I care for your needs and give you a truly dynamic driving experience whenever, wherever you need it. I look forward to the journey that will go on together: Music, Music, so Music, so Music, so Music, Music. Now this is grace. Let me take you through her day. Her hands are so full see how i unlock the door for her. Just look at me and ill: do the rest for you unlocked even without a car key. I can identify you with your fingerprint Music. As you know, us evs are so quiet the moment you press the start button. This elegant crystal sphere rotates into gear mode thats. How i care for your safety with this simple feature, i let you know that my power is on and that im ready to go now off. We go smooth and dynamic and a bit of music to make your drive complete, and here we are as long as you have your smartphone, with just a simple touch: ill, lock the doors for you another way of making your life convenient. I hope grace enjoyed her day Music. I am designed to understand your needs and truly connect with you.