It looks. Absolutely fabulous dries really really nicely. Its got plenty of range plenty of pickup. When you put your foot down, and did i mention its an absolute cracker when it comes to appearance, youre watching deal today were in spain and were going to be reviewing the all new cooper born so make sure to subscribe, hit the link up there if youre Searching for a new car for sale in ireland, weve got over 1 000 trusted dealerships nationwide and lets get into the review Music. Okay. So before we go and take it out for a drive lets talk about some of the highlights. So, first up its gon na be available with three different battery packs. The largest one will have a range of 540 kilometers. On top of that, it actually comes with an e boost performance pack and thats, going to give you 227 brake horsepower, and that goes to the rear wheels and there will be an option to turn off that traction control. On top of that, prices in ireland are going to start at about ‘ 000 euros now that does exclude delivery charges, but it does also exclude the grant so its going to be very, very competitive on the market, its going to be in ireland. Hopefully, in early march Music, the all important question: how does the drive well, the truth be told – is it draws very similarly to the id3? However, you definitely get the impression that youre in something a little bit more special and thats, nothing against the id3, its just the facts of the matter, so the seats are extremely comfortable.

You can completely adjust them just. However, you, like the steering wheel in front of you, is gorgeous youve got these drive selector modes here that definitely instill a little bit of enthusiasm in you as youre driving along the gear selector its the same as that id3 its really interesting. The way you put it in and out of gear twisting that knob, you get very, very used to its actually really really handy. You have some regenerative braking, so you can put it in b mode and what that does is, as you put your foot or take your foot off the accelerator, it begins to slow down so youre, almost in one pedal driving, and that is delightful to drive. Now, right now were on a motorway. I can set my cruise control its adaptive, so it will speed up and slow down along with the car in front of me, and it also will actually kind of keep me in lane. So it starts to correct me there and you cant, see this, but ive got a digital display up ahead and thats. Saying dave get back in your lane, then, as you drive around town, it tends to just waft around the place up here with a big speed bump and it just kind of glides over it in a very elegant manner. Driving is one thing, however, lets open up that bonnet and see whats powering the cooper born. The batteries are actually placed pretty strategically underneath the car to keep that center of gravity lower.

I think it actually has about a 40 centimeter lower center gravity than an equivalent petrol or diesel car, so it is very, very planted now in terms of battery powers, because at the end of the day, the battery capacity is gon na affect how long you can Drive so theres three options: the first is a 45 kilowatt hour battery. The second is a 58 and then theres a 77. Now the smallest one thatll give you a range of about 350 kilometers. Then you make it all the way up to the bigger 77 kilowatt hour, one well that ones going to give you a range of over 540 kilometers, so real world driving. You will actually achieve over 500, which is pretty pretty good, and, i would say the most popular seller in irelands – probably going to be that 58 kilowatt hour battery. Its really really good and in terms of power, its going to have plenty and you will of course be able to get the e boost pack, which will pump up your brake horsepower that little bit more. That extra power brings the cooper up to 227 brake horsepower. Now lets have an enthusiastic drive on some lovely spanish roads, so theres a 50 50 weight distribution. As you put your foot down, you can really feel that so the electric motor is under the rear seats, but the batteries are all on the floor and theyre specifically placed so that the car has that 50 50 weight distribution.

The wheels are in all four corners which really really makes it planted to the road. As you put your foot down even throughout a corner, it is glued. Now, if you get the slightly wider rear tires, you get the option to turn off all traction control and then youve got a rear. Wheel, drive 310 new meter, torque car thats, a recipe for a lot of fun, although if youre not careful, the cooper born could become the cooper dead because im, no doubt in the rain that will get very twitchy, but its really really enjoyable. One sort of downfall that i keep doing and its the same with all these kind of haptic buttons here on the steering wheel, is sometimes when youre going into a corner. You can push down almost to grip, the steering wheel a little bit more and you can change the radio station or something like that, but its glorious, its brilliant to drive there. I took that a little bit faster and it definitely was a little bit more shuddery than when youre in your usual modes cruising along the roads, Music now in terms of styling well, once again, cooper have thrown the ball up and knocked it out of the park. So with the formenter ive, never driven a car where more people turn and look at it and ask you what is that and theyre so intrigued by it, and i think the bourne has hit that nail again.

So big big features are these two creases down here. I really really like the fact that the cupra is nice and subtly put in there. There is, then, this copper front splitter, which looks absolutely brilliant, and i actually think the the phrase the cooper used is that electric can still be sexy and fun and from the front i have to say it is definitely definitely sexy. The side profile. Doesnt differ all that much from the id3. In fact, you see a lot of the ig3 in it. The front windscreen is almost over the front wheels and like the ig3, all four wheels are pushed in to the corners which help the handling quite a lot. These wheels are actually available in 18, 19 and 20 inch. The only other big difference here. Youll notice is theres. This swooping aerodynamic line, which looks very, very good, and then this here really really stems id3 and shouts id3 to me, but then again from the rear. You can see the boot is over, that rear wheel and another thing to notice is that the front line swoops down and thats to kind of give it a bit of attitude and a bit of aggression. This is the cooper angle. I would definitely be driving it forward into any parking spots because, from the rear, youve got a lovely, long rear. Spoiler youve got the coast to coast, rear lights, which this all illuminates up at night and looks absolutely brilliant.

The cupra logo in the copper and the diffuser down here is impeccable generally diffusers only really look good when theres some nice big exhaust, however cooper has done a good job of the rear. The interior layout of the cooper born well its a cooper. So you get this really really nice steering wheel. It feels very nice in your hands. Small drawback is it comes with these haptic touch buttons here, so whether thats changing your cruise control or your music or anything like that im, not a massive fan. I prefer the old fashioned buttons on the steering wheel, but well let that slide. You get a small little display here and the overall layout so its designed to be built around the driver. So you kind of feel like youre in a little cockpit, and that really adds to the driving experience. Also, these seats, theyre, absolutely stunning and i think cooper are really really producing some of the nicest seats on the market right now and actually the fabric used in these its really interesting. So they come from the local area, where coopers actually designed so out on the ocean. The fishermen collect up all the rubbish and it becomes in scientific ways. It becomes a renewable source of their fabric. It means that it creates this really really nice textured finish, and actually you can get it in loads of different types. I was in another car earlier and it had a slightly different finish, both really really nice.

This 12 inch display here this is the same that we see on all of the kind of coopers and seahats and anything new coming to the market. Now its been known to be glitchy, truth be told earlier on today, i was in a perfect one. It worked fantastically this one actually has a few problems. Apple carplay is not connecting to it. These will all be resolved down the line, but its just worth mentioning and overall in here the layout is nice. Uh youve got some drink holders. Here, phone storage – the overall feeling in here is absolutely gorgeous too so yeah its a nice interior Music. So there you have it that is done. Deals first drive review of the cooper bourne. It has been a fabulous day driving on some glorious spanish roads. Weve had a lot of fun, so if you did enjoy the review, please make sure to leave us a comment with any feedback. Give the video a thumbs up and, of course, subscribe to the youtube channel. If you are on the hunt for a new car, then make sure to hit the link up there and check out some of the cars for sale on dundee. Weve got over 1 000 trusted dealerships nationwide, which means you can buy in a trusted and secure manner.