But the bourne could be even better in a few key areas to see if it is better were here in barcelona to drive it and were also in this review. Gon na tell you everything else that you need to know about this new electric car, but before we get stuck into all that make sure youre subscribed to our channel. So you can see lots more new car reviews just like this, and if you want a great deal on your next new car, make sure you go to whatcarl.com to make sure everyone is up to speed. Cupra is the offshoot standalone brand from seya. Theyve got a bit of a performance focus as theyve shown with the cupra attacker, the cooper for mentor and the cooper leon. The cooper born is its first all, electric car and its had quite a head start in life. Thats because, as weve said, this is basically a vw id3, which is basically a vw id4, which is an audi q4 e tron, which is a skoda enyak. You get the point. So why would you buy the cooper version of these parts? Well, some people might do just because of how this car looks now, obviously, its not wildly different from the vwid3. The proportions are very, very similar, but this front end just does look a bit sharper in the cooper born here. Its also got new headlights, which are animated as well. So when you walk up to the car and when you start it, you get a bit of a light, show to go with it.

Theres. Also, this copper coloured, lower air intake down here, which echoes the copper colour of the cupra badge and theres. Even more copper highlights inside theres six paint colors to choose from in total, and the born also gets some contrast, colors in the sills and at the rear of the car up top to give the impression of a floating roofline. There are six different alloy wheel designs to choose from ranging from 18 to 20 inches in size, and the cooper born is also available with slightly wider tyres than what you get in the vw id3. So as standard theyre 215 millimeters. But you can also go for optional 235 millimeter ones, but what we really want to know is which car do you think looks better on the outside? Is it the vw, id3 or the cooper born? Tell us in the comments below now. We think the id3 is a great electric car, but it isnt perfect and the main areas of its weakness are inside where the interior quality and the infotainment are both pretty disappointing. So is the cupra better well in terms of interior quality? Actually, youd have to say it is a little bit better, particularly around this center console area compared to the equivalent space in the id3. This just feels nicer finished. The materials are nicer, its got a nicer look, nicer, feel the dashboard materials all feel pretty nice as well, and youve got some plush materials on the doors.

Youve got some ambient lighting as well, which changes depending on which driving mode youve got the car in. There are inevitably some cheaper plastics here and there, but generally it is a little bit of an upgrade compared to what you get in the id3 but similar to that car. This interior, in the cooper born, you definitely wont, feel hard done by at the lower cheaper end of the trim lineup. But once you start spending serious money on this car as you go higher up getting the bigger battery more powerful motor higher trim levels, then thats. When you might feel a little bit short changed because of some of these harder plastics that youve got in this interior, but still we will score this as a slight victory in favor of the cooper bourne for interior quality. Now, in terms of the infotainment, its frankly difficult to be worse than what you get in the id3, so again, this is a victory for the cooper born. You get a bigger screen in this car, its 12 inches as standard the biggest screen that you get in the id3 is 10 inches and okay, its based on the similar software that is available in the id3, but its dressed up a bit nicer. Its got a simpler layout. It isnt perfect, though, because the screen is quite laggy and yes, its easy to get your head around, but its also easy to get frustrated trying to swipe between these different functions and just watch.

It kind of have a brain freeze. Every time you do it, and also frustratingly just like the id3 youve, still got these useless touchscreen controls for the air conditioning which just arent very good and are especially difficult to use, while youre driving. Similarly youve got. These rubbish touch sensitive buttons on the steering wheel. Here, which are really easy to accidentally use while youre driving, just by resting your hand on it at the same time, its very difficult to know when youve actually pressed it as well. So its certainly nowhere near as good or as simple as nice. Easy physical buttons, which are a much better solution to what weve got here, but overall, this interior is a bit better than what the id3 offers rear seat. Space is identical to the id3, so its pretty roomy in the back and the generous boot offers the same 385 liters you get in the vw too. On the road. There are some differences, but theyre rather hard to spot. To be honest, the driving experience is very similar to the id3, which is a good thing, because that is a really tidy car in terms the way that it handles so in the cooper born. Just like the id3, everything feels well controlled, the steerings, precise and accurate, and its generally just a really nice thing to drive. But you wouldnt describe it as thrilling its very stable, sensible and smooth in the way it goes about its business.

But we definitely arent dealing with a game changing electric hot hatch. Here there are a few differences in the cooper born compared to the id3, so the steering and the chassis apparently have been tuned differently to the id3. It isnt immediately hugely noticeable that this is a completely different car, but again as we say that isnt necessarily a problem because the id3 is actually really good to drive as cooper born is as well. The ride height is slightly lower than it is in the id3. As well so the ride is a tad firmer, but again it isnt really enough to make it feel like a hunkered down hot hatch, just like the id3, you can get adaptive suspension as an optional extra with the cupraborn. If you do add it on, it is a really nice riding car and youve got a lot of adjustment to sort out how you want the suspension set up, but were in a car now without that optional suspension, and this still rides really nicely so its not Absolutely crucial to add it now, just like the id3, there are three different batteries that you can choose from in the cooper board and the bigger the battery the longer the range but again with cooper trying to make this seem like the sporty choice theyve made this A little bit quicker than the id3, so you can add on whats, called an e boost performance pack, which is an optional extra, and with that then the cupraborn will beat the vw id3 in a drag race apparently, but that extra performance which that pack unlocks is Apparently, only available if theres enough charge left in the battery and if its at the right temperature as well so really were talking about the difference between the quickest id3 doing not to 62 and 7.

3, and the quickest cooper born doing the same sprint in 6.6 seconds. So it is a bit quicker, but are you really desperate to get that extra pace buying this kind of car and are you going to notice it probably not were in the mid range battery with the lower of the two power outputs, and this feels like a Pretty good cooper born to go for. To be honest, so the cupraborn takes the good bits of the id3, but adds in a nicer, finished interior and a better infotainment system whats not to like well, if youre approaching this car thinking that its some kind of sporty electric hot hatch, then youll probably be A bit disappointed because this isnt some hardened performance focused version of the id3. It just basically is the id3, which is great because thats, a comfortable, ev, thats very good, to drive. The bourne is, though, going to be more expensive than the vw. How much more expensive remains to be seen? Full uk pricing and specs will be released later in the year. If it is considerably more expensive, then that will strip away some of the appeal. But if, as expected, it is competitively priced then this should definitely be on the shortlist of anyone. Looking for a small electric, all rounder read more about the cupraborn and every other new and used car on whatcar.com and on our website.