. Today we have something very special to show you all that is the very 1st Japanese electric vehicle in Nepal, which is the number 1 selling Electric Vehicle in its segment around the world., Presenting you, the Nissan Leaf., Being an Electric Vehicle and contributing towards the sustainability. The name LEAF plays an interesting factor here.. I personally love this name LEAF as it connects with the nature.. So lets see what this Japanese, 4 wheeler has to offer. Welcome Back Everyone.. Today we have this vehicle in blue colour, whereas we can also choose between single and dual color variant that is available on market. Now lets talk about front face of the Vehicle. This vehicle comes with a sleek and aggressive design, and we can also see the branding of Nissan on the center, and both sides are equipped with a Boomerang, shaped, headlight Side indicators and a DRL mounted on the top, and the intensity of the headlight is more than Enough for a night ride., So looking from side it have aerodynamic designed vehicle comes with 17 inch, Alloy, wheels. and importantly talking about it is its ground clearance. It is 155mm. This obviously sound like the ground clearance is less, but it has wide angle approach on both sides, so there are fewer chances of bumps while driving off road. Moving toward the back of this vehicle. As you can see, it portrays a sporty look. Likewise, in left side we can see branding of LEAF.

Since it is EV. There is no fuel injection which results in emission of carbon dioxide. It proudly presents Zero Emission Badge If you are planning to buy Leaf and thinking how much space I required for parking, you can see dimensions on the screen.. This is remote of this vehicle. To open this door. Click this button on the remote or or just press. This small button on the door. So lets go inside and talk about its interior.. The beautiful car is more comfortable as it looks. Being a 5 seater car that is 3 people seating at the back. Its back seat has large enough leg space, which is comfortable, so there is no chance of batter.. It has small pocket holes where we can keep small things very easily and also has bottle holder. Here is the glove box where you can keep your stuffs, as is it large compared to other cars? Likewise, there is AC which can be controlled from here. Talking about front. It seems comfortable seat. There is an auto heating seat, so in the winter season, ride may be very cosy and this function can be controlled from here. Talking about driver seat. It can be adjusted according to your height., And this steering wheel can be moved up and down according to the driver position. From here we can control head light and side light and from the left we can control wiper.. Looking at the top, there is a sun visor and is also equipped with a small mirror.

This is the arm rest For long ride. This will add your comfort and we have small storage inside here where we can put small stuff.. We can see two cup holder to keep juice water …, And here is a small space where we can keep keys, pen drives and so on.. It comes with 4 power windows which can be controlled by the driver itself, plus it has a child safety, lock and side. Mirror can be adjusted from here. It comes with 2 airbags and on basis of safety. Nissan LEAF has got 5 star safety rating from JNCAP.. So there might not be any issues in terms of safety.. As you can see, it has a leather covered D shaped steering wheel and in the centre it does have a horn. From steering. We can control music call sound and many more, and this is the feature that I love the most. Like other typical, 4 wheelers. The Parking brake is hand controlled, But here it is unique. Brake is placed where we could find clutch In other vehicles. The parking brake is to be pulled by hand, whereas here we have to push it with our leg. While starting the car. The TFT dashboard displays an interactive UI display which looks cool. From here. We can see chassis control view, so if any boot space or door is opened or not, we dont need to worry about it. In dashboard battery percentage, speedometer odometer and how much km does the car run on the amount of battery available is shown.

and even Warning For not wearing seat belts or if any other malfunction does occur, is shown on the screen. Like in other EV. It has auto gear system, and this small knob is the gear.. Driving mode is a bit different than normal EV, along i.e with D mode. There comes B mode as well., where the regenerative braking applies aggressively as compared to other modes that is, while moving on down hill. The battery charges automatically, which maximized your range. Besides this R is for reverse and P, is for parking. Near the gear. There is an ECO button. If we click this button, eco mode is activated and, as you can see, on, the screen mileage increased to 246km. Below the eco e pedal is being displayed.. What might be that, for This is one of the best function that LEAF provides us with. It is on the side of eco and when we pull it, the e pedal is activated here. Auto brake is activated, so there is no movement of the car when you dont press the accelerator., So only accelerator is to be controlled and there is no leg movement to use the break. Just imagine driving on Kathmandu road, while going through busy traffic., You wont, have to apply break in every second., How peaceful our ride might be. Moving on the Leaf cruises, with a top speed of 155 kilometer per hour and from 0 to 100, it only takes 7.9 seconds.. With this, it also produces a maximum torque of 320 Newton Meter.

Leaf provides you with an 8 inch infotainment system where you can play music and its sound quality is too good.. Moreover, Leaf claims that it gives you with a quite cabin which reduces 30 sound from outside, and we too experienced and found that the cabin is very peaceful as well.. Here is another storage where we can put our phone and through USB port, we can charge the device as well as we can insert pendrive and play music. Moving on. There is a 12V supply where phone can be charged and air compressor vacuum gadget can be used too Now lets go outside and talk about the boot storage To open the boot lock and unlock system is provided here. So when you tap on the left button, its boot space is opened. Looking at it, it has enough space and over here is a small door where tool box and jack is stored.. Talking about the boot space, it has a space of 435 L, which is enough for this vehicle of this range.. There is also a net where we can keep some stuffs and also in nighttime. We can conveniently store.. There is a big tray where we can put decorative items tissue paper and many more. The seat can be splitted in 6040, which increases boot space And its interesting part is remaining 40 also a person to sit there comfortably.. We can split into 100 and increase the size of boot space.. The main problem in electric vehicle is the spare tire, but in case of Nissan Leaf it is totally different, as tire is not given in boot space.

Rather, it is kept below. Going towards the front. We can open bonnet from here, so after opening the bonnet, we can see. First lets make it steady. We can see, there are fewer moving parts compared to the fuel engine.. We can see the motor which runs the car.. This Nissan Leaf is powered by 110 KW of motor, which produces 155 Ps of Power.. The power house of any electric vehicle is its battery., and talking about this Nissan Leaf, it has 40 kwh of Lithium ion battery.. The company gives a massive 8 years or 16000km warranty on the battery., Whereas in motor the warranty period is 3 year or 100000 km mileage.. Besides these, the company provides you with 3 years of free servicing.. Now, by clicking this button, we can open up the charging. Port. Lets see how we can charge this car.. Here we have two ports where one is DC charging and another is AC. Charging. Talking about AC charging, the company provides a charger of 3.6 KW and we can connect and disconnet it like this and to charge. It takes about 15 16 hour.. We have Nissan leaf, which is white in color and we are in wall charging. Station. Lets see how to charge this car. First of all, this is a wall charger that must be connected to mcb.. After turning on the mcb, the power light turns on and charge the car after the red light goes off.. Now we connect it to the AC port.

. After connecting to AC port the car beeps, We have this card, which is to be placed as indicated. tweak. Sound is heard, As you can see, the lights. Glowing in the front indicates that the EV is being charged. and takes up to 11 12 hours to fully charge the vehicle. Another interesting thing that I like is the battery have 48 modules and if one module is damaged, we can just replace it with another without replacing the whole battery.. Now lets talk about DC charging. It takes only 40 minutes to charge up to 80, and here is small light. So at the night time we can easily charge this car. After the charger. There comes another major point that is the charging station Nissan along with NEA, has started: constructing chargers at different locations in Nepal In Kathmandu, locations like Thapathali Khumaltar Uttardhoka has charging station, whereas Nissan is expanding. Charging stations outside the valley in places likes Naranghat, Butwal, Birgunj, Biratanagr, Pokhara and so on., So you guys can ride this car in highway without any problem.. The Nissan EV provide you with an keyless start. So lets start the car and enjoy our ride. Heading towards Ekantakuna. From Kalanki We can see the Department of Transportation Management. The first thing that comes now is tax., Since it is EV, the tax till the date is only Rs 15000 per year. This saves a good amount of money, which is one of the many benefits that we get when we ride it.

Being a top class EV, it has anti lock braking system along with Electronic Brake Force Distribution. Talking about braking. One of the important point is: it has disc brake in all 4 wheels that distributes the force equally, which creates less chances of skidding.. Furthermore, the most important feature which reduces road accident is known as Brake Assist System which maintains distance with the surrounding vehicles, creating minor chances of clashes.. Moreover, it has a Hill Start Assist system where an auto brake is applied when the car is in an inclined position.. No need to worry about touching the cone while giving a licenses trial. Imagine if a trial of category B is given with this EV Zero problems on the uphill test, i.e, everyone will pass the exam with flying colours. and, lastly, it comes with Vehicle Dynamic Control which gives support when the car is unstable.. Now lets talk about mileage and price of the vehicle. In standard condition. It gives mileage of 311 km and it in market. It costs Rs 5999000, Since it is a Japanese car. What do you think about its built quality features and facilities? Dont forget to mention in the comment section To charge this car. It takes only about 20 25 units of electricity. And if we calculate Rs 12 per unit, then it takes only Rs 300 to get the car charged. and per km. It costs around Rs. 1.5. Now you yourself can compare costs with other fuel engine cars and see the massive difference.

. With this we have come to the end of our video.. If you like this video share and comment on our video and support us by subscribing. And Dashain coming right on our way lets start our journey toward sustainability and zero emission with NISSAN LEAF. Happy Bijaya Dashami. Until next time stay safe, take care, bye, bye.