst the many other things you can do with cork, its even been featured on the nose cone of space rockets. Now i dont know about you cornelius, but i kind of was wondering at that point. If they were pulling my leg, cork famously would famously flammable. I dont know they seemed quite convinced, though they did have models. So if you have any evidence that backs that up, i would be really interested to hear about it.

In the meantime, what i did get from the experience is an understanding that cork is actually pretty integral, not least as a carbon sink in terms of how we approach a sustainable future and thats relevant because for mazda they say they want a fully electric fleet by 2030., obviously, that doesnt mean only electric that also includes hybrid and they claim that theyre going for zero carbon emissions by 2050. So this is their nod to the future and how they start, seeing more and more sustainable vehicles coming out using more recycled materials and more lower carbon materials. Now we come to the rear of the car, and for me this really is the achilles heel of the design. This is a perfect exemplar of style over substance. If you buy this car, i suspect its either going to be because you only have two people to worry about, and this is an occasional use thing, so it really isnt that important either that or you just love this design, and you could absolutely be forgiven for Buying it for those reasons, but if you have multiple children as i do well, lets start with getting in im, not a big person, but that is not a particularly easy process. Now thats the noise youre going to hear if you dont, shut the rear portion of the door first im going to keep it open just for noise. I think its important to point out. There is a button here which makes life easier for you to get in and out of the car, but realistically speaking when its raining and you have groceries, are you going to be doing this in the back of a car? I dont think so so after youve loaded your elegant, ladies into the rear, how are you going to figure out where their hat boxes go? Lets take a look well, that is an extremely generous 366 liters of load space.

I left my luggage in just so. You could take a look, i think youll agree, thats, actually more than sufficient for most peoples needs theres, a little extra storage here for the charge, cables required and some emergency kit supplies too. Oh, my goodness, did somebody steal my engine now without meaning to state the obvious too much. I would say the main reason for that is obviously enough that this car was designed with internal combustion engines in mind. So this is, of course, an adaption of the chassis that was already available. I expect, as we move through, were going to see much more chassis design, thats in keeping with electric engines, but for now what youre looking at is a 35.5 kilowatt battery powered engine which gives you a system output of 145 horsepower. Now that translates in principle to a 260 kilometer range on the battery, but that is under test conditions and in practice youre talking much closer to around about 200 kilometers or around about 125 miles in real world usage. That is going to give you a performance of zero to 62 miles per hour of about 9.7 seconds 6.6 ac or 50 kilowatt dc. Charging right lets take a closer look at how this drives so right from the get go. I can tell you that we are reporting a 98 charge on our battery which, according to the car, gives us an electric range of 202 kilometers. So i think, thats, probably a little bit more representative of the 200, that we predicted in real world usage driving through the small roads outside in the towns and villages just outside of porto gives us a good chance to talk about the driving experience of this car.

Now, im well aware that these are not the most exciting roads in the world were limited to 50 kilometers per hour. But that does give me the opportunity to tell you about the overall experience of being behind the wheel in this car. First of all, youre going to find wanting to drive a little bit faster than the roads will permit so handily. This car comes with adaptive, cruise control and, of course, speed limiter as standard equipment which is really useful. But what i like, even more than that, is that the way mazda have decided to apply regenerative braking to this car so were familiar with flappy paddles that allow us to change the gears in a standard internal combustion engine. Of course you dont have that here, but what you do have is those same pedals being used to apply different levels of regenerative, braking five different modes and they feel an awful lot like a gear change. Why well go down and you have a greater regenerative capacity? Go up and more rolling experience so ill show you what i mean currently limited to 70 kilometers per hour and, if im a little bit worried about going too fast, the easiest way to address that is to downshift downshift twice, which maximizes our regeneration. If i take my foot off the accelerator wow, you can feel that drag now in earlier electric cars. That was really super boring because generally it only came in one flavor and that really ruined your driving experience.

But in this car, because you have the ability to adjust different levels, its actually really pleasing and the reason being that, once you get onto roads like this in particular or around town, you can more or less forget about your need to break. You can just use that recuperation to do the entire job, for you was actually quite fun earlier on just seeing how long we could use that instead of doing any braking whatsoever – and the answer is really quite a lot so good youre, saving, wear and tear on The vehicle but youre also managing to save your driving license from getting unnecessary points. Now, when you get outside of town – and you dont really want that drag because you want to do a little bit of driving, then you can put that system into reverse standard drive mode is a nice balance of both because, as you can see, there, theyre letting The battery weight do most of the work of slowing you down so its not as if youre entirely unimpeded, but it really isnt enough to affect the drive now handling of the car well have to take my hat off to mazda in terms of the steering. I think theyve really nailed the sweet spot here, its a very nice balance, indeed between precision and also managing that weight, theres that power again, and i think that sound is something that im actually going to really enjoy now. This road should give us a bit of a capacity to see how that weight performs.

Once you put it into a corner, you can see it really handles very nicely bit of a bend coming up. No roll great distribution and the brakes really nicely deal with that weight, especially given that were going downhill at the moment over 80 kilometers per hour, and i still feel fully in control of this vehicle. Well, you would hope so i guess what im wanting to say is im very impressed with the way that it all comes together as a driving experience. Now, speaking about driving experience, seating position, great hats off. I think this is a hard segment to make nice. In particular, because of the limited visibility back here now here, of course, we dont have a b pillar, but because of that we have much much thicker heavier door sills and that presents an entirely different challenge. So if i move my head over here to check my blind spot, i can see literally nothing at all, so its a good thing that this comes as standard with a blind spot detector and its good. There are lots of cyclists on these roads and that has kept us safe all the way throughout the entire cockpit. Experience is actually very pleasing.