Theres some good improvements here and the first one is battery. It gets a bump from 44.5 kilowatt hours to 51 kilowatt hours for an estimated range of 316 kilometers, then theres a 72 kilowatt hour version capable of 436 clicks and both are rated on the wltp cycle. The renewed model builds on the success of like the existing mg zsev, which was launched several years ago in overseas markers and only like in late 2020 for australia, and this revised model actually acts see some very, very welcome changes, particularly to the front nose where the Constellation is gone and in place an aerodynamic uh here and a kona like passion and, thank goodness, a side opening charge port in there theres like led charging indicator lights. So you can actually see how much charge your battery has just at a glance and the rubber plugs have gone. Oh my gosh and the amount of annoyance they give me in my current mg is that sap i cant tell you. I would love to get rid of them and, if you actually know can you let me know, put a comment below appreciate it. The bold new face is set off by led headlines again. A great addition. Compared to the current australian model, thats only got like halogen bulbs that are a little bit well very much. Yellowish um and look mg says that its redesigned rear bumper is well redesigned. But to me it looks the same.

The profile looks the same: the wheels look, the same but theyre, saying theyre, different, okay, sure the mg zsav will be offered like in two trim levels and two battery variants. Regardless the charging is much the same as we currently get right now, so combo style, so type 2, ccs up to 75 kilowatt single phase and 75 dc. You know 75 kilowatts dc, so not much change there on the inside. It looks very nice and what i hope is like an improved 10.1 inch, touchscreen theres, new graphics, improved functionality and new model also gets a new instrument. Cluster and wireless phone charging, something im actually adding to my card very soon uh, including wireless android, auto yeah. You heard right ill do a video when i get it, but im excited for those changes regardless in this car uh wireless charging is included, but im very uncertain. In fact, i doubt its going to be wireless, android, auto or wireless apple carplay, because well in the video theres, actually a plug that plugged into the phone so yeah. Well, just stick with that. Shall we stay with the story? Chris, the new mgz suv gets like improved mgi smart connectivity system, which offers a connection via your smartphone to like various car functions and in the app you can control climate security charging and all that and oh, my gosh. Thank you mg. This is what the pan asian models like in india and thailand and those sort of places have had for a while, but in the uk and australia we havent, and so thank you mg for doing this, and let me know if you can actually retrofit this to The current you know models uh, maybe that head unit being the largest green than our ones – maybe not, but you know fingers crossed right, im unsure on pricing and its only in euros.

So look ill put these down the bottom of the screen here and you can figure out yourself, maybe how much they might cost when they get to australia. Uh seems to be a bit more money based upon what one of my um patrons are suggesting: hi scott. So yeah, let me know in terms of availability, yeah coming out in november this year, so watch this space sticking with mg and then theyve also unveiled overnight. The marvel r electric, its flagship suv, from which the media releases suggests its actually going to be only available in european markets. Hmm, maybe i dont like that. Its making me angry okay. Moving on this, larger suv will cost the same as the mg zsev base model. So, im not sure on why theyre saying things like luxurious best model ever and its the same price as the mg zsev. So let me illustrate what youre getting here and towards the end of the video ill. Compare the two and tell you why youll be mad to go for the zsev, and actually you want to spring for this little sucker so lets kick it off with. Basically its looks i like it. It looks very audi: aetron ish, a little bit. Bmw, lix sort of ish and um youve got the led light bar across the front. Youve got a front, yes, a frank awesome, fantastic, thank you and the cockpit with that pinnacle. As i swear its been pulled out of like the vw highline models with the lcd screens that they have yeah psychic motors theyre excellent at knowing how to copy the best bits from european makers.

So why not, if you cant, beat them join them? I say in terms of internals youve got this awesome. 19. 19.4 inch central touchscreen to operate all the mg ismart connectivity system. We have again that extensive range of online functions and connectivity through your smartphone app, and so you again, you can control things remotely boot. Space is good at 479 litres, expandable to nearly 1400 liters, with the rear seats folded down depending on the market, customers can choose from three trim levels: comfort, luxury and performance and theres. Actually, two power trains here: either rear wheel, drive or all wheel drive a lot of fingers today. Sorry about that, anyway, the comfort and luxury both have rear wheel, drive and um. Also, the option of two electric motors already said that um but power output is a respectable 132 kilowatts or 410 newton meters of torque and a wltp range of 402 kilometers from a 61.1 kilowatt hour battery. The performance version adds on electric motor to their front axle and offers permanent all wheel. Drive. Outputs are very respectable: 212 kilowatts and 665 newton meters of com of torque, and this one because i guess its got a heavier battery and going for speed is only 370 kilometers rated at a later stage. A version with a 50.3 kilowatt hour battery will be offered which offers a reduced range of only 320 kilometers, but these guys make really affordable electric vehicles, and if you can go for the biggest battery you can afford, i highly recommend it.

My car can only do at best 230 kilometers. I wish i had more 300. Be nice. 400 would be even better get the idea. Definitely on board 11 kilowatt three phase charger. The battery is also suitable for, like dc fast charging up to 92 kilowatt and which would allow the battery go from five to eighty percent in just 43 minutes again. These specs are better than the mg zsev youve got like well. On the one hand, seven kilowatt single phase versus marvels 11 kilowatt three phase, thats going to charge remarkably faster twice to almost three times as fast in terms of dc rapid charging. The mgz suv comes in at 75, kilowatts versus the marvel, which is 92 kilowatts, its a no brainer and theyre, offering the base model of the marvel with those faster charges at the same price. It boggles their brain and ill be curious to see if they repeat the same thing again. If it comes to australia in australia, pricing who the hell knows, availability um is a mystery to me. The standard equipment on the marble r electric includes a comprehensive range of like advanced driver assistance systems, a heat pump that can heat or cool the battery, and obviously the interior and and the real ticket item here also vehicle to load yeah vehicle to load. So why would you go for the zsav that cant, the new mg marvel r electric will be available in the european markets later this month and starting from thirty nine thousand nine hundred nine dollars for the comfort version and additional four thousand euros for the um larger? More luxurious trim, so there was also a station wagon shown off last night as well, but i dont very much will see it come to australia because its so 1990s and for those who actually want to see that ill put it onto mondays show so yeah tune Back in for that and look if you want to stay in tune with what i do consider subscribing absolutely free if you want to see more content like this more regularly consider joining me over here on patreon, where you get all this a lot more and yeah.