No other car will have as much impact as this car right here and, of course, im talking about the nissan leaf, as you notice, its not too dissimilar from last years model, as nissan has kept with the second generation design behind the nissan logo. You have a front grille thats completely covered, because, of course this is an electric car. Theres no need to bring in air for an internal combustion engine, but behind this transparent layer is a very interesting hexagonal pattern which really looks striking in the sunlight. Now up here. We have aggressive front headlights down to 17 inch wheels on the 60 kilowatt per hour model going towards the side. We have a side profile that i would best describe as a gerbil. Its not a great looking design it just kind of is what it is. Its been part of the nissan leaf design philosophy for a long time. It follows in line with a lot of other evs in this hatchback style. I dont think its particularly pretty moving towards the back. We have this blue accenting, which i think looks particularly good. We have the back tail lights and this boomerang design that nissan has brought over from the 370z and over in the back seat. You have you have two to three seats with a decent amount of legroom, its probably not great, if youre a particularly tall person, but for kids, if youre just throwing some stuff in the back, it should be more than fine.

The two front doors have a button to unlock and lock the car, and with that you never really need to take out your keys, and you just kind of walk up to the car. It opens you jump in you turn it on. It just goes like that, and with that lets jump inside its not the most luxurious drive, i must admit theres a bit more wind noise than you would expect and theres a bit more in cabin vibration, but thats to be expected in an ev thats. All about saving energy in cab, noise comes from lesser sound, deadening material, because the point is to keep the card light and the lighter the car is the greater mileage itll have this particular model that im driving has 200 some miles of range and of course that Varies based on how youre driving, if youre driving on eco mode, how the weather is outside if its colder, you do see a pretty significant drop in overall mileage, so that is something to consider. Increased cabin road noise comes down to also the tires here. We are driving energy triers by michelin, which are obviously meant to ensure the car gets that extra mile. One thing you will notice is that when youre driving this car is that you will hear the tire squeal a lot now. You know we havent put this in a wet test. Essentially, you know a heavy rainstorm or whatever on camera, but as i was driving uh during a storm here in houston.

Overall, it did hold its own, but there were times where it lost a little bit of grip, but the traction control did kick in and made sure i was on the road interior wise. You know youre looking at a very, very standard cabin, something straight from nissan. If youve, driven like the 2021 nissan leaf, its pretty much exactly identical, were seeing some, you know a bit plusher leather seating, heated steering wheel, we have an instrument cluster, which is actually standard across all the models right uh. One thing that nissan has done, apart from lowering its price point rather significantly, is made a lot more features standard going into the center of the console. We have the shift knob, which has this blue accent, which i absolutely love its something thats defined the nissan leaf. You have a seven inch touchscreen up front and some of the zippiest uh display by any means. The resolution is kinda low, but it does have apple carplay. It does have android auto two features which are important for you know the modern, daily commuter theres also a screen up front, which gives you a whole load of information. You can talk through that information rather easily and it lets you know the information up front and theres. Obviously, the speedometer on the right one thing: youll notice, with the 2022 nissan leaf, is that no hands nissan includes whats called its pro pilot assist and its not tesla autopilot by any means.

For example, you cant just input a destination and sleep in the back, like some tech pro out in san francisco, but what you have is essentially a lane assist program that keeps a car in between the lanes and following the car in front of it. You just kind of set the miles per hour. You want to keep it at itll drive kind of leisurely at that pace, keeping a distance now, the pro pilot isnt perfect by any means there are times, especially if theres road work going on and lets say, lines have been kind of painted over and cut, and Things are kind of like mismatched. The car can get a little confused, so nissan is constantly reminding you to keep your hands close to the wheel or touching the wheel every 30 seconds, or so, when things kind of go awry. There are times where i felt like. Oh, my gosh: is it going to kind of hit the car next to me and it doesnt? Obviously it it stays within the lanes and follows the cars in front of it, and you can see like the steering wheel, turning very slightly its doing everything for you. What i will say is that, whenever i do have pro pilot assist on the battery, life tends to go down a bit more quickly than if it were off and i think thats just kind of the computer systems when the camera systems all running at full.

Throttle making sure that it doesnt hit the wall Music all right here we are getting the 2022 nissan leaf. A quick charge up were at an evgo charging station using a chatimo style charge. Plug chademo is a charge standard, thats common with a lot of japanese manufacturers and what were getting here is a 50 kilowatt per hour charge, speed, which is a moderate speed, so youre looking at a zero to 80 percent charge in about an hour and that last 80 to 100 percent will take another hour now. Electric car manufacturers do recommend that you only charge that 80 percent, as going above that can degrade the life of the battery over time. Next to the chademo charger is a standard sae charge port which can be used for home now the nissan leaf 2022 does include a home, fast charger, which you can plug into a regular wall outlet and thats good for like an overnight charge. Unfortunately, the nissan leaf does not have the ccs charge standard, which can get you 150 kilowatt per hour, charge speeds which is considerably faster but overall for its mileage. If you need a quick charge in about an hour, youre good with the chatimo, so final thoughts on the 2022 nissan leaf, is it the cool sports car that we saw at the top? No? But i firmly believe that this is the most important car in nissans. Lineup this, along with the aria, will set nissan up for the future, with new environmental regulations, both in the eu and in the us could mean the end of the internal combustion engine, and nissan has positioned itself as leading this new category.