One ive just bought the cheapest used nissan leaf on all of autotrader. In fact, some people might say: ive bought the cheapest proper used electric car on auto trader full stop. I looked at a couple of alternatives. I looked at the mitsubishi imev, the peugeot ion the renault zoe, but none of them quite fit the bill for me. So, instead i went with this lovely pearlescent white nissan leaf ive been living with this car for a couple of weeks now, and i have opinions and im going to share it with you, so heres everything i love and also everything i hate about my new nissan Leaf when i say ive been using this car, i genuinely have been using this car and not my v8 mustang um, which is a bit of a departure for me, but there you go. The first thing i want to talk about is the design, because its i mean its quite a quirky. Looking car isnt it. The first thing you notice, apart from the general shape, are these headlights. They are absolutely massive and a bit hideous. If you ask me, but apparently there is a reason behind this madness, the reason theyre so enormous is because when they were testing this car originally in japan, they realized that, because its electric that there was a lot of wind noise coming from the wing mirrors, so They had to get the wind around the wing mirrors, and so these are actually wings.

They deflect wind around the wing mirrors in order to reduce the amount of wind noise. So even though theyre a bit ugly theyre actually very clever. The second thing i want to talk about is down here: the charge port thats got good and bad the bad is you cant actually open it with a key fob. Instead, youve got to go in the car and then walk around to it and then open it up, which is a bit of a faff really. But i do like this centrally mounted position of the charging port. What that means is that you can basically just sort of drive up to a charge point and not worry about what side of the charge point youre parked on the actual charges: well, thats, good and bad as well. This is a chademo charger. On the left hand, side thats your dc rapid charger. We dont really use that in the uk that much most new modern electric cars come with a ccs charger. So having a chat mode might be a bit of a faff for some people, but thats not really a big deal, because youre mostly going to end up using this type 1 on board charger, which is where you plug in your three pin. Granny plug or your type one to type two plug that you plug into your wall box at home. In terms of charging speeds, this big one will charge at a rate of around 50 kilowatts, so itll charge the car in around an hour, and this little one will charge at a rate of 3.

3 kilowatts. It will charge somewhere around 10 hours overnight. Let me show you under the bonnet actually, because this is quite interesting – a lot of people dont really think about whats under the bonnet of an electric car unless they think about having a frunk a front trunk. But in this you dont have a front trunk. What you have bear with me is a pretty normal looking engine bay. Obviously, though, without an engine, so you got all your electrical components there, your motor and also over here a 12 volt battery pack. What is an electric car doing with the 12 volt battery pack, when its got a big old lithium ion battery underneath? Well, actually, electric cars use the 12 volt battery in order to run the 12 volt systems like your headlights, your wipers, etc and its that battery pack. That enables the car to start. So without that this car wont run. And yes, incidentally, you will need a normal petrol or diesel car to jump start your electric car, if you run out of battery power, ironic isnt it right lets, look at the rest of this cars design. One thing i really like about the nissan leaf is that its a proper size, its about the size of a ford focus so ive actually done the school run in this car ive taken the kids to school in the nissan leaf and they fit absolutely fine and All their stuff fits fine as well in terms of the general design, though, i love this little section here this little quarter panel up here, which helps you see out the car, its got some rims um theyre, not the greatest rooms in the world, but its got Rims, its got front door rear door.

One thing i dont like is this rear section, which looks absolutely horrendous? Why is this so big? You got so much kind of wheel, arch to wheel ratio here, and actually i mean it gets on my nerves a little bit, but there you go nissan might argue they did this kind of shape in order to make it as aerodynamically efficient as possible, but the Leaf is only 0.29 in terms of its drag coefficient, so its not the best in the world. Why does it look like its been like caved in at the back? Surely they could have done a better design than that? One thing i will say, though, is that the boot is a pretty decent size. I think its a 370 litre boot, which is about the same size as youd, get in a ford focus, for example, so theres plenty of room in there for all your bits and bobs its a very practical car. I dont think i have anything else negative to say about the nissan leaf in terms of its physical design. I think its a good all round car. I think its arguably stood the test of time quite well as well, because when this car was first released, it was the embodiment of everything youd hate from an ev. It was this kind of purpose built from the ground up electric car that so many people hated, including me a bit. It was expensive, 30, 000 pounds, but now its four and a half grand it didnt have any charging infrastructure.

But now it does people said the batteries wouldnt last, but its still running its still here and its mine, and i quite like it Music right now were on the road in my new old leaf. Let me show you some of the pros and cons in here. I actually really like this interior. I think, despite the fact that it looks a bit tired in places theres a few scuffs on the uh shiny plastic on the center console, etc. But apart from that, its quite nice, i like it. I also like the fact that it feels quite modern and it felt really modern when it first came out, but even today it feels reasonably up to date, its got this center stack in the middle, with all your climate control and all your infotainment system and thats. A touch screen which at the time, felt a bit unusual in a lot of cars, but here you are in a 10 year old car with a touchscreen. Its also got this e button, which gives you access to your driving range and nearby charging stations. This is really cool actually, because it shows you, your current location and a bubble around you to let you know exactly how far you might be able to travel. Its also got a digital driver display, which is quite common these days, but 10 years ago. That was almost unheard of the other good thing about this is that it doesnt feel like a four grand car.

It feels, dare i say it, it feels brand new. Often when you get into an older car, you expect it to feel a bit clunky a bit. Ropey a bit rough around the edges, you expect to hear squeaks and rattles and just little things that make you know that its you know not fresh out of the box, but this theres nothing wrong with it. I cant honestly. I cannot identify a single thing that would point this out as being a 10 year old car, but maybe the smell it doesnt smell like a new car, but apart from that its so tightly put together its unbelievable. This was nissans first attempt at making an electric car, and i think they knocked out the park, because this thing is just not screwed down brilliantly. The other interesting thing is: whenever you get into an older car, you expect it to feel a bit ropey where the mechanicals are concerned, so the engine might have lost a few horsepower here and there, but in this it still has all the pull that youd expect From when it first rolled off the factory, it feels like nothing has changed over the years, so it feels fresh its quiet. I know electric cars are supposed to be quiet, but having a 10 year old, electric car is the best example of how electrification can contribute to additional refinement and its quite nippy as well. I remember when i first drove this car 10 years ago, being surprised at how quick it was, and with this you put your foot down and it its got that instant pick up its got 107 horsepower and 280 newton meters of torque.

So it feels strong whenever you want to accelerate and overtake youll, do naught to 62 in just under 10 seconds and its a surprisingly nippy car Music. Now the elephant in the room, the battery lets talk about range. When the lead first came out, it was released with a 24 kilowatt hour battery pack, which was good for a real world range of about 18 miles. However, over time the battery will deteriorate, and one of the big reasons for that is that the battery in the leaf, unlike some modern electric cars, is air cooled rather than liquid cooled, and that means it isnt able to regulate its temperature as effectively as a modern Electric car – and that means that the battery will deteriorate, but nissan are quite open about this. They have a battery health indicator on the right hand, side of your driver display with 12 bars to show the condition of the battery. This one has 8 bars out of 12, which means that its lost four bars over its lifespan, so, instead of doing 80 miles id expect its probably going to do closer to 60 miles. I am going to test that properly, though, in a future episode, im actually going to do a range test to see exactly how far this can go, both in normal mode and in eco mode, because you do get a couple of miles extra with eco mode. So you can figure out for yourself whether an electric car like this can actually fit into your lifestyle.

On the whole, though, i am massively pleased with this purchase, you got to remember when the nissan leaf first came out. It was 30 000 pounds, ive paid four and a half grand for this one and, like i said to you, it feels like a new car, all right, theres, a few bits here and there that arent perfect. But i can fix those things and i can make this pretty much as good as it was when it first rolled off the factory floor now me and this car are gon na, go on a pretty interesting journey. Im gon na do some modifications to this thing.