In 20 months, we kicked off the summer of 2020, with the reveal of the all new nissan aria. Electric crossover followed by the new rogue z, proto armada, kicks and, most recently the new frontier and pathfinder today its my pleasure. To give you a closer look at the exciting aria. Nissan has long been an innovator in electric vehicle technology, introducing the nissan leaf the worlds. First, mass production, ev more than 10 years ago now, arya leverages nissans years of ev experience to deliver the best of nissans design, technology and performance as the companys. First, all, electric crossover aria is nissans ultimate expression of style and technology. Aryas dramatic styling represents a significant advancement in nissans design philosophy based on what the design team calls timeless. Japanese futurism built on an all new platform. The body is characterized by a distinctive japanese approach, conveyed in a simple yet powerfully modern way, its sleek sexy and seamless. The front of the vehicle is elegant and fresh highlighted by a reimagined grille thin, led headlamps constructed with four mini projectors are used to reinvent nissans signature v motion design. The rear of arya is equally striking characterized by a steeply raked roofline that blends flawlessly into the rear deck rear, fender flares and a high mounted wing signal arias, powerful, ev capabilities. Aryas striking interior is more akin to a sleek cafe lounge on a starship rather than a traditional automotive cabin notice. How the flat open floor made possible by the location of the battery at the base of the chassis and the slim profile.

Zero gravity seats result in vast amounts of legroom and easy interaction between front and rear seat. Passengers theres also a convenient movable center console arias. Minimalist instrument panel is devoid of the buttons and switches found in conventional vehicles. The display interface features both a 12.3 inch instrument. Monitor and 12.3 inch center display along a single horizon. The two displays are oriented in a wave like shape to ensure important information like battery information range and navigation can be easily reached and scrolled through with a single swipe. In addition, amazon alexa helps, simplify and organize customers lives by playing music. Listening to audio books, controlling home, smart devices and more with just voice commands with a preliminary nissan estimated range of up to 300 miles and power on par with nissan sport. Sedans arya is the perfect partner for daily commutes and road trips alike. Outstanding handling is also an aria hallmark. With its 50 50 weight distribution made possible by the low center mounted battery all wheel, drive aria models, feature nissans, most advanced all wheel, control ever called e force. E force is the spiritual offspring of the nissan gt, rs legendary, a tessa ets, torque split system and intelligent all wheel, drive systems providing driver confidence on multiple surfaces. The e in e4 stands for the twin electric motor drive system with four representing all wheel. Control aria expands on pro pilot assist with pro pilot assist 2.0, which uses driver attention monitoring to enable hands off single lane highway operation.

The new aria is also equipped with standard nissan safety shield 360.. A suite of six active safety features available on most current nissan models. The nissan aria crossover marks a new era for electric vehicles, promising an incredibly powerful and smooth ride delivered by the latest technologies designed to support, respond and respect. The drivers. Intentions suggested msrp in the u.s will start around 40 thousand dollars so thats. Just a quick look at the all new nissan aria. The most advanced most connected vehicle nissan has ever created.