Uh. If you get a chance, please like and subscribe uh today, i want to try something different. I want to actually do a very short, hopefully short, uh car review, because i want to get into car reviews more um because uh its in a direction id like to go on my channel. So in order to start doing that, i need to actually start doing. Car reviews now uh, the cameraman review is my own uh 2020 chevrolet bolt ev uh. You guys have uh seen my other videos, hopefully um. If not, please, go and check them out, but um right now. These cars are a little bit controversial because of the recall um. The battery packs uh could potentially uh have a manufacturing defect, and if that happens, uh there could be a fire. I think so far theres been about 13 documented cases of these cars going up in flames. Uh most of them have been late, 2019 models so uh the 2020s. I think theres only been one but anyway um on to the car um. Despite the controversy, i had to have to say that this is one of the most fun cars that i have owned. I absolutely love it. The first electric car ive ever owned. I have owned a couple of hybrids in the past. This is much much better. It has a lot more torque, more fun, um and one advantage of the chevy bolt is uh. Its got a lot of range uh, its rated for 259 miles um.

I dont drive 259 miles in a day. I dont think most people do and i think that this car is more than capable for most peoples, uh, daily commuting and running around town, so um. Another thing i really like about this car is its uh. It handles really well. I ive got another video out where ive autocrossed, the car ive actually bought autocross specific tires and wheels, and i use that uh its been great um. It weighs about an extra thousand pounds because of the batteries over comparable, hatchbacks um, but that weight is uh primarily in the floor between the wheels so its its almost like uh, similar dynamics to a mid engine. Car um like right now, im going around a corner. Uh and its still pretty light on its feet: uh its still a small hatchback uh. Anyone thats driven a uh, a somewhat powerful front wheel, drive hatchback. I think, would really like this car uh. I test drove a gti uh a 2021. I believe it was uh before i uh i bought this. I actually think that this is better to drive than a mark. 7. Volkswagen golf gti uh. I mostly because of the power delivery. The chassis might be just a little bit better for the the golf but um power delivery makes up for this uh right now. Im about to head up through one of my favorite uh twisty roads and uh yeah you put that power down.

It delivers stand on the brake a little bit go through the corner. Um, you know understeer, just like any other front wheel, drive car hope you get a little front inside spin front side. Wheel, spin go around the corner again, the next one, its uphill and fantastic. Just fantastic uh: what a great car im right now im, not even in sport mode im just in in the regular uh l mode, so its got regenerative braking when i let off the accelerator pedal and actually breaks a bit. Uh itll actually come to a complete. Stop but, like i said, um fantastic car um, the driving dynamics are just better than it should be um and its so sad that this recall has happened, and these these tragic fighters have happened because its general motors did a great job. Now youll youll read other reviews: the interior isnt, the best uh, the seats arent, the most comfortable uh. It seems to be one of the prevailing things from every other reveal that you ever hear and ill reiterate it. Yes, its its its fairly true uh. Supposedly they corrected the issue on the 2022 uh model, theyve done a facelift for the bolt and then introduced the the bolt euv, which is a slightly larger in the use for utility utilities supposed to be like a comparable like sport, utility or crossover style car. Its just got a little more back seat, room um, but, like i said this car is fantastic.

I i really cant say enough about it. Um so were gon na move on to an interior uh shot in just a moment here and ill show you the outside, styling wise. I actually think that its not a bad looking little hatchback, especially if you get in in a decent color. I went with the most obnoxious color possible for 2020. This is called oasis blue. I dont uh mind the color at all. I actually think it looks really good because when you get these in the uh black gray or white or silver, they dont really stand out. It looks kind of like a chevy sonic or what was the other hatchback spark, but when you get it in a nice color it actually has some pretty good lines. I actually think it uh looks a little bit like a european hot hatch. Uh almost has some sort of uh, almost like some french influence, but anyway um. As far as how usable the car is, first well take a quick look in the hatch, never mind all my stuff in there, but uh its, not a huge hatch but its its pretty usable um. You could fit some some carry on bags or something like that. Back there, one of the things i want to hark on at least with this review um, the back seats, actually really really big and usable um. If you take a look, i have two car seats back here um i have the seat adjusted for where i normally sit im about five, nine, five, nine and a half uh.

So this actually has more back seat room than my jetta sport wagon did, which i think i think is pretty interesting. Um for such a small little car um its been pretty good um, not a whole lot of frills or anything back here uh. I apologize. The car is a little bit messy right now. This is this is literally how i use it so um. With that battery being in the floor, you can see how the seat Music is actually raised up a little bit thats all battery right there. It goes underneath stays high and then right beneath the seat in the rear. The battery is in that section too, so its all between the wheels um Music and it creates a very, very flat load floor, and you sit in a little bit of an elevated position, which my wife likes a lot because she likes driving around in uh. Her crossovers, so it feels a little bit like that, whereas, like my jetta sport wagon from before, you didnt feel that way you felt very low to the ground up front. Unfortunately, they did not design a frunk. They put all this under the hood. It would be nice to have um storage here, but unfortunately theres not so uh and uh. I really dont know what any of this is. I im assuming theres a motor in there and then im guessing. These are all controls, so uh were entering a brave new world that im unfamiliar with uh completely but uh.

Now that ive already lived with it since uh march. Now this is uh october. I can say that its its its gon na be okay, its its been fantastic, actually so moving on quick about the interior. Here, you get a screen for your speed and you get another giant screen for the radio and basically uh its got this little screen. That tells you about energy and things like that. Other people go into more depth with all this works, but youve got hard buttons, uh temperature set by turning the knob, its simple enough uh. If you want to manipulate one thing about this is uh, you can turn the ac off. If you want to conserve energy itll make your your range go up a little bit. However, this car has so much range that uh, i dont even think, is that much of an issue um but yeah. Other controls are down here. They have a sport button which i never use. I think it just makes the throttle a little more twitchy. Uh traction control off which i used when i was autocrossing there was a couple runs. I forgot to turn it off and the cars a whole heck of a lot slower and gets in its own way. So i recommend turning that off. If youre doing any kind of motor sports but go down the street, the only heat controls that arent um. Besides these, we got the we got the uh heated seats here, uh.

This is the comforting convenient package. So it has the heated seats along with the heated steering wheel. I have uh both of the safety uh suites, so it does lane keep assist uh it. It does the uh. It senses the car in front of me and breaks for me and beeps at me. When, when somethings too close uh and it beeps when youre about to back into things, so it has all that stuff, um yeah so far its been awesome. Also, the shifter is one of these electric things. You press your foot on the brake. Its got this button on the side like the button you would hit for an automatic transmission uh like if youre grabbing, like that. This makes it so you can move it normally keep my hand over where you can see but push it forward. It goes into neutral. You push now were in reverse, it turns on the back up camera and then uh. You can press the button again and bring it down, and now it toggles between uh l and d dnl. L is the mode that when you take your foot off the brake uh, it does regenerative braking and then comes to a complete, stop. Uh one of the coolest features of an electric car, not all electric cars, have that i believe it was pioneered by tesla. I highly recommend it thatd be if i didnt have an electric car thatd be one of the features i missed the most besides not going to fuel stations, but anyway back into the in car for the conclusion, so in conclusion um.

I really think that uh i i should really do a little reflection here. One of the reasons i want an electric car i want to do my part uh. I wanted to make sure i you know i was doing the right thing for for my kids in the in the future and our own future uh produce a little bit less carbon dioxide and um. If you look at the research its all true that this then electric car future will be beneficial for that um another one of my favorite roads, im gon na add that Music, oh my gosh, so much power, so much torque anyway, um but uh im. Also, a car enthusiast at heart and uh. This car manages to do both uh its ive owned, see it takes off again ive owned a number of hybrids and uh they just they werent good for the enthusiast um. They were great on fuel and everything and they were quiet and comfortable whatever um, but uh, but but this is legitimately fun. I have absolutely no range anxiety whatsoever with, with the the amount of miles i can drive im, not taking road trips in this car, but uh for commuting and doing my my normal round town tasks. This is fantastic, um cant recommend it more, and i really hope that the the issues with the recall get resolved really quickly because uh. Otherwise this is a fantastic car and uh. The future is not as bleak as as we think as auto enthusiasts.

Thank you again for watching and uh.