Oppenheiser knew that the new gmc hummer ev needed to knock the socks off its. Would be buyers, it would take a standout design and lights out performance to convince folks who commute in v8 powered pickups that an electric can be fun and something exciting. We briefly drove his latest creation: a 9 000 plus pound 1000 hp 3 motor removable roof pickup. Even without strapping, our test gear did were pretty sure he nailed the performance part we werent allowed to sample the watts to freedom, wtf, launch control mode, a name that deserves the eye roll. You just gave it from the drivers seat, but we were able to experience it from the passenger seat. Just before feeling said wtf moment we watched as another hummer ev roasted its tires. Gmc says: itll. Take this edition. One pick up three seconds to reach 60 miles per hour: activating wtf vibrates the drivers seat a sort of warning of whats to come. The hummer can take its time, preparing itself upward of 18 seconds. The air springs slam, the body to the ground and the battery and electronics find their optimum temperatures. The goodyear wrangler tires are r rated, which means they are good for up to 106 miles per hour, a speed the hummer should hit long before it crosses the line. In a quarter mile pass oppenheiser fitted his creation with standard supercrews gms hands free highway tech. The hummer gets the latest version which works on more than 200 000 miles of roads and will make automatic lane changes to allow you to passively pass traffic.

Gmcs edition 1 trucks are set to be delivered by the end of the year and will carry a price tag of one hundred twelve thousand five hundred ninety five dollars in a 350 mile range. If you havent already reserved one youre too late for the first year of production, the good news is that next year, an 830 hp, lower spec version will be available, wait a little longer until 2023 and there will be even lower spec pickups in an suv initial Impressions are on the wow side of the spectrum and we think the buyers this machine is seeking will be deeply wowed: 0.