It was released overseas back in 2017 and this electric version. First arrived in australia about six months ago, but it is the first kia ive reviewed on this channel with the new kia logo, which i think is a vast improvement over the old one being that it is a few years old. It does miss out on some of the more square and aggressive looking design language that weve seen in some more recent keys like the sorrento and the celtos, and it also features one of my least favorite design elements of any electric car, the blanked off front grille. I mean electric cars still need a little bit of air to breathe and stay cool. So why not leave it open? These swooped back light clusters remind me a little bit of the ones in the ford escape, but they are halogen, unfortunately, which project a very yellow. Colored light, especially when compared to the white led driving lights down below as the nero is not exclusively an ev. There is a hybrid version available as well. It has a conventional engine bay, which means we can actually see its electric motor. You cant do that in many evs. What were looking at is a 64 kilowatt electric motor that outputs 150 kilowatts of power and a very impressive ‘5 newton meters of torque. The range is 455 kilometers or so key acclaim and its all powered by a 457 kilo battery that sits under the floor, which will take you 29 hours to charge from a regular 240 volt plug at home.

If youve got a high speed charger, youre looking at around about an hour to charge to 80 at the back, the design is fairly conservative. These light clusters look really good at night, though, and underneath the non powered tailgate, we get a 451 litre space which expands by a further thousand or so with the rear seats down underneath the floor. There is no spare tyre, but you do get a tyre repair kit and, of course, the all important wall charger. In fact, this particular car is so new. Its only done about 600 ks that this hasnt even been taken out of the plastic. Yet i think the interior of the neuro looks really good its a nice mixture of soft touch and textured plastics with leather accented seats and this nice metal finish with piano black across the middle here. It actually reminds me a little bit of audi this particular nero ev is an s model, which means it gets a smaller 8 inch center console screen than the top spec sport version, which gets the full 10 inches, which is a bit of a shame, especially considering How much this car costs but well come to that a bit later on the software on it is pretty paired back, but it does get wireless apple, carplay and wireless android, auto, which the top spec sport model misses out on. The sound system has six speakers and its pretty average. To be honest, weve got a row of shortcut buttons underneath that interior storage in the nero is really good.

Weve got a little shelf here for your phone, just on top of two usb outputs and another 12 volt outlet. Just there another big storage area. Just beneath that for bulky items, then weve got this floating console here for the rotary dial gear shifter and your drive mode buttons, a little roller door here, its a little bit tricky to open for the cup holders and they spring open in a very cool way. In fact, weve seen this design and a few other kias and hyundais just recently and a nice deep center console bin with another usb outlet under there. I love this digital instrument cluster. I think this is one of the best ive seen in any car lately. It has a certain sort of retro, futuristic style to it, especially with these seven segment displays showing you, the speedo and the range left on the battery. Did you know that seven segment numbers were first patented back in 1903? They go way back there. You just learned something theres a lot to take in on this cluster, but its all displayed very cleanly and its very easy to understand the nero features. The new kia steering wheel. I havent seen one of these before and i really like it. I think its much better than the old one. It feels a bit more thick and sturdy in the hand its got a nice leather wrap with stitching, and this centerpiece, where the airbag is, is much bigger than it used to be.

In fact, the overall design looks a lot more like jaguar. The functionality of it is much the same as the previous wheel, but im liking this design. I think it looks really good a couple of paddle shifters behind it, which are actually not paddle shifters. They control the amount of regenerative braking if youre doing one pedal driving the seats are quite comfortable, eight ways of electric adjustment for the driver with lumber support. They are cloth with leather, accents and yeah. They feel pretty good. The driving position is sort of at a medium sort of position within the cabin ive got a good visibility out the front there, and also all around through the blind spots and through the rear vision, mirror all right, backseat of the nero ev and actually really good. Ive got loads of leg room. This is impressive for a compact suv to have this much legroom is terrific im, not even touching the seat in front of me and thats in my regular seating position: im 190 centimeters tall headroom, maybe just a little bit short on that with my hair, touching the Ceiling but thats all right, weve got an armrest here with two cupholders two rear air vents. Two adults could fit back here quite comfortably. Three would be a little bit of a squash, but three kids would be fine, although theyll be unhappy because theres no rear, usbs, Music – well theres, nothing surprising about this, but the cabin on the road is a supremely quiet place.

To be, i mean, aside from the fact that theres no petrol engine noise theres also just very little road noise coming in from the outside world at all its very well insulated, and it actually takes a little while to get used to that. Just because it is so quiet in here, im used to having to you know, talk over the top of a turbocharged v6. While i do these videos, but here theres, just theres just nothing, i can actually speak at a really quiet volume. The only thing you do here is a little bit of a sci fi, sort of fake electric engine noise and thats. Mostly so. Pedestrians know that youre nearby, because these cars really dont make much noise at all its quite possible to creep up behind people who are walking right in front of you and they wont know youre there. As the speed limit here, changes from 80 to 100. Just that instant power, when you put your foot down it, just comes on straight away with no hesitation and the funny thing is, i keep on thinking. I can hear engine noise, but its actually its, not this car, its the big ram truck. Next to me, it is pretty quick, its 7.8 seconds, zero to 100. So why dont? We just try that out right now and see how it feels okay were in sport mode, come to a complete, stop cant build any revs, so foot on the floor.

Its pretty good, like i said its not quite at tesla model, 3 levels of acceleration, but its perfectly adequate just to say the adaptive cruise control is actually not that easy to turn on im sort of mashing buttons here on the wheel, and i cant quite get It to work, i could sit down and read the manual, but who has time ah got it driving this car with no engine noise. All of these cool, looking digital displays the adaptive cruise control on the assisted steering. It really does feel like we are in the future. It has arrived. The nero like every other ev has regenerative braking, which means that you can drive this car with only one pedal, which sounds a bit strange if youve never done it before it probably is a bit weird, the first time you do it, but its amazing. How quickly you get used to it and, aside from giving your foot a bit of a rest, the other great benefit is that the car uses the heat and friction and power it generates from that engine braking and feeds it back into the battery. To top up the charge and in the nero unlike every other evr driven, you can actually see your range going up as the battery recharges. Normally most evs just show you that their level is going down more slowly, but this one actually increases ive, just gone from 313 kilometers range remaining to 314, its quite satisfying to see, although the 450 odd kilo battery on the bottom of this car keeps it fairly.

Well planted to the road, it is a fairly tall suv, so on some of these twisty corners im going around now, you do get a bit of body roll and there is a warning sign just up here on the sun visor about potentially tipping over. I think you would have to be doing something quite silly to do that and you wouldnt encounter that on a normal situation, with all that torque going to the front wheels and coming on straight away. Sometimes they do slip a little bit and thats, probably something you really need to just be wary of in the wet theres, three different drive modes, eco, normal and sport, and just coming off the lights here in eco mode. You certainly can feel that the car is not as eager to leap forward. It probably feels a little more on par with what youd expect a petrol driven compact suv to feel like put it into normal mode, and the acceleration does become a little bit more lively and in sport the power is just there straight away with the nero evs Claimed range of over 400 kilometers and me living in an inner suburb in the city. I dont have any range anxiety that would suit my regular driving habits. Just fine, if you live in an outer suburb and you commute a long distance or you live in a regional area, then that might be something you want to factor in, because that is probably about 100 to 150 kilometers less than you get on a full tank Of petrol, but it is substantially better than some other evs that only give you 250 kilometers of range and that i would find quite hard to live with where i think the nero really excels over its rivals like the nissan leaf and the hyundai kona ev, on Which this car shares a platform is that i think this car is actually a lot more fun to drive theres a bit of a sense, especially from people who havent driven them before that electric cars are in some way inferior to drive from an enjoyment point of View and theyre not theyre fantastic, and you quickly forget that the car youre driving doesnt have a petrol engine.

The nero is a really engaging car to drive at 67 490. The nero is not a cheap compact suv, but i do think it is about the best value ev on the market.