I i just know im new to evs. This is my first tv and uh. It is a chinese one, automotive, industrial corporation um, but just i i was it got me thinking about the uh, the european car manufacturers uh. You know renault peugeot, the german manufacturers as well, and how little evs that they have – and i mean renault brought out the twizzy – it wasnt the twizzy in there. I think that was in the 90s and im not even sure if its a car yeah our quadricycle or the declassification of it, but uh i mean it. It took them quite a long time to bring out the zoe um, which i think was around uh. 2010. 2012 and uh they announced there at the munich motor show that they were bringing out the aim again, but thats not going into production until 2023, its kind of Music whats keeping you you know its um. You know, toyota was the same. They they launched a prius in 97., now its not a full ev. Its a hybrid but theyve had massive massive success with it, and i didnt think that they had brought out a full ev, but apparently in 2010, when they bought a lot of tesla shares. They invested heavily in tesla uh. They brought out around four bev. Where did they sell us ive, never seen it never even heard of us. It was. I just happened to come across it online uh that they had made a full eva car.

You know and never heard of it – and i know with toyota they kind of backed the hydrogen uh car and they brought out a hydrogen car. But it just seemed a little a little bit pointless um, because we dont have theres no infrastructure for um hydrogen and of course it would take a long time for us to put in infrastructure for hydrogen cars, which i mean every country produces electricity. You know so its. I think the the battery powered cars were more um, easier to roll out and easier to put in the the infrastructure to uh to deal with it. You know, but uh. When you look at the chinese, i mean they dont just have one car per company, you know they, they have a whole range and they have everything from you know the small city car right up to the large seven seater. You know top of the range luxury, um, suv and everything in between, and i you know the um. I know a lot of the german designers and engineers moved to china. You know three four five years back: they they were all poached by the chinese and uh. You know theyre making some fabulous cars and theyre making what we want. You know from what i gather. You know the chinese are listening to their customers and you know were saying look you know we want longer range. We want faster charging and theyre, answering it and theyre.

Saying yeah: okay well build it, you know um and the european car manufacturers. I think they realize now that the ev revolution is happening and whether it was you know, influence from petrochemical companies that um that they didnt invest. I i dont know i i i cant figure out it. It doesnt make sense, you know um, but i think they realize now that yeah, the eevee revolution is happening, whether they like it or not, and theyre trying to play catch up, and you know what i think its too late uh does a couple of chinese companies That are going to be launching within the next uh. Well next year, theres a company called byd, build your dreams. Thats the company warren buffett uh invested heavily in a few years back and uh yeah and like that david full range occurred. The launch and the byd dolphin uh next year now, unfortunately, itll probably be two or three years before we see it uh. But you know a a medium sized car itll have a minimum range of 300 kilometers uh theres two battery packs that theyre going to launch uh 300 kilometer range and 400 kilometer range, and it possibly uh from what i gather it will have the 800 volt fast Charging capabilities thats what we want dave accident – you know, but you know they have the byd hand, luxury sedan or saloon, as we would call them the byd tang seven seat or top of the range uh suv, and then they have the young um.

Small suv. Crossover toy thing, lovely little car and unbelievably cheap. You know, and a lot of these cars are going to come in, especially the smaller arrangements. Theyre going to come in quite possibly under 30 000 euro. Again something we want. We said you know, make them cheaper as well, and theyre listening and and theyre answering um x, paying or xiaoping another company theyve fabulous car, so the gel pen seeker. I want one. I want one of those, a hot hatch. You know they. They really have every type of car thats on the road today and they have it now. You know you, you can go to china and you can buy anything from the small little wheeling mini again. I think that at the moment, its classed as a quadricycle, but they are make it for the european market. It will be classed as a car with a five star safety rating and uh. You know that could be under 20 000 euro. Imagine that 20 000 euro and again minimum range of 300 kilometers, so its um yeah it it. It just makes me wonder what the the the european car dealers you know. Renault are lobbying the eu government to try and push the 2035 uh deadline of evies. Only out another five years and its kind of, if its taking these 10 years to come up with a new model im, not surprised youre, looking for more time but whats keeping you um.

You know nissan at the same toyota, uh toyotas, giving out now because uh they just cant compete and they reckon theyre going to lose 80 percent of their car sales and the loss of over five and a half thousand jobs in japan. Because you backed the wrong horse, you know its stop whinging because you got it wrong. You know, youve got it seriously wrong toyota, but uh yeah, im uh im enjoying my chinese car ive uh. What im, just over 8 000 kilometers done on it now and no problems stay still enjoying it and uh. You know the dmg uh, please make the silverster you know. Have you guys seen that sorry buster to see their little roadster, absolutely beautiful, beautiful car? Please please make it its really amazing, but um. It got me thinking as well about you know some of the the bells and whistles i on cars. You know a lot of them. Theyre nice having you know in front as they are not nice to have them, but theyre not necessary, and if you took some of them out, could you make the cars even cheaper, again and start bringing out cars with a minimum range of 300 kilometers? And i think that would i think that that will be the benchmark for for most people, that if you had a minimum of 300 kilometer range that it will be very usable um. You know and not worrying about having to charge, and that was just a question.

I want to ask about that but yeah to bring out. You know smaller uh city cars uh. You know for younger generations with no kids theyre in around town, and you know wouldnt do long trips. That often so you know small little city car, you know take out the automatic handbrake put in an ordinary handbrake, no reversing camera. No lane assist, you know, take all those bells and whistles away. Could you make them cheaper and you know get them on the market? For under 20 000 euro within europe – and that would be great – that will be fantastic, but the problem – and i i i i kind of see it here – um its the charging infrastructure and i i had to look at the the cso figures for ireland. The central statistics office and up to the the up to july of this year, 23 of carousels, were electric now that included plug in hybrids as well, but um 23. They like that thats a big chunk and i know from uh. I know a lot of taxi drivers went to buy an electric car and they couldnt because they were sold out. It was unavailable so id say by the end of the year when we have the second six months in id say that 33 will certainly go over 40 of the carousel in this country, where, where electric or you know plug in hybrid and people, are putting the Names down for next year for for full, eva, you know, theres a waiting list now, for you know the volkswagen id3, you know d4, the skoda enyak um, even the mg they they brought in more cars.

They initially, they only brought in 55 of the mg5 to ireland and they were sold within a couple of weeks. A couple of weeks were gone, so they started taking more orders and uh. They they brought in more. They theyve actually arrived in the country to just wait to clear customs uh. I know a couple of taxi drivers that were talking to me when they seen this car and uh my and talking to me from my experience with it: did they they bought one. They they put one on order and they bought one and theyre just waiting for them to clear customs. Now, uh, but again they theyre sold out. You know its uh. The the ev revolution really is happening so uh. China, please, i know, were only a small market. Come to ireland, we love you Laughter, xiaoping, neo, uh boy day. You know we want what youre selling we have the money. Please please please come here, but um wait when it comes to the charging yeah again, as i said, i im only new to evs. So i ive been doing a lot of research and going into it, and you know: ive the the mg5, the 52 kilowatt model and with ac charging itll only charge at seven kilowatts an hour and i and thats because of the charger within the car itself. Um because it has to turn it into direct current for those who dont know. Oh yeah ive only found that out im certainly no expert on this, but it just got me thinking about it.

The 22 kilowatt ac charging seems to be the most uh common charger. Certainly within ireland – and i i would imagine it will be everywhere else. You know because it as far as i know, it was easier to to put them in all over the place so to speak, and if you increased the charger within the car – and i i know some cars will charge at 11 – kilowatts on ac charges. Um. Could you increase this? You know two to 22 kilowatts, so i mean if you could get 22 kilowatts into any car. You know an hour. Even charging for half an hour would give you a good range and if its a small city car, it will be perfect and because not everyone can get a home charge. You know people living in apartments, terrace houses that dont have a front garden uh. You know the high density housing, where the you know they wouldnt necessarily have a driveway and they couldnt er, you know charge having the cable going across a footpath public footpath is, is not allowed so, where you know, if you put a bigger charger within the car, Took out all of the other bells and whistles and just made it, you know fast charging on the 22 ac kilowatt uh charging. You know i think youd have a winner there. I think youd have a celery. It would certainly make them um more appealing to people who want to make the switch, but true not being able to home charge.

You know um so yeah bit of food for todd china. If youre listening, can you look into that right or even if, if it cant be done, somebody, let me know in the comments below, as i said, im, certainly no expert im, not an electrician or an electrical engineer, or that but uh its just something. Ive heard about you know: if you increase the charger within the car, could it be done you know? So let me know what you think anyway, so thats all for now ill keep you posted on my uh as were coming into winter now, and how im getting on with with the caribbean. You know the last few cold mornings, ive, you know, had the the heater on wipers on and all that and im still getting decent range im getting you know a shift out of a full charge. Absolutely no problem. Still plenty left. You know im still kind of averaging between 40 and 50 percent uh of the battery from from full. You know so its its more than enough, so yeah right, thats it for now.