Have i told you about our new channel partner ozlones? If you need a car loan, i would highly suggest you check them out with over 40 lenders and low rates. Loans is a fast, easy and smart way to get instantly approved for finance. There is a link in the description which will take you straight to our partner page now for the eqa lets face it. Australia, isnt really topping the marketplace when it comes to manufacturers selling electric vehicles, theyre still pretty expensive, and our government hasnt really jumped on the incentivizing bandwagon that many european countries have been riding. This translates to less infrastructure, higher costs and less interest, which in turn means manufacturers, dont, really consider australia, an important ev market, which means there is less infrastructure, and so we continue the vicious cycle. But you know what that circle was once a thing in pretty much. All markets, but pioneering manufacturers persevered and broke through it, and now electric cars are a really common site. The few that are doing it here include the likes of hyundai and kia. Of course, the inevitable tesla and some smaller models from manufacturers like nissan, so the germans seem to be developing a keen interest as well. Now, simone recently reviewed the eqc, and i have here its smaller stablemate, the eqa. Frankly, the eqc thrilled us lets see if the smaller class pricing affected the eqa in a negative way now lets remember this is an entry level car the eqa250.

So if its good, we can only expect more from its better appointed siblings later on okay. So these closed off grills are something that divide opinion. Personally, i dont mind it. The fact that its two toned to me makes it more appealing than the grill in the ionic im curious to know what do you all think of closed off grilles other than that? The eqa250 looks pretty darn nice. The headlights are just awesome and cleverly incorporated into the front not really standing out when it comes to shape, which makes the front look like one continuous section. This light bar that travels between the headlights and above the grill really adds to that feel. The lower front comes with recognizable mercedes air intakes, except they arent necessary on an electric vehicle, so theyre only really here for styling purposes. The side is more similar to the gla, but it still stands out from it. Mostly thanks to the unique 20 inch wheels and eqa badging, speaking of which these wheels are an optional feature. The standard ones are 19 inch. The rear is really great. I mean some might say the best on the market in a really kind of futuristic way. Others might disagree, but, in my opinion, rears on cars. These days are not much to look at well, mercedes is losing that contest with the eqa, because the rear is just so smooth and elegant. It looks like a really higher class car with a perfect combination of features and minimalism, its not boring its, not vulgar, and it is just so graceful sure the most noticeable feature is this elongated tail light strip, but the whole back in my opinion is just awesome.

There is no engine, ive mostly just got this up, so you can see whats underneath the bonnet. The eqa250 is front wheel drive only, but its older sibling, the 350 will be all wheel drive. This also means it has one electric motor with a 66.5 kwh battery. It produces 140 kilowatts and 375 newton meters of torque enough for a sprint to 100 of 8.9 seconds, not lightning fast, but definitely good enough, especially for a car that weighs 2040 kilos. The eqa350 will add another motor for up to 215 kilowatts and 520 newton meters of torque, so it should be far better to drive not that this one is bad. I mean it still has that exciting ev talk delivery. This is most beneficial in the city and the eqa is going to spend most of its time there. Well, for now, all electric cars are until weve done away with range anxiety in those circumstances, youll absolutely love the instant response. However, the response, regardless of how fast, is still limited by the power when i put my foot down ive loved the 375 meters of torque delivered instantly, but, as i increased speed, i personally felt like i wanted more than what the 140 kilowatts was offering. So personally, i would be looking towards something more like the eqa 350. being an electric. We get nice mercedes region breaking with several lengths of strength, the most restrictive one, almost letting you drive the eqa with one pedal alone.

I find its actually a really nice range of regen braking, so you can set it to accommodate most driving styles, but i do want to mention that you cant squeeze down the paddle and treat it like a brake, which you can do on some hyundai evs. Okay, so now lets talk about that range. The official range is at 426 kilometers. Realistically, you can expect well over 300 kilometers in most circumstances and even more than that, with a driving style and cycle that is favored by evs 100 kilowatts fast charging gets an eqa from 10 to 80 in just 30 minutes more commonly available onboard ac charger will Need just over four hours for the same level of charge. What that means is you can easily charge it while at work or overnight in terms of handling and comfort, the eqa feels planted and secure get overly spirited, and you will see the downsides of having a heavy front wheel drive vehicle. Another complaint is that at higher speeds you really notice wind and road noise. It might sound like a real first world problem to be complaining about this in a car that doesnt even have an engine to make noise with, but it can be a real problem in a lot of electric vehicles, and the eqa is definitely one of those when Traveling at high speed. Additionally, if you are looking for comfort, dont tick, the optional amg style pack, as those 20 inch wheels, are worse on comfort than the standard 19 inch ones.

The interior is pretty up market for something that is entry level, but i guess it has to be with that price. Artico, leather, keyless, entry, large screens, optional, panoramic, sunroof and flat bottom steering wheel covered in nappa leather, great fit and finish. The interior feels really high class. Also, there are loads of smart comfort and safety features that have surprised even me, with their coolness, for example, stop at a traffic light and the front camera automatically turns on reach the passenger seat at night, and the light automatically turns on to illuminate it very nice. Mercedes as common with mercedes benz vehicles, nowadays there are two 10 and a quarter inch screens that look like a single unit. Mbux comes as standard, and it is as awesome and as crispy as we remember. You get loads of customization options, apple, carplay and android, auto digital radio and satellite navigation. The front is very practical. Look. I would have liked a little bit more space. Maybe i dont know a shelf for the passenger, although i did think that probably could act as a shelf. What do you reckon and this here that looks like a joystick without a purpose, just just kind of seems like a waste of space, but the armrest bin is large and it also packs usb chargers while a wireless charger tray is up front under this cover, both The glove box and the door bins are larger than i expected, though so thats nice.

The second row is spacious enough, but having batteries under the floor means that the knee angle is not as comfortable as that in a gla, legroom and headroom is pretty good. You get an armrest, no cupholders, though you get back air vents, a little usb port usbc to be correct, and you do get a little shelf here. But i dont know what youd put there: a toy car the power tailgate reveals the boot with 340 litres of space, understandably smaller than that in the gla. Having in mind the ev layout, the seats split 40, 20 40 and fall with a slight incline to open up to 1320 litres of space, now im going to list all of the safety features. But while i do check out the footage of the self parking in action, standard safety features include active distance, assist distronic with active speed, limit assist route based, speed adaptation with end of traffic jam function, active steering, assist, active brake, assist, active lane, keeping assist active blind Spot assist with exit warning function, parking package, including parking, assist, parktronic and reversing camera easy park, tailgate with load compartment cover traffic, sign, assist adjustable damping suspension with multi link, rear suspension. Now out of three tries, it seamlessly parked itself once and we had to take control. The other two times so just dont put too much faith in the self parking just like most other electric cars. The eqa is not cheap. This entry level here starts at 77, 000 or 272 a week with oz loans.

Does it really justify the price im? Not sure what to say it is really good. Even this weaker version is responsive and good to drive, technology levels are awesome, ergonomics, interior and practicality are really great design inside and out is very nice. In short, you really dont feel like youre in an entry level version of the smallest suv in the range. It really does feel like an up market vehicle. Honestly. The only issue i have with the eqa250 is when i compare it to the all electric volvo xc40. Now, the xc40, all electric and the eqa250 are really comparable in price. However, the xc40 is more comparable in power to the 350, which is slated to come out later this year, thanks for watching cartel tv make sure to give us a like on our social channels.