Ah, you put it pilot, call it. Yes, all right. So how do we do the auto piloting autopilot? So can we go for a drive thats all the settings settings uh. So there is a map and this is hundred and ten thousand dollars, isnt it yeah hundred and ten thousand dollars. Thats. All your suspension. You can adjust your suspension height and everything general muscle lift the bottom here. How do we do it all right, its the bottom? There open thats it automatically pops up and uh. How about just go that i take your video and how do you control this one ill come to the front and the light on the led Music, indeed Music. So when you press, when you you can do it with the mobile phone, you can unlock it isnt. It the door handles it will, while you in, would you be able to do that? Okay, yeah im, looking forward Music yeah theyre, ten thousand dollars, ten thousand dollars. So, though, thats for the thats, the accelerator accelerator uh, how are you bluetooth accelerator all right? How much is for these ones its ten thousand dollars for the whole, which brand is it its from italy, italy in thailand, italiana all right. So if you want to put the brake on how? Where do you proceed this one, this lonely birthday all right, and so i need a pin to start it all right. So you can watch the youtube and the street light everything streets, everything date and timing, thats, my gps, so thats, your gps, big screen all right.

How many k now right now so for servicing? Where do you take it required required? Oh really so lets how about the brake pads and everything i think ive ive had it since 2019. 148. 000 kilometer, oh, my goodness, thats from 2019 isnt it! Yes, on average 1700 a week all right, so you never change the black part, but if, in guys, where do you go and change it, how i need to all right? So could you please open these ones and the what that doesnt open theres an open? Why is that its like that yeah its like that all the time? Oh really, i thought theres a sunroof working, no, no Music! Oh, it looks like a sun drop yeah, its called a moon roof all right, so you can see through it at night. So how do you find drive in the normal car on this one? How do you find it this one? I cant say what i really want to say, but you recommend this up um. So if you want to go to adelaide or brisbane is it possible to yeah, then you take the adelaide. Just you just to plan your trip. Yeah go in here, yeah and youll go into your trips uh. Where are we navigation? Yep? No hang on ive got to work out which, where im going now that one, but even though, if you draw how many k, if you want full full fuel fuel tank, how much how many kilometer you can go for it 400 500 on for you, this one Should be around 400 kilometers, the best ive ever got is 340.

. Sophie is running to um, adelaide, so, okay, so if i lets do a sample yeah, if i went from alice springs to uluru yeah yep, i would get leave alice springs at six oclock yep. I would go to albunda yep and you stay there. Kilometers away to another air, then stay there. I would have breakfast yeah held under while im there ill dunder for one hour yeah. It will be at full charge. I will plug in and get one hours charge. Thats it youre gon na have a breakdown just one hour break to get one hour charge then i would go from al. Dunda yeah to owen, springs yeah and have lunch. Oh okay, while im having lunch, yep ill, do one hour charge all right. Okay! So meanwhile, so you just need a power socket thats it. Yes, there is no anything else, you dont need it, but it has to be a three. So i know, but it has to be a three phase. So no no need just a single phase. Is enough. Does it go? This fall got a camera calling, yes, so how many cameras all around theres one yeah, two yeah, three yeah four yeah, five, six, seven, all right! So i mean one two in the middle and where is the camera here its up here all right? Okay, then you got the back camera all right. Okay, have another thing: look that one: oh thats, beautiful, Music, um all right front camera its taking down alone, oh yeah! Here we go because we are in the shade thats white, yeah, rear yeah left right all right.

Why this color is a little bit different its because of the shape yeah all right see what were seeing there and what were seeing in through here. It looks like a bit black and white thats, because we parked in the shade this the front camera yeah. These two side cameras are black and white. All right. I need the reef. Okay, thats colorful. So when you touch it, it can be oh thats it and if you touch the front all right, yeah, okay left, so you can check it out. So you dont have to come out of the car and anything any special features on this ones, weekends. So until it comes again, so you got all your stuff, so its recording as well while youre driving yeah and how how many seconds it will take to 100 kilometer speed zero to 104 seconds in four seconds time. The efficiency. So we go for a drive and well do the autopilot and just go, keep trying so anything else. You would like to say ill. Just take it leather, leather, yeah, its a soft leather doesnt know, and how about this one, its aluminium thats carbon fiber. This is carbon fiber, and this is like a leather as well yeah, and this is its white suede and this one leather all right – and this is leather as well – yes and the moon roof – and this is leather, super comfy, leather, it. This is a model s isnt that correct yeah.

We have three variants on this: one isnt it suv and the model s yeah and youve got the model x. Yeah then youve got the model three yeah and the new one is a model y model y yeah. Is it something its got new features on it, no theyre all the same Music and yeah um? Could you please open it? Yeah everyone said im just turning it off yep. You want to film the charger on the wall im about to turn it on yeah i did already, but its not off its not on here. The green light will come on Music, so its currently charging yeah at itll go up to 17 kilowatts yeah at 24 amps times three, because i have three phase: yeah yeah, oh, but you do not, but you dont need the three. You do not need three phase, but i got three phase because obviously i want to charge faster in the chat. No, i havent yet do it again, yeah ready? Yes, so you can do it through the could you please show me the mobile app in the mobile phone as well. So if you its me more safer as well as nobody can come and open the door as well, because once you push it in, you cant feel anything okay, see: okay! Yeah! Can you just do it yeah all right yeah its asking me do i want to? Yes, yeah yeah, yes, yep yeah. I saw that yep, lock, yes, Music, Music, more or less yeah, so were back on autopilot autopilot, yeah, okay, so you dont have to do it literally.

You dont have to do anything even indicating nothing. The speed okay thats good its on autopilot now yeah, okay, see how it slows down automatically for the speed yeah. So again, look its going around the corner yeah. Well, we bring up tesla and they send them to us and movie do we have in australia yeah? Where are they adelaide adelaide? Oh, if you want to go for service, you can go there in adelaide, okay, at least all the major towns. Yes, so youve been to the longer trip um the longest ive been, is stanley chasm thats it yeah.