All electric suv offers much of what mazda is good at an artful interior, a stylish exterior, responsive, steering and handling, all of which makes it more baffling that mazda didnt take advantage of electric motor torque and power delivery to create a truly sporty compact people, hauler choosing. Instead, to dial back the performance and range resulting in an suv that quickly runs out of zoom zoom, the mx 30 starts out promising, with a very different look from the cx 30, its based on, rather than its siblings. Big five pointed grille and upright liftgate. The mx30 has the high small grill and smoothed fascia, where starting to associate with evs in a rounded rear, almost like a hatchback. It continues to cosplay as a coupe by hiding the rear doors which hinge at the back like an earlier extended cab, pickup or like mazdas rx8 swing those doors wide and admire the airy interior available in a white, leather, red and grey fabric combo or in the Premium plus trim an optional darker interior in black and cocoa. Both are lovely and both use. A variety of recycled fabrics such as woolly felt on the door panels and sustainable natural materials like cork, which lines the floating console. If you get the feeling that were lingering over the interior finishes to avoid taking the mx mx 30 on a drive, well youre right, because things get a little disappointing once youre in motion its not that the mx 30 is unpleasant to pilot.

Quite the opposite: it rides lightly over bumps and broken pavement, and it turns easily aided by mazdas electric g vectoring control, plus, which adjusts torque and braking at barely perceptible levels to control, weight, transfer and improved handling. Feel this is technology that mazda uses on its gas engine cars, but the nature of electric motor tuning makes for even more precise programming. As a result, the mx30 takes corners with more poise than the cx 30. Despite being claimed some 420 pounds heavier. We drove the cx 30 out to the mx 30 drive program and, while its handling remains a favorite among small suvs, the new mx30 feels even better. Braking too is excellent on the electric suv, with region levels easily adjusted on the fly via the steering wheel, paddles. Some of the mx30s limitations might be explained by taking a bigger picture view. Mazda is a small company, its offering the car in the global market and the single motor and small battery offer the modularity to go hybrid or even back to a gas engine. Theres no frunk under the hood, which could easily be home to any power plant combination. We already know there are plans for a plug in hybrid with a rotary engine component. Maybe that will offer all wheel drive and a little more zoom in the meantime plug it.